This post comes a bit late in terms of my last ReWinds (2 days is pretty much like a life time in the blogging world), but I have been super busy and I had probably the scariest Monday ever today! Some, who follow me on Twitter, might have caught up on that interview that I had and since I don’t want to jinx it, I will bare no details about it before I will know the results (you’ll have to wait until Christmas, which is either going to be jolly or not). But enough chit-chat, let us ReWind Mettel Ray Movie Blog’s November and see what happened!rewind november

Numbers: 132,000+ all time views,  6869 views, 229 average per day, 14 posts

New Record: Unacceptable amount of posts this month, I should be ashamed

Summary: This month has been way too complicated for me in terms of school and overall life-planning: I basically flew to Estonia just last Wednesday to go to this interview that might be the best thing ever or will just end up being another experience that I have to cherish as a lesson learned through failure. But that is not in terms of the blog, the blog was slow for those reasons and because I wrote to The Artifice (though I have been not writing for a week now). All in all, too busy to do anything myself so I guess it was a great idea to start a blogathon! Smart move because people visit my site (they will have some new posts this week!) and I have a ton of alphabets to read as bedtime stories. And yes, there will be a big summary post but since the alphabets are still rolling in, I decided to postpone it to before Christmas – my schoolwork would be done by then! (Hopefully my news about the interview won’t affect this announcement).

What I was proud of: Getting 50+ followers, it’s a small step towards success.

What I was mad about: Can I be mad at the fact that I had too much school work this month?

What’s gonna happen in December: Who knows. Seriously, I am just an empty page right now. I have still deadlines breathing on my neck, I have my blogathon to wrap and I planned some TOP 10’s but it all depends on my mood which depends on the results of the interview. It’s a pickle guys, it’s a pickle.

Mission for next month: To just get myself to the next year baby, next year! Sounds a bit bad but it’s all I can think of right now.

This month’s highlight: The MOVIE ALPHABETS! Every single one of them is special, honestly, it doesn’t matter the skill level or if the choices are different from others, those alphabets show character and I like them all!

Movie of the month: Your Sister’s Sister (to be reviewed in December).

Here’s a short animation that I thought was creepy and yet amazing at the same time.



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