Numbers: 124,500+ all time views,  6462 views, 208 average per day, 22 posts

New Record: Best total number of views a month since March – there were some low times.

Summary: I disliked October for various reasons. First of all, I was highly motivated in the beginning and therefore I had an amazing start. But my lack of motivation in the end of the month kind of crushed me totally. I will get over it, soon after my trip at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Secondly, while my BOT series started off in high speed it slowed down by the end of the month due to my lack of inspiration – nobody really seemed to be interested in those reviews, so it made me kind of sad. On a bright side, in the second half of October I gained a new title on LAMB’s site: Head of the Welcoming Committee – a new responsibility for me which has gone well so far despite my study-related stress and missing motivation regarding the blogging.

Biggest news of the month: I got to see Looper and I’m officially calling it my favorite movie.

What I was proud of: My post about Quality vs Quantity that got massive feedback – thank you, guys!

What I was mad about: People didn’t care for BOT.

What’s gonna happen in November: I’m probably going to take a short break from blogging for a while. A week or two depending on my situation. 10.-15. November I am away on a holiday over I don’t know how long, probably forever. Before that I do have a great post planned! Maybe I will schedule some posts during the weeks I’m absent but not sure about it at the moment. Basically, it is going to be a slow month and I apologize for that in advance.

Mission for next month: To really get some quality reviews out there so it is going to be a quality rather than quantity blog post month. And maybe catch another great movie in the cinema.

This month’s highlight: Finishing my first set of TOP 10 lists – long-term commitments haven’t been my strong suit when it comes to blogging but I see a change coming.

Movie of the month (my year and my life): Looper

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  • Have only been reading your blog for a short period, but love this post looking back at the past month and looking forward to the next. Always good to evaluate what you’ve done.

  • I really like this rewind format you have. I used to do monthly posts, but haven’t for awhile because I can never think of enough interesting or witty things to say. I think it makes it easier to have a set of bullet points to answer like you have here. I should try that.

    Anyhow, its good to have you aboard as an official Lamb contributor. Let’s hope the job doesn’t get too overwhelming.

    • Thanks. It took me a couple of posts to get all the bullet points set but I think I’m good now, plus, you can always add if something extra happened that month.
      Plus, I would love to read what people think about their blogs and blogging months, more subjective and all.
      Happy to be abroad, hopefully it does not although I am now in a difficult place with all the things going on and me now having ANY motivation to write my blog let alone school work.

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