I would be ignoring the obvious if I wouldn’t mention the fact that April was not a good month. In general, everything just seemed so blah and when I decided to have The Good Wife marathon from season 1 to season 4, I just completely shut off everything else. Now, hopefully I will get back my groove and since I’m definitely going to go cinema-crazy this month (Star Trek, The Place Beyond the Pines, Iron Man 3), the possibility of motivation hitting me in the face this month is very likely.

Numbers: 177,700+ all time views, 5,853 views, 195 average per day,  14 posts

New Records: The lowest number of movies seen, what seems to be, ever.

Movies I saw: The Departed (re-watched), Haute Tension, Friday the 13th (1980), Cabin Fever, The Evil Dead (1981), Star Wars: Episode IV (1977), The Host – total:  6+1rw.

Summary: In general, April is always a bad month for me and I don’t really know why. I looked through my archives and discovered that last year (the only April except this one I’ve experienced) I wrote a single post – so, 2013 April is an improvement to say at least! What happened is that I started the month with some horror and then suddenly felt like not watching any movies. Then The Good Wife surfaced and made my life complete – I love the feeling of getting completely lost in a series for days since I’m lacking social life in reality. As I spent most of my month at home, I didn’t have the pleasure to visit the cinema but that will most likely change in a week’s time because I’m heading for a little vacation from my mom. I’m not saying my mother killed my motivation this month but I’m not stating she did not – I think it was a little bit of both. Overall, an uneventful month and yet, still memorable.

What I was proud of: Getting a Lammy nomination for Best Blogathon

What I was mad about: My laziness

What’s gonna happen in May: Stuff

Mission for next month: Plan ahead since I’m leaving for Ireland this month

This month’s highlight: My 500th post!

Movie of the month: The Departed

TV-show of the month: The Good Wife

PS: Yes, I’ve changed the theme of the blog and played around with the design a bit.. I’m guessing my blog will never be finished in terms of its visual outlook. I just love changing things up and though WordPress doesn’t allow much, I’m determined to figure out ways to fight the system! The dotted lines annoy me a bit but hey, the font size is more suitable and the comment section doesn’t disappear into the void. Plus, I’m suddenly loving the light blue – brightens up the posts, don’t you think?


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