Numbers: 118,000+ all time views,  5233 views, 174 average per day, 16 posts

New Record: Second lowest month of views this year, not really a record but it kind of feels like that.

Summary: This month was pretty calm when it came to blogging, I kept with my BOT series which  had three entries: Godfather I, Blade Runner and My Neighbor Totoro. I didn’t watch many new movies, I did see two but as for now, I haven’t reviewed them but that means October will be exciting! This month I kept up with a new posting schedule which I didn’t end up liking as much because I think it lowered my traffic. But the best thing that September gave me was the consistency of keeping up with my BOT series and the Top 10 character lists got a great start as well. All in all very feature filled month and I pretty  much like that.

PS: Fall season for TV-shows begun and I put together a list of my main schedule!

What I was proud of: BOT series and Top 10 series. They make me very excited when it comes to continuing both through out the rest of the year.

What I was mad about: Low traffic.

What’s gonna happen in October: Continuing features, new feature!, more posts because 16 is way too low and I will try to keep up with the massive amount of great movies in the cinemas as well: must haves include The Master, Premium Rush, Looper and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Mission for next month: Go to the cinema to see Looper! I have already planned it and I’m definitely gonna see it through this month – I miss my boy Joe!

This month’s highlight: I have no word for this or at least I don’t know how to express them without sounding like a mad woman, so you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in SNL 22.09.12 on Vimeo.

[vimeo 50000322 w=500 h=278] 0

  • 16 post per month and way too low…. man I got to get my act together, I’m averaging just 7 per month. My highest was 17 and that was back in November last year!

    If you’re going too see Looper for JGL, you might be a little disappointed as he looks slightly different with all that make up. But I have to say I found the movie itself to be extremely awesome!

    Have you ever tried pinging your blog? Your site will be indexed better by search engines and eventually creates plenty more traffic.

    • Well for me 20+ is normal, plus I have so much stuff in my drafts that I can’t afford to watch new things anymore or else it will pile up like crazy.

      I don’t mind him looking different, I saw Hesher and he was far from his regular self.

      Pinging? I might but I can’t tell for sure.

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