Silver Linings PlaybookThe moment I thought was going to happen took place after I finished watching Silver Linings Playbook. It was almost as if planned, it happened and I was most certain that it would because I had seen The Words just little while back. It had little to do with the award feedback but it could have slightly been influenced by it but I don’t actually care. The moment when I suddenly started to like an actor that I didn’t tolerate before surfaced as if it was the natural course of action, the moment of me liking Bradley Cooper has taken place and I couldn’t be happier about it. Because there’s no shame in liking a man who I thought to be an one trick pony bring to the screen a complicated character with all his subtle nuances and dynamic emotions.

With the Oscar nominations right behind us, there was an itch I needed to scratch as soon as possible and as you might have guessed it, it was to see Silver Linings Playbook. I’m gonna say it right away, I love Jennifer Lawrence and I don’t mind her unfiltered interviews because I think many Hollywood people think too much about the things they say. Of course it influences their future career but too many walk on glass when it comes to being candid and themselves. But Lawrence reminds me a little bit of me if I’d be famous and gorgeous, I sometimes lack the social filter and I tend to answer with sarcasm all too often – still, the biggest difference between us is that she has immense talent in bringing onto screen characters that are interesting from all angles, as she did with Tiffany.

Silver Linings Playbook revolves around two people, Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Lawrence) who are brought together through an unusual situation. What makes it unusual is the fact that Pat has just gotten out of a mental institution after a late diagnosis of his bipolar disorder and Tiffany is a young widow with few personality traits that could be best described as uncanny.  It is clear from the beginning that the two have a sort of a connection of minds though Pat tries his best to not follow up on that connection with him being still married to Nikki. A marriage that he desperately tries to save by loosing weight, reading books and trying to be a better, healthier man. When Tiffany promises him to deliver a letter to Nikki, who has a restraining order against Pat, he has to promise her to rehearse for a dance contest where she wants them to participate in.

SLPWhat makes the movie great is the chemistry between Pat and Tiffany, not just because Cooper and Lawrence look visually great together (a lot better than Cooper with Saldana) but because their dialog was written in a manner of being built upon hate that had such passion in between the lines! I don’t have any idea how this came across in the book, a lack of knowledge I plan to discard soon, but I can’t help to wonder if this hate/love type of relationship was elevated by the movie. Either way, I love how their romance was built upon a complication after complication, it gave an impression that no matter what, they can survive through everything together. In addition, both of them were a bit crazy in their own way, Pat with his disorder and Tiffany with her depression which made her unafraid to do and say things that came across rude and let’s be honest, crazy as hell. Therefore, both were unhinged as people, yet, together they seemed to find the perfect balance.

Silver Linings Playbook is made better by two supporting characters, Pat Sr. (Robert De Niro) and Dolores (Jacki Weaver) who are there to fill in the blanks. Pat Sr. himself has problems with an O.C.D look alike superstition which is reflected by having the same routine during every single game day – a routine that is strongly related to Pat as well. Dolores is the calm of the house and despite having a husband who can’t stand to have his remotes in the wrong place and a son that has a bipolar disorder, she held her own and still made those crabby snacks she probably had been making every Sunday for god knows how long. Plus, I liked that Dolores was so sweet throughout the movie, she never had a fit about anything, she understood both of the men in her life and it made her a better person because of it.

In the end, I appreciated the irony of the dance, the funny moments in between all the characters – it was a serious movie and yet, it was light as a feather when it needed to be. David O. Russell directed it well, adding the dance sequences in between to lighten the mood, as well as using light color scheme in the flashback scenes in order not to make it too grim. Therefore Silver Linings Playbook was able to enjoy that silver lining in the end without the beginning being too rough and gloomy. Though for some, black humor might be too dark which is definitely not the case with me, Silver Linings Playbook had just the right amount of fun. And as I said before, I plan to read the book soon, because I have a feeling that if I had done it before, it could have been a Perks moment but now, it’s just another great movie moment for me.


  • I literally just finished watching the movie as well and find myself in the same boat as you! Suddenly I don’t mind Cooper and can consider the idea of erasing ‘Limitless’ from my mind — De Niro also made up for that. I’m in love with J. Lawrence and just want the ‘X-men’ and ‘Hunger Games’ franchises to be done and over with so she can capture many more great roles like Tiffany in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ & Ree in ‘Winter’s Bone’. I thought she was great in ‘The Beaver’ as well — another black humour type movie that I enjoyed. Now I plan to watch her in ‘The Burning Plain’ (2008).

    Great review btw, the characters definitely made the story.

    • I’m not keen on even getting close to The Beaver, black humor or not, the premises just seems utterly unacceptable for me. And I don’t mind her franchise roles, I like that she can be not just Academy worthy but teenagers also love her because of THG – she has both the Hollywood worlds and some *cough-Stewart-cough* will never get it.

      • It’s definitely impressive to be known for serious dramas and action blockbusters at the same time. So, I like her in the big studio flicks too, but two on-going franchises can hinder other opportunities that come up as per Daniel Craig with Dragon Tattoo and 007.

        Roger Ebert also said the premise of the screenplay (The Beaver) is something that he cannot accept. But as farfetched as it may be, it’s a pretty straight forward. I found it to be honest about life, family and depression. Similar themes to SLP.

        • That is true but I still think she will have amazing upcoming roles, Serena being hopefully another one with Cooper.
          Wow, I have the same opinion as Ebert, that’s nice. 😀

  • Bradley Cooper was just fantastic in it (as was Lawrence), so happy he got a nomination for this. I’m looking forward to seeing Cooper and Lawrence in their next film together later this year. Awesome review 🙂

  • I felt the same way about Cooper after seeing this. He went from just “eye candy” to be respected in my eyes. I loved everything about this movie. I want to see it again.

  • One of my favorite movies of the year because of its heartfelt material, that never stopped making me laugh and have a big smile on my face. Great review Ray.

  • One of my favorites of the year, and what a tremendous surprise that entire ensemble cast was! Robert de Niro definitely made me cry in the revelation of what his juju connection meant with Cooper. And as unfiltered as Lawrence can be, she delivered not only one of the best performances, but one of the best acceptance speeches at the Golden Globes! Anne Hathaway, take notes…

    • Yea, I loved it, I love all of them now and I don’t know what it is but I’ve been only watching my favorites movies lately. Goes to show that I have left all the good ones for the beginning of the year! Amazing!
      Thanks for the comment!

  • The film was so fantastic, glad you liked it so much too! It was such a unique, romantic story and I really loved everything about it – especially that the film managed to be both very amusing and moving. I liked Cooper for years, ever since i saw him in very adorable supporting role in TV series Alias and this here is definitely his finest work to date.

    • Oh, I don’t think I actually saw Alias past it’s first season, was he there? Either way, I don’t remember him.. and the clearest memory of him is in Hangover and I hated that. Plus he was the cheater in He’s Just Not That Into You so I’m glad I got to see SLP and finally see his potential! 🙂

      • Oh that’s right! That was that movie with Connelly being bat shit and yelling at him more for smoking than for cheating on her. Hilarious.

  • I read your comments and it is just the way I felt after watching this nice movie! I liked it so much! And finally liked Cooper! Lawrence was just an opening for me, after this I watched Hunger Games with her. She is talented and so great being a bit so unusual and playing so good at her 22. Won’t say more, just that I liked the way we agreed on this movie. Miss you girl!

  • Wow I didn’t know this was based on a book. . . I loved this thing. Can’t wait to see what David O. Russell does with American Hustle. JLawrence and Bradley Cooper together again!

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