no ideaInstead of posting twice last week, I surrendered myself to work and just gave up on trying to keep my eye on everything that was happening until today. For instance, the award season begun with nominations, new trailers came out and that thing I wanted forever to happen, finally did on Modern Family!


  • Was I the only one who was cursing Modern Family for months because it was painful to wait for Haley and Andy to get together? It felt like years had passed when they finally realized they were meant to be and even then the whole Beth thing was ridiculous. But even though the beginning of their relationship felt so dragged out, last week’s episode was still so satisfying with the two finally hooking up and getting together!
  • Other than that, I’m behind with almost every show except a few, for instance I finished Flesh and Bones, a mini-series that got two Golden Globe nominations. The nomination for Sarah Hay actually made me smile, she truly did a great job tackling such a complicated character. I also wrote about it last week and the post’s tweet actually got a “like” from one of its actresses who played Daphne.
  • I also finished watching Jessica Jones and found it okay but not great. After I expressed that thought on Twitter I literally got into my first Twitter-war with a woman who pretty much said I was a shitty woman for not liking Jessica Jones. Not sure what she was on about exactly but the irony is that a big reason I disliked it was due to a male character/actor.. not David Tennant by the way, cause he was brilliant!
  • Scream Queens also wrapped up its first season and though there were some great moments in the final two episodes, the whole mystery of the killer was a bit disappointing. This is the general opinion of the fans as well, but I think everybody is looking forward for the second season. It’s just a shame that it isn’t a continues series and seems to barrow from AHS format. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just wish we would get to see characters develop season to season, instead of being introduced with new ones each season.
  • That being said, I think the whole season delivered some amazing quotes and moments which definitely means I’ll be rewatching it soon. I just love all the shade and sarcasm, irony and subtle mocking that goes on in that show! Can’t believe I thought it was going to be bad.. biggest surprise of the year for sure!
  • Despite the long hours I had last week, I managed to re-read Red Queen and I wasn’t disappointed. Now I’m fully committed with anticipating its sequel and its movie adaptation that has Elizabeth Banks tagged to it – if they manage to cast it perfectly, it might have potential to be better than The Hunger Games!
  • This month has been slow in terms of movies, I have only watched In The Heart of The Sea and Ex Machina. The first was okay, but the second made me furious in a good way. And I must admit, I loved Alicia Vikander as a robot and I loved her in The Man From U.N.C.L.E, so I’m thrilled for her multiple nominations this award season. I’m just not so sure I want her to win just yet.
  • The X Factor UK crowned its new winner last week and I’m not disappointed. The young Louisa Johnson was definitely a better singer than the novelty act Reggie & Bolie, which despite the love, was just not that good. Though I guess, since the winners of these shows never make it in the music industry (with few exceptions), she still has a lot to prove.
  • To everyone’s disappointment, Tom Hardy and his magnificent beard wasn’t nominated for a Globe nor a SAG award for Legend nor Mad Max nor The Revenant. Hardy definitely is the biggest snub this year, but he will come out on top, for sure! Besides, though Leo got nominations, who knows if he would win – and if he doesn’t, he will beat Hardy from the biggest snub of the year title because the poor guy can’t catch a break.
  • While on the topic of Golden Globes, an Estonian-Finnish movie Fencer got nominated this year! There’s also another Estonian film, Ghost Mountaineer I want to see real bad and I’m happy that I’m excited about an Estonian film. I will try to catch the second one, and write a review about it because it seems so different and weird, that I already love it. The teaser for it is amazing as well!
  • The Legend of Tarzan looks extremely bad despite the fact that it has Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie in it. It looks very very bad, and though I have no interest in seeing it, I still might see it just to see how bad it is. And maybe, MAYBE, I’m gonna see it for the abs which are showcased in the trailer, to catch the attention of the females, of course.
  • The new Independence Day movie has also a trailer out and though it doesn’t seem nearly as much fun as the first one, I’ll drag my ass to the cinema just for Jeff Goldblum. But can you believe it’s been 20 YEARS since the first movie came out? TWENTY! I feel so old, you guys!


This week I’ll try to watch as many shows and movies as I can. I will also try to watch a bit of Star Wars because the new movie comes out and I’m shamefully not aware of the previous ones (don’t hit me, I bruise like a peach). But I will also need to work, read and sleep, so I might fail at most of these things.

PS: Is it time to panic because I haven’t started with my end of the year list and it’s almost the end of the year? Cause.. I think I might be panicking!


  • I have never seen an episode of Modern Family. It just never appealed to me. Ex Machina’s ending is great but I can understand why you got furious. Scream Queens is one I will check out once it comes to Netflix. and no you are not a bad woman for not loving Jessica Jones

  • Red Queen is an awesome book and it does seem to make for a great movie adaptation. If you’re up for a recommendation, you might like The Ember in the Ashes, it also has good world building though the female protagonist needs a bit of development.

    I share your sentiments with Alicia Vikander – she’s really good but maybe it’s not yet her time to win. I loved her in Pure; the plot seemed familiar but her performance was terrific.

    • I have that on my reading list but I haven’t got my hands on the book yet. have so many other ones to read and not to mention catching up to those I have missed in previous years.

  • I’m giving Jessica Jones and Scream Queens a try because I don’t have many shows to watch right now. Also I really like Krysten Ritter. And Mike Colter had me intrigued since his work in The Good Wife. Hope he’s not who you didn’t like…..????

    • That’s him yeah.. I just, didn’t connect to him at all. Sad to hear.. his character in The Good Wife suited him, but I think he didn’t suited him in Jessica Jones. I should watch The Good Wife again but I started a new series so I’m not sure when I’m going to catch up with TGW..

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