three-books-of-septemberThree is the smallest number of books I’ve read in a month this year. I’ve read four books, and thought myself successful because one of those books was massive, but September was not a successful month. Somewhere in the middle I just stopped reading, and when I picked up a book in the beginning of this week, I didn’t understand why I had stopped! I finished two books this week and started a third one, so yes, most of this list happened during this week.


Maggie Stiefvater / 2013

The second book in The Raven Cycle series is by far my favorite among the rest! This book focuses more on Ronan, and his ability to steal things from his dreams! And I’d be lying if I said that the dream stuff wasn’t my most favorite thing next to Ronan’s character development. It is so far, I’ve read three, my only five cup rating as well, because I think The Dream Thieves has the best plot, the most consistent style and there’s never a dull moment.


Maggie Stiefvater / 2014

I’m not going to say Blue Lily, Lily Blue put me in a reading slump. I think, no matter the book, I would have hit that low point in September anyway. But this book had the unfortunate timing of being the one I put aside, to pick it up weeks later, and seeing the words Read from September 07 to 25, is a reflection of my own difficult month, rather than the book. Though, I must say, in retrospect, nothing really happened in this book. It felt like the extension of the series, just to fill in the caps, just to prolong the inevitable. It was still beautiful in its own way, but up until the last part of the book, it didn’t blow me away like The Dream Thieves did.


Victoria Schwab / 2016

Turns out, I’m all about that four cup rating this month, because nothing except The Dream Thieves came close to being a binge read. Sure, I devoured This Savage Song pretty much in one sitting, but there was something missing. And I’m not saying the romance, because I appreciate the fact that this book doesn’t rush things, and it’s refreshing actually. But in terms of the plot, I think the urgency was missing. I never really felt any danger for Kate and August, even in dangerous situations. The monster concept Schwab introduces is interesting, but I just wanted a bit more in terms of world building. It was great in Vicious to have that character driven plot, but here we have a dystopian world, where there are monsters running around, and I just wanted a bit of a bigger world to imagine.

My reading plans for October are quite ambitious considering the eventful month I have ahead of me. I do plan to finish a well-known classic, re-read one or two Harry Potter books, pick up Empire of Storms, and if there’s still days left in October, I’m going to start with The Mistborn Trilogy!

What are your reading plans for the next month? And are there any new releases I should pick up?


  • That’s it, NOTHING relevant happened in Blue Lily, Lily Blue ! Or at least nothing that granted a whole book. But The Dream Thieves was truly magical, I really liked it. It felt very atmospheric too, and like you said, with a consistent style, thought through.

    I’m almost done with the fourth book, and I’m liking it more than the 3rd, but it feels to me the series could’ve been shorter :/ Anyway, I just really want Gansey to find Glendower, so I’m finishing The Raven King quickly, haha.

    • Exactly, the story line didn’t benefit anything from the third book. If something would have happened with Ronan and his apple of the eye, then it would have been worth it!

      Ah, did you hear about the series focusing on Ronan? I’m all giddy when I think about how amazing that will be!

      • What series? You mean the final book?

        I finished it yesterday and it does develop Ronan’s storyline 😀 I liked it! Though there were still a couple of new characters I didn’t care about, it did focus more on the original ones and Henry, which I can’t remember if he’s a new character or not…?? I read all the books in a row so the beginnings and endings of each book are a bit blurred :/

        • Hah. I wish I read them in the row, but I’ve now taken a break between the third and the last one. I’m also struggling to get through Frankenstein because I’m not used to reading such style of English. I might finish it by the end of the week but who knows!

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