rip alan rickmanSo far, in my life, I have felt sad many times while the world has lost many great people. Talented actors, actresses, singers, writers, athletes, inspiring people – I’ve been sad because they left a mark on the world, and I felt connected to them through their body of work. Yet, I have only cried twice in my life over the loss of an actor, once eight years ago when Heath Ledger passed unexpectedly, and today, when Alan Rickman lost his fight to cancer. And as another day in January becomes bitter and sweet, I will promise to remember all the greatness Alan Rickman left behind…

… always.



  1. Still gutted by the death of David Bowie and now this. I LOVE LOVE Mr Rickman, I’m definitely doing a proper tribute for him, I love him in SO many roles. What’s more, he sounds like an amazing human being as well as a great actor.

    1. I definitely like him in most of the movies I’ve seen him in.. but I’m definitely most gutted about watching Harry Potter and Love Actually again, because I know seeing him will hurt.

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