The first month of 2013 was a blast, I had fun writing, I had fun seeing the stats sky-rocket and then came the end of the month and everything came crumbling down. My motivation, the views (I think the second affected the first) but despite of a slow end, I had a best January a blogger can wish for!

Numbers: 158,000+ all time views, 18,528 views, 598 average per day,ย  22 posts

New Records: Best monthly views, best daily views (1,034), best daily average

Movies I saw: Argo, Killer Joe, Driving Miss Daisy, Hotel Transylvania, Silver Linings Playbook (x2), Amour, Bachelorette, Life of Pi, Here Comes the Boom, Beasts of the Southern Wild, War Witch

Summary: I was extremely surprised by the high view rates this month and I literally jumped up and down during the days the views came in like crazy – all thanks to a single image. January was breaking almost every record (I think it did actually broke EVERY record I had) and writing 22 posts is an achievement of great blogging that nobody can argue with. Plus, I myself saw A LOT of movies this month, all of them new to me and many from the Best Picture nomination list which I plan to finish before the Oscars. Also still keeping up with many series and watching new ones as if I don’t have other things to do with my life. Just kidding, I don’t have anything else to do except to blog until things clear up for the future but until then, I’ll keep blogging.

What I was proud of: Getting a 1,000+ views two days in a row!

What I was mad about: That the views went down and I didn’t manage to read other blogs as much as I wanted and planned to. Plus, my average per day was 600+ before the slow last weak and I’m sad that it didn’t stay that high.

Whatโ€™s gonna happen in February: Well, the month of “love” is never my thing, sometimes I think it’s because my birthday is two days before Valentine’s Day and it kind of over shadows the fact that I’m getting older. But I do have a birthday surprise and a “romance” post ideas lined up.

Mission for next month: To keep posting good quality posts and amp up my game.

This monthโ€™s highlight: I have to say my post about reasons why I love to blog.

Movie of the month: Silver Linings Playbook


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