Last year I mentioned Comic-Con in my Commercial Break but I’m upping my game this year and dedicating an entire post to it! That’s right, a post filled with stuff that was released during Comic-Con! This post will cover mostly trailer reactions, good and bad, and a few panel discussions, those of which I was the most interested in. And as it turns out I was rather interested in a lot of things, because there are 20 talking points total! Good luck!

This post includes only one of the CW shows because I don’t care for any of the superhero shows they have. Honestly, why are there so many of them? Stop. Also, Netflix, chill, alright, you’re doing too much.

Firstly, I do want to say before you continue that I might mention spoilers from the trailers in this post, so if you don’t want to know any details, I recommend to skip it. Secondly, this is going to be a long ass commentary on a lot of things, for that I am sorry. Every time when I sit down to write a post I don’t aim at making it so long, it just happens, and a lot these days. You could say I feel inspired by all those superhero movies that always run for at least 2 hours. By the way, this list is in no particular order, though, I’ve kept the best for last, because that’s how I roll.


At first, I was very hesitant about Riverdale and I actually didn’t necessarily love its first episode. But gradually, throughout the first season, the characters grew on me and I started to enjoy the weird vibe it added to the television terrain. And once you get used to its vibe, you start to appreciate Riverdale for what it is, and that is why I’m rather excited for its second season. It seems to take on a darker story line but I hope they don’t forget to balance it out with those lighter scenes between the gang and a very specific couple.


This is the first of many Netflix mentions in this list and if I’m being completely honest, I’m only mentioning it because I love Star Trek. My love for it started in 2009, but I haven’t seen any of the series, and probably won’t watch them either, including Discovery. Now, the reason I’m probably not going to tune in is because the trailer was just way too action oriented. There’s nothing wrong about showing us all that action but I prefer to get to know the characters a bit more. Which is the reason I love Star Trek (2009) so much, the characters are all special cinnamon buns to me, and I don’t necessarily care for the action they are in. So this is a no for me at this point.


Am I thrilled for this one? Not as much as I would like to but I’m still going to see it. Westworld for me is that show I feel like I need to watch, and I do get enjoyment out of it but I also feel like I’m not 100% getting it. Plus, I’m too distracted most of the time to fully commit to it and I guess that just means my lack of fangirling for this one is my own fault. I accept that. Still gonna tune in for it though.


Now we’re getting into the serious territory right here, Ready Player One, a Steven Spielberg sci-fi fantasy 80’s reference whirlpool – what could go wrong? Well, many things, since I think adapting such a great little novel onto the screen is going to be a challenge. The last two Spielberg movies were Lincoln and War Horse, first of which I didn’t care for and the second one I full on hated, so in other words, I’m worried, especially since Spielberg is drifting so far from his comfort genre.

Second problem area is the fact that we should see very little of anyone else except Tye Sheridan, because most of the movie supposedly takes place in the virtual reality with avatars. At least that’s how the book was. Anyway, at this point of time, I don’t have much faith in Sheridan. I don’t know why, I would explain it if I could but the main thing is probably the fact that I imagined his character a lot differently while reading the book. But as I said, they will most likely spend a lot of time in the Oasis anyway, and I have no complaints about his voice.

Another thing that gives me hope is the fact that Ernest Cline, the author of the novel, also wrote the script. That inserts a lot of trust towards the movie already! But after seeing the trailer I’m a little confused because I don’t remember the novel being so.. busy. There’s a lot of things going on, and the trailer doesn’t even discuss the main plot of the novel/movie, it only hints at it with that key in the end. A key which, for those who haven’t read the book, means nothing. Which I guess is good, because it doesn’t give away anything but at the same time, the trailer doesn’t really establish a plot either. At this point it’s only a lot of 80’s references and giving us a concept of virtual reality, which really doesn’t capture the appeal of the story/novel in my opinion.


Another movie I’m a little worried at this point is Justice League. The worry stems from personal experience and the lack of experience because so far, DC has only delivered once, and that was just recently with Wonder Woman of course. Before that, I haven’t actually seen any of the movies besides Suicide Squad and that was horrible! No, worse than horrible, horrid! Only heard bad things about the Superman movies as well as the Batman ones, so I’m not even going to watch them. Oh, but apparently Superman is dead, which I don’t believe at all, so I guess he comes back in this one?

Anyway, I do like Wonder Woman in this trailer and I like Gal Gadot a lot these days. Plus, I also happen to have a soft spot for Ezra Miller, who hasn’t gotten his big break yet. Maybe playing Flash will get him bigger roles though because he seems like the best part of this movie next to Wonder Woman. And yes, I can already hear most of you yelling at me because Aquaman is there and he looks amazing and I agree, but, I need to see more from him to be completely convinced. The line he has in the middle of the trailer, “this is crazy, also, I think we’re all gonna die”, sounds a bit off to me. I always thought he was going to be the one being like: “well, let’s go kill the bad guys already!”, but I guess he’s the voice of reason? IIn other words, I just have to wait and see if Justice League will follow Wonder Woman or Suicide Squad.


Part of the reason I’m adding this one to this list is because I want to ask you guys a question. Is there a person who has seen every Marvel related TV show? Because I feel like there are too many out there and half of them are crap. It’s quantity over quality, and when it comes to my time management these days, I don’t see a point in watching everything Marvel related thing out there.

That brings me to The Gifted, which takes place in the X-Men universe and that’s already one of the reasons I won’t be tuning in. Mostly because it seems like Heroes. I mean, we even have the dad of the mutant kids working for the government which hunts said mutants! So I’m not really sure why I should be tuning in for something that has been already done. Secondly, superhero effects are really hard to do on TV, there’s simply not enough budget to make them happen the way they should be. Not yet at least. So it’s hard for me to even give this one a try.


And we’re talking about Netflix again which has finally introduced all their characters for the Defenders series and I’m only up to date with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Gave Luke Cage a try but it was just too boring for my taste, plus I don’t like Luke Cage as a character anyway, and I didn’t even try to watch Iron Fist. Besides, the only reason I finished watching the second season of Daredevil was because I loved the Punisher! Who won’t be in Defenders sadly but I’m not going to be sad about it for long, you’ll see why.

Defenders is of course a mix of all four coming together and I’m not entirely sure if I will watch it, but I probably will try. I do have a soft spot for Daredevil because I thought its first season was so well done, and Jessica Jones has grown on me ever since. Too bad she had to endure Luke Cage though, that man is like a walking rock and has a similar personality. That being said, I’ll try to watch Defenders, but if the first episode doesn’t grab my attention enough, I won’t be tuning in. Sorry, Netflix!


There is a very tiny glimpse at the Punisher at the end of this trailer and I love it! Frank Castle is by far my favourite character to come out of the Marvel Netflix combination and I’m so glad I stuck with Daredevil’s season 2 all the way through. His character development in that season is just amazing to look at and I can’t wait for his show to give us a lot more of him!

The reason I’m so interested in this is because Frank Castle aka the Punisher is not your typical hero. He is relentless, he is the opposite of Daredevil in that sense that he is not afraid to go all out when it comes to hunting bad guys. But he is not the evil guy either, he’s just, he is that bad boy you can’t help to like because he is bad for a reason. Besides, in recent years I’ve started to enjoy Jon Bernthal’s work on screen and so far he hasn’t disappointed me. He has the look, he has the skill, and now he has his vigilante persona!


At this point I feel like a broken record to be honest, because here I go again, stating the same thing I’ve been stating for most of the superhero shows I’ve highlighted in this post so far – I probably won’t watch it. There’s like a 10% chance that I will, because I have a soft spot for Iwan Rheon ever since Misfits but there’s no way I will torture myself with Inhumans for him past the first episode.

I already made this decision at the time when the fist trailer came out and everyone was commenting how awful it was and how bland the hair looked on Medusa. Though they sort of fixed that issue for this trailer, the hair moves, it actually moves but it still looks cheap as hell. It’s supposed to move all the time too, which is never going to happen but that’s the main problem with these types of shows. They need better CGI and effects, if they don’t have a budget for that they need a wow factor plot, but Inhumans doesn’t scream innovation when it comes to story line.


Does this fit the brief of a magical realism genre? I feel like it does, which therefore is already at a disadvantage because I’m not a fan of magical realism. The main plot seems to be a love story oriented which makes me question it a little because the guy in this scenario is a mairman type creature and the woman is human. But, I trust Guillermo del Toro’s visual skills. Sure, his movies are a hit and miss for me, but never have I looked at his movie and thought it looked ugly! He has an eye for stunning visuals and I’m fairly certain that I will at least walk out of the theater appreciating that and the cinematography.

Plus, it has Michael Shannon, and that man can create magic with any character he is given which is why I will probably love his performance. Even if he’s the bad guy.


Now we get to escape the fantasy and superhero filled list for a bit and focus on a crime thriller with Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson. First of all, I love the casting, and even though Fassbender hasn’t been doing that well recently, I find myself rooting for him nonetheless. Part of it probably has to do with the fact that he is still quite good looking. And well, Ferguson is a chameleon when it comes to portraying characters, because I almost didn’t recognise her in this trailer!

The movie is about hunting a serial killer and you can imagine how excited I am to have a movie like this coming out soon. I’m a fan of these types of movies and there aren’t many movies like this being made. But now we have a possible franchise? Yes? Because Henry Hole (Fassbender) has an entire series of books which means if The Snowman does well, could we have a possible non-superhero/fantasy franchise on our hands? Probably not. A girl can hope though.


Prepare to cry. That’s how I feel this movie should advertise itself because for those who are even remotely familiar with the events portrayed in Only the Brave would know how it ends. All I will say is, bring tissues, I know I will. But the main reason I’m adding this to the highlights is because of a very tiny reason, and it’s not Miles Teller, who I know can deliver amazing performances. It’s because there’s another actor who I think needs more attention in general: James Badge Dale. I first noticed him in The Pacific, which was a stunning mini-series, and ever since I’ve been pleasantly surprised to come across him in various projects. His worth my time any time.


The image for that trailer is just so edited that it ruins the whole ordeal but luckily the video itself is shown as it is, dark and mysterious. Death Note is familiar for many because it is a manga series and Netflix (yes, again) has now taken its context from Japan to America. One could argue that it already has messed up since Nat Wolff is playing the lead but I’ll try to look past that. I myself am not familiar with the manga so the casting doesn’t bother me that much and it does look interesting to me. Plus, not going to lie, that Ryuk character looks amazing! When he’s standing behind Light (Wolff), his presence is like a shadow and that’s an awesome visual.


There have been so many Netflix movies lately and even though I will probably see Death Note and Okja, Bright is the one I’m most interested in. This is definitely a magical realism genre with the fantastic elements as part of the every day life of humans. BUT it’s done in such a way, at least based on the trailer, that it feels like an unique commentary on the current state of racial diversity.

We have Will Smith portraying a police officer who is paired up with Joel Edgerton’s character who happens to be an Orc! How wonderfully odd that sounds and yet the movie seems to have a very End of Watch type of feel (not surprising since David Ayer is behind both)! My only possible problem is the fact that the last movie of Ayer’s I watched was Suicide Squad and well, that didn’t turn out so well. Hopefully Bright will be more like End of Watch and nothing like Suicide Squad.

PS: I can just imagine the inside jokes and possible gags with that whole “magical wand” thing. It just screams to be commented on, I hope they do it, it could be glorious!


I want to give Taraji P. Henson the benefit of doubt with this movie because I think she deserves it. Meanwhile I’m sitting here and thinking to myself how is Proud Mary going to stick out, with Atomic Blonde coming out, and John Wick being so on point with its action sequences? And you can see my problem, this movie looks like those two movies combined, and that worries me a lot.

What does Proud Mary have to offer? What will it wow us with? Atomic Blonde seems to be (and I hope it will be) that action packed female lead spy movie we’ve all wanted. John Wick has been blowing us away with realistic gunman-ship, so what’s left for Proud Mary? Her ability to make a lot of noise in the hallway with those high heeled boots? Great choice, Mary, a real hit-man will definitely wear those stiletto boots!


Honestly, I’m surprised Pacific Rim got a sequel, not because I wasn’t a huge fan of the first film but because I remember it didn’t do so well in the US. It did amazingly in the foreign box office by the way, I checked to be sure, and I guess that’s why it’s getting a sequel.

The teaser looks interesting, I like that John Boyega has his accent but I’m not sure of Scott Eastwood being in this. I’m not a fan, I want to be, I guess, but I just don’t find him charismatic enough. But this teaser did spike my interest in rewatching Pacific Rim again, which is good.


I’ve left the best for last, and the following four are pretty much things I was most excited about and most thrilled. Kingsman was a complete shocker for me when it came out and I was blown away by its action sequences, the kind featured here in the trailer where Taron Egerton looks so amazing I might cry! Man, I love that guy!

Now, I did not watch the panel for the Kingsman because I do have a tiny complaint for it.. I don’t like that they revealed the comeback of Colin Firth’s character. It was such a shocker in the first movie and the fans were mad to say at least but the surprise could have been the best movie twist ever! We would have been there, in the theater, because Egerton, Pascal and Tatum would have sold the tickets anyway, and we would have been BLOWN away by the reveal! It could have been glorious.. and now it’s like, oh right, he’s alive, alright, and by the time we see the movie, that excitement of his return would have worn off already. So that’s my small beef to pick with Kingsman 2 – it’s inability to keep it a secret. Sure, someone would have snapped a picture on the set, and it could have leaked but people who don’t follow those things and don’t scroll on Twitter for every snippet of gossip, could have been oblivious maybe. But with it being in the trailer, everyone knows… shame really.

PS: I’ll be holding my breath during Kingsman 2 for sure, the action sequences in the trailer alone seem stunning! BUT since the first movie was a surprise, I feel like the second one has to be a bit better now, since now I have high exceptions towards it.


Watching this panel, and not seeing the leaked trailer by the way, I’m quite excited for this new addition to the Marvel Universe. Sure, I think it could be another very typical Marvel movie with a not so good villain and the typical tropes we’re all aware of, but it might not be. What is refreshing is the fact that the story does introduce us with a new setting, the country that was mentioned quite a lot in Civil War, and which birthed its king also known as Black Panther. I’m thrilled to see this cast as a whole, I’m excited for Michael B. Jordan, and I’ve already fallen in love with the actress who plays the scientist sister. She looks dope!

It’s trailer is still not officially released and I thought I’d exclude all the unofficial stuff from this list anyway (so no Infinity War discussion though I really really need to comment on that Captain America beard which looks glorious!!) which leaves us with this panel. It was great to hear what all these character are all about, and it’s nice to see that these actors are just as excited as we are. And I see how much it means to them, to add such an unique story and a completely new dimension to Marvel.


Thriller Night trailer for Stranger Things was just a wonderful nod not just to the 80’s but Michael Jackson as well. It was great to hear those words, and see snippets of the upcoming season. I’m just super sad that its second season got pushed to fall instead of summer because Stranger Things was the highlight of my summer last year. Oh well, I got to see the trailer and the panel at least!

The panel was mostly about not revealing anything about the season and Patty Oswald making a joke that Finn Wolfhard has a great name for porn movies. He kindly warned Finn to say no if asked and to stay away from anything like Stranger Thongs. I thought it was rather funny, even though I’m pretty sure Finn has heard all kinds of jokes around his name already. Seems like a good sport though, funny as well, but clearly wanting all the attention with him constantly interrupting and talking while others are speaking. That sort of pissed me off, since the kid who plays Will was being so polite, as well as the others.

I’ve heard a few comments that the 80’s references are getting too strong and I guess that could be true, but I’m just very oblivious to most of them. I would get a lot of 90’s references but I’m pretty unaware of the 80’s most part so I won’t mind the over showering of references that might appear in season 2. Winona Ryder was absent from the panel, which was a shame, I would have really wanted to see what she had to say about her character in the upcoming season. She was a bit annoying to me, if I think back to the first season, so I’ll be curios to see what she is up to now. But luckily David Harbour aka Jim Hopper was there and he seems like such a nice guy! Oh and there was a special visitor at the end of the panel wanting to ask a question, which was a nice surprise for the cast members!

PS: Still riding that Steve train by the way, and I’m not coming off any time soon and I hope his character gets a good story arc for the upcoming season. I also like the addition of Dacre Montgomery as Billy, who is a new character to the show. Dacre is the guy who was in Power Rangers and who reminds me of Zac Efron. Other than that, season 2 is still pretty hush-hush and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.


If it weren’t for Loki, this would be perfect! I love every aspect of this trailer and keep in mind, this is the first Thor movie I’m excited about! I made a list of all the Marvel movies ranked from worst to best, and Thor’s were the worst of the bunch – it has not been great for our God of Thunder. But it seems Taika Waititi is going to turn Thor’s so far unsuccessful franchise into the best one yet! Though, I feel like I’m cheating on Captain America by saying that but hey, I can love two Chris’s at the same time. Especially since one cut his hair and the other grew a beard (did I mention his beard already, because my god, it’s hard to stop mentioning it). But in addition to the fresh and quirky look to this film, Waititi added some much needed flare by inviting Clare Blanchett into the MCU!

Hela will be the villain everyone will love but she’ll do a much better job at it that Hiddleston with his now, quite frankly, tiresome Loki. Not only does Hela have the best visual moments in this trailer (though that lightning effect at the end where a spark runs through Thor’s eye is very cool as well!), she also gets to deliver the best line. But don’t be afraid, Thor is just as great with lines because Hemsworth’s comedic ability is finally fully functioning AND HULK TALKS too! I’m curious though, did they rush this trailer, because you can clearly see Hemsworth breaking character when Hulk is comparing them both to different types of fire. Or maybe that’s part of Thor now, being able to laugh at himself, being more humble? In other words, I can’t wait to see Thor: Ragnarök! It’s the most excited I’ve been about a Marvel movie since Civil War, and I know, I did have Spider-Man, but it wasn’t as epic. There was no ground breaking visuals which have stunned us in this trailer, and hopefully give us even more to ogle at in the movie itself. And I have to agree with a certain Youtuber who said that this movie seems to have a lot of re-watchability! I can already picture myself seeing it twice in the theater because there’s a lot going on and I want to see it all!

Oh and the panel was so much fun! Taiki looked awesome, just as quirky as I expected and it’s so clear to see that Chris gets along with Mark much better than he does with Tom. Is it me or is everyone tired of Tom and his shenanigans? He really stepped into a hole with his career, and it’s hard to imagine him crawling his way out of it with Thor: Ragnarök. By the way, it’s nice to see Keith Urban get another franchise in addition to Star Trek, it’s like his made for space!

PS: It’s nice to see Hulk getting more screen time as a character as well. Mark Ruffalo is the nicest man and he deserves more, and it’s especially great he now gets to talk as Hulk as well!

What did you think of all the released trailers highlighted in this post? What are you most excited about and who is your go to Marvel superhero?


  • wow, so many amazing trailers!!!!
    I bought READY PLAYER ONE a few month ago and seeing the trailer just confirmed that I really need to read the book. ONLY THE BRAVE was WOW!! I read up on the incident and yes, I imagine the ending will be brutal. BRIGHT look AWESOME!!!! And OMG – Pacific Rim?????? LMAO!!! Can’t wait watching KINGSMAN 2: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE and THOR ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Thanks for compiling all these amazing trailers!!!

  • There’s so much here I don’t know where to start! I loved the Thor: Ragnarok, Stranger Things, and Westworld Trailers.

    I’m excited for The Defenders, The Punisher and Star Trek Discovery too.

    The Snowman looks good.

    Inhumans still looks awful. I wish they’d just absorb the Inhumans that are already on Agents of SHIELD because they’re dragging down that show and I want to be rid of them.

    • Hah, imagine me doing this list and having all those thoughts in my head. I was bursting with information. 😅

      Inhumans should not be made, period. It just feels wrong from all angles.

  • Some of those weren’t on Comic Con eg. Snowman. I saw this in this post and went like ‘what? Fass wasn’t in San Diego’ 🙂 Also I’m confused so is this Punisher appearing in Defenders or is it trailer for his show? It’s too much stuff coming from there, I only saw 4 panels so far and you should really watch Kingsman one – it’s hilarious. Firth reveal is odd but maybe they have something even more shocking in store. Plus they wanna sell the film and he is a big name. And it has to do well so that Matthew Vaugh uses my idea of setting the next one in Australia and reuniting Hugh and Taron

    • I watched a Youtube channels 3 videos with all comic con trailers and The Snowman was featured there so I guess they just showed the trailer there?
      Punisher is not in the Defenders, his show will be separate from them! And it was only a teaser clip at the end of the Defenders clip, and I agree Australian Kingsman needs to happen!

  • Damn you! I broke my ‘no trailers’ rule like, nine times in this post! The good news…is that I’m glad I did. I think the Snowman looks like it could be rad, and like you said, a franchise or whatever could be something to look forward to.

    Dude, are you reading my mind/dream journal? I absolutely love James Badge Dale! My introduction to him was that short scene in Flight, but I’ve been a fan ever since. He’s incredible.

    Ah, so much goodness in this post, I can hardly handle it. I don’t keep tabs on what the Hell happens before movies come out…so this was incredibly helpful and awesome.

    Oh, and I also never thought that Pacific Rim would get a sequel…but I’m glad it did. In theory anyway…as I didn’t click on the trailer. You know, principles and all…

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