wrapupjulyJuly was quite a slow month for me but in a way, it was still a pretty decent reading month because I finished 4 books, and one of them was quite the challenge.


Cassandra Clare / 2009

Well, who would have known that The Mortal Instruments series would be improving, because it felt like the first two books were just so weak. Yet, City of Glass got better, and a lot better, because I felt like I was finally enjoying myself and the whole shadowhunter world. Sure, the story still has its weaknesses but the characters are becoming more and more enjoyable. And.. I can’t believe this.. I actually care about them!


Cassandra Clare / 2011

The same goes for the fourth book in The Mortal Instrument series, which I just had to pick up right after I finished the third one. And to my own surprise, I enjoyed this one just as much or even more! The plot got a bit more interesting, we get a couple of new characters which is nice, and our perfect couple isn’t so perfect anymore – which I love! I like that instead of constant love-triangle issues, that many book series like to use, the problems in this main relationship are far more serious and that’s refreshing. I do hate what the series is doing to Magnus and Alec though…


Mary E. Pearson / 2015

My mediocre reading month continued with this YA fantasy novel that left me cold and a little disappointed. Sure, the beginning was promising, and I actually liked the element of not knowing which guy was which (it was a nice touch), but I started to dislike it when everything was out in the open for the reader. The main character was quite good though, I liked how tough she was, but it didn’t make sense how only two guys found her. The overall plot was alright, some questions were left unanswered but I’m not 100% sure I want to read the answers to them in its sequel.


Neil Gaiman / 2013

This was a difficult read for me and I’m proud that I challenged myself for the second time, and finally finished this book. It had some great elements, I loved the main character Shadow and all of the other characters were well written and had some interesting things to say. The mythology and the American folklore aspect was lovely, which I think is part of its charm. Though, I do think that for me, the progression of the plot was not very appealing. I set this book aside too many times, once even to start and finish another book, which I don’t do often. Maybe the book is just so heavy with its topic that subconsciously I tried to ease myself into it, and then read it at my own pace. Who knows. I liked it though.


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