MarchIronically, the end of March pretty much looks like the end of February – snow and ice are still covering the ground, Winter truly came and now it will never leave. But for a movie blogger, staying inside is pretty much a part time job anyways, so the outside really doesn’t matter at all. And the thing that matters the most at the moment is to bring you last month’s stats and other facts.

Numbers: 171,000+ all time views, 6,840 views, 221 average per day,  24 posts

New Records: –

Movies I saw: Animal Kingdom, Skyfall, The Makeover, Jack Reacher, Identity Thief, Burn After Reading, Fight Club (re-watched), Oz the Great and Powerful, Upside Down, The Impossible, Unbreakable (re-watched), Being John Malkovich, Psycho, Spring Breakers, Trainspotting (re-watched), Mystic River (re-watched) – total: 12+4rw.

Summary: Since the Oscar buzz is over, the general quality of movies in cinemas goes down for a while. And that’s why I decided that I would visit the cinema more than ever! Indeed, I saw some bad movies there but I also saw Spring Breakers that surprised me in a good way. In addition to that, I kept up my posting like a proper blogger with 24 posts – I’d say that’s pretty great! LAMMYs being right around the corner I gave my votes as well, while hoping for some votes for me, myself and my blog. Other movie watching experiences include cutting down my watching-list and then adding more to it. I have a feeling that thing will never get shorter or at least some what acceptable because currently it is a total madness. Help! Also, it may not seem as such, but I did watch less television shows this month – at least in the second half of March. But then again, I also didn’t read much this month. So, I think I did a pretty good job with balancing things in March.

What I was proud of: Being considered for 4 LAMMY nominations

What I was mad about: That there wasn’t anything amazing in the cinemas

What’s gonna happen in April: Last month’s plans included planning for the 500th post – it’s on its way guys! In two parts! So that’s gonna happen in the first half of the month and the second half I’ll just have to figure out later.

Mission for next month: To get a LAMMY nomination and campaign the heck out of it!

This month’s highlight: Giving final-final touches to my blog’s design.

Movie of the month: Fight Club

TV-show of the month: Californication


  • Maybe release dates are different for you but we got some awesome releases during March here. SpringBreakers, In the House, Beyond the Hills, Sleep Tight, Broken. I also got to see the fantastic Mud (film of the year) but I’m not allowed review it till May 1st so I’m not counting that. February and March are generally the best months here as all the Oscar crap is gone and the summer blockbuster crap hasn’t arrived yet.

    • Nothing like that in our cinemas.. Oz, Upside Down, Die Hard, bunch of dubbed animations but yes, Spring Breakers was the only good one but generally, everything is very lacking with good movies in the cinema.

  • I saw literally 3 movies last month:P Not only I didn’t have time for more – I had no strength either. I’ll try to watch more this month but with the amount of stuff to do I doubt it will happen. Since there aren’t many good movies in cinemas now I guess I’m not missing that much. I could go see Spring Breakers but I’m not sure If I’ll like it so I’ll wait for DVD.

    • I have no idea what you’d think of Spring Breakers… it’s either love or hate and I think it also depends on the mood as well. I was in a mood to be annoyed to the edge and then.. surprise, I actually had other emotions!

  • Congrats on your multiple LAMMY noms. You’ve got a fantastic blog here and your design is gorgeous! I like that you included the numbers stats on your monthly recap, nice touch!

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