sistersAs much as it pains me, I have to admit I have not many great things to say about Tina Fey’s and Amy Poehler’s comedy Sisters. Sure, I laughed, there were couple of scenes I thought to be close to perfect, but considering the whole entire package, it wasn’t a comedy I would rewatch again.

Having Tina and Amy together sounds like a great thing but as experience has shown, it doesn’t necessarily have a good pay off. Sure, they are funny, hilarious and strong women, but it doesn’t rescue a movie with a messy plot and a horrific one night party. Which is eventually what Sisters is, a movie with a grand party with lots of alcohol, drugs and inappropriate behavior. Not to mention the over the top characters, including Tina’s as well as Amy’s.

What I’ve learned from experience, is the fact that I tend to dislike these types of comedies. But with Sisters I discovered a reason why such dislike stops me from fully enjoying the entertainment: serious issues overshadowed by loud-humor. Now, Sisters has many issues, too many to name, and that frustrates me. Why just not have a great party, and be done with it? Why would you add so many problems into a two hour movie (way too long by the way), if you’re going to throw them out by the end of the movie by solving them. I just don’t get it.

Another problem I have is the need to add so much drug use into comedies nowadays. I get it, funny shit happens when people are messed up, but in every comedy there’s at least one joint that gets passed down, and it’s becoming tiresome. What happened to comedies that had fun without showing drug use and referencing to penises? Maybe I’m becoming old, I do sound like an old person, but I just don’t find this type of humor funny in general. Sure, I’ll laugh when a very high person with a silver cone hat passes the screen in a high pitch noise, but I won’t rewatch the movie just for that split second of laughs.

Anyway, I’ve rambled way too long about the bad things, I might as well write something good. And there’s some good, named Ike Barinholtz! The guy is well known to those who watch The Mindy Project, and I’m happy to see him break into movies as well. His ballerina scene was the best moment of the entire movie, definitely the most hilarious one and well acted by Ike. And another highlight was actually, surprisingly, John Cena. He didn’t say much, but his stance did most of the talking, and it was great to see Tina Fey act around him.

Long story short, Sisters was not a great movie for me because I found it hard to look past the horrid plot, the shaky character building, and the drugs. For me, despite the fact that I admire both women, their movies aren’t making enough effort to be great, and it’s a shame. I really wanted to like it, I tried and I laughed at the funny bits, and I tried to shake my high standards, but it didn’t work. Sisters fell short and stumbled into the mediocre comedy pile where it has many to keep it company while I never watch them again.


I’m currently reading Amy Poehler’s autobiography Yes Please and loving it! Reading it, slightly made me regret writing a negative review of Sisters, because she sounds like an amazing person all around, but what can you do…


  • Great review. This isn’t one I felt like checking out either. I love Fey and Poehler, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Baby Mama when they did that. Their strengths, IMO are on TV. I love them together on SNL, it’s disappointing that magic isn’t caught on films.

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