seven-movies-i-want-to-see-this-yearIn the beginning of the year, I shared a two part post highlighting 40 movies of this year that I caught my eye, and now, my list has significantly narrowed. Not only have I lost interest towards some of these movies, but due to my own schedule, I know I can’t manage  to see all of them. So, I looked at that list, and added to that list, and finally realized that I need to see these following movies before the end of this year!


Lucky for me, this will hit cinemas in October, so I’m definitely going to see this one. The appeal is not only the fact that it’s based on true events, but that my bae Dylan O’Brien is playing one of the characters. Plus, it’s been ages since I’ve seen a good disaster movie, that doesn’t involve aliens or robots or zombies.


Now, Ben Affleck has his moments, and sometimes I like those moments a lot. And Anna Kendrick is always lovely, so I mean, what could go wrong? Well, a lot, since the script writer and the director don’t have the best track record. Still, I’m keeping my eyes open for this one hitting the cinema, since it has a great cast and a promising plot.


October isn’t far, and I don’t need to wait for this one for long. And to be honest, I didn’t even know I was waiting for it, but after I watched the trailer, I was convinced. Sure, Vikander isn’t my favorite, but I still have a soft spot for Fassbender. The plot itself seems heartbreaking and that’s exactly what I don’t need – so I’m going to watch it!


Can’t remember listing this in my 40 movies of 2016 lists but luckily I kept my eyes opened and stumbled on the trailer! Honestly, I almost cried, (okay, actually cried), and now I’m hoping that it will be shown during the film festival here in Estonia! Please, please, I need this! Even though the IMDb score is not so great, everywhere else, it has gotten great reviews, and I’m looking forward to seeing Joel Edgerton’s performance!


Again, I don’t think I mentioned this in my list at the beginning of the year, but these types of movies keep sneaking up on me anyway. Its trailer also brought me to tears, and I realized that Casey Affleck is one of the most underrated actors out there! He is brilliant, and he has been brilliant in numerous roles, yet, he hasn’t really been in the spotlight. Though, I sort of like that about him.


This is a long shot, because it seems it will premier in Estonia in 2017, BUT again, I’m hoping for its appearance in our film festival happening at the end of November. Fingers crossed! Tom Ford’s second movie, again written and directed by him, already looks visually as amazing as A Single Man did, but the biggest question is its plot. What seems like a thriller, infused with problematic relationships, the trailer makes it seem choppy and confusing. We’ll know soon enough, I guess.


When I saw Whiplash a year ago, the expectations were literally shattered, and the ending is still one of my favorite things in the world! 10 Cloverfield Lane also had be cripping my seat, and I enjoyed it even despite the weird ending. So I have high expectations when it comes to Damien Chazelle and La La Land. And with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, it would be a shame to mess it up.

Have you seen any of these already? What did you think? And what is a movie you would recommend I’d see this year?


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