10loveToday has been the weirdest day. Woke up, did my morning routine and then, nothing. I was totally bored, still am, and yet, I don’t feel like doing anything. I guess it’s just one of those days where everything is “blah-blah-blah” and honestly, I can’t wait to go to sleep just so this day would end. Despite of my mood though, I still decided to do a Wild Wednesday post that will be totally random and simply consists of ten things I love. They are not even related to movies or TV-shows but hey, at least I was motivated enough to post something that might interest a few curious people.

Since I can’t really say which one of these is better than the other, these won’t be numbered.


In my opinion, there are two kinds of people when it comes to driving – some get stressed/tired behind the wheel and others see it as something that relaxes them. I definitely fall into the latter category and I guess that’s why the idea of a road-trip has always been so god damn awesome. My dream would drive across America but unless I happen to win a lottery or something, I don’t see that happening any time soon. But a girl can dream.



Ever since I can remember, I have been wanting to visit these two places and I can’t really say why. New York has had my love for a long time and California, I don’t know, it just feels like the perfect road-trip destination. There are other places in the States I would certainly visit as well, Las Vegas and Washington, but these two are above others. Plus, California is a state, so Los Angeles Hollywood sign and San Fransisco infamous bridge are included there. I just love these iconic cities

Thinking of NY while listening to this song.

coffee-and-cigarettesCOFFEE & CIGARETTES

Now, one of these is the love of my life and the other is a sort of a love and hate relationship. More precisely, in my world there’s no such thing as “too much coffee” – it’s just not possible and when it comes to cigarettes, well, I know it’s bad but I can at least say I’m not a chimney. Besides, I’m not including alcohol as one of my loves so on the upside, at least my liver’s is healthier.


Here’s another love and hate relationship – while I hate shoveling snow and the fact that it makes my mom super paranoid about driving (which means I can’t really drive the car during winter and it lasts forever here in Estonia), I do love it when it snows. It gets so quiet and all of a sudden everything seems so calm. Besides, if you exclude the yellow snow situation, everything is much cleaner during winter comparing to the dirty and muddy spring season.


Ironically I have never owned a typewriter. I have used at least one, as far as I can remember, but I have never actually had a pleasure of writing something that is complete. Yet, it’s one of those things I really want to do – that is why I always enjoy those character’s in the movies who write on their typewriters. Can’t really explain it better, I just love the idea of owning and writing on a typewriter.


In the beginning I wanted to put “ocean” in this list but then I realized that I love all forms of water. The sea, the ocean, lakes, rivers, rain, snow and even fog is sometimes beautiful. Water happens to be my second favorite drink after coffee as well. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I’m a water sign (Aquarius) but who knows.. but when it comes to the four elements, water is my #1.

drive-in cinema


Never been to one, I don’t even think it has ever been possible in Estonia but damn, for a person who loves driving, actually driving into a cinema is a delightful idea. So again, here’s a thing I love and yet, have never experienced. I should rename this list into random things I love and WANT! But seriously, has anyone been to a drive-in cinema – is it as awesome as it sounds? Cause for me, who enjoys going to the cinema, this would be an experience I will most certainly love.


Everything chocolate goes – candy, cookies and chocolate ice cream. I mean, there’s not much else to say about chocolate – it is what it is… which is delicious!



This is my cat. She doesn’t like me much but she still expects me to give her food and open doors for her. She doesn’t like being called by her name nor does she enjoy loud sounds. She gets scared really easily and yet, she still manages to piss off our dog. It’s sad that she doesn’t like to be cuddled but then again, she hates all humans so I’m not complaining.



Last but not least, I’ve been loving this song for couple of weeks now. I’m pretty sure I’ll get tired of it soon but it’s a great song so I need to mention it before I forget it. Besides, it kind of represents the kind of music I enjoy the most, I think.. because before I’m a music person I’m a movie, TV-show and a book person.


  • Eestis on drive-in screeninguid vähemalt olnud küll. Ma tean, et Rocca al Mare (katusel?) oli eelmisel (üleelmisel? suurepärane sooritus, mälu, suurepärane) aastal, rootsi Lohetätoveeringuga tüdrukut ja Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinskyt. :p

    Väga-väga kihvt list muidu.

    • No katuse-kino on jah aga see nö välikino, millest ma olen kuulnud ja kindlasti Tartuff on suurepärane näide, aga otseselt ei saaks öelda, et oleks autodega sissesõitmiseks kinoplatsi. Drive-in all mõtlen justnimelt sellist kinoelamust, kus naudid filmi nö oma autos.

  • I’m both kinds of people. I hate driving in the city. Stop and go, stop and go. It stresses me out. On the other hand, one of my favorite things to do in the world is to hop on my motorbike and head down an open road with no destination planned.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with snow too. It annoys me because it snows ALL THE TIME in Minnesota, but if I moved somewhere that didn’t have snow, I’d miss it. I’m also addicted to coffee. 🙂

  • Wow, this is a beautiful post! Your cat is so pretty! I love the feeling of being in a moving car too, but I don’t drive myself – that would be dangerous for everyone 🙂

  • I have a drive in theater in Baltimore. It’s owned by jerks so the experience could be better, but it’s still insanely cool. Because of the jerky owners a lot of people disregard it as a whole, but I think that’s taking it for granted. It’s pretty awesome though because they’ll play 3 movies and it’s less than the ticket price for one at the movies. Also, a few times every summer they do a ‘from dusk til dawn’ where they play 6 movies! Unfortunately, they play some crappy mainstream movies sometimes so it’s hard to find a weekend with a perfect line up. I also wish they’d show older films but I guess they don’t think there is a market for it. But I think everyone should be able to go to a drive in theater at least once!

    • That sounds awesome! I would want to organize something like that in Estonia but the weather here is super difficult even during the summer. So.. who knows. But I would certainly experience it if I ever happen to see one! I wouldn’t even mind a bad movie! 😀

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