Seriously guys, this is going to be such a random post because I have nothing specific in mind at the moment and since Wild Wednesday is meant for what ever there is going on I thought I’d give “what’s in my mind” thing a chance. To be fair, most of the things in my mind are about movies and shows but there are other things as well – I’m only human you know.

These are all my drafts that are waiting to be finished or written, and I have a list of things still to be drafted. I’m telling you, I’m way behind! I left the image purposely small, after all, I don’t want this to be a spoiler post!

As I’m moving to Sweden in like less than three days for five months I’m pretty much switched off from reviews and other blog stuff. Which isn’t that bad because the traffic has gone down like a mad woman is loosing her cats (I don’t know how this is even and I’m not gonna try to explain) – so I’m kind of taking a break in the end of this week but probably not for long. I’m not good with not blogging anymore, it has became kind of my comfort zone plus I have so  much to write about!

I have tons of reviews to be written, including The Dark Knight Rises which is still in my mind and I can’t really pin point the angle I want to write about it, and an appreciation post for Breaking Bad which has finally become my guilty pleasure. Then I have my BOT which I already decided, will start in September because I haven’t still gotten to the first movie in my list and I really want to begin with that. On other news, maybe some of you noticed that there is no Mr. and Mrs. Awards anymore, I switched it to Love Me Some because I found it to be a little better for me. Besides, LMS sounds much cooler and it will probably have a lot of guys but I don’t mind at all, obviously. More blog related news, I haven’t had the time nor the motivation to fix the header which has caused a lot of confusion since it looks like to be spelling out a word – which is unintentional and not true at all. Just random dots from movie scenes and no word in there what so ever.

In September and from that on I’m probably going to skip the weekend posts because I’ll have no time and I want to not only study well but also see Sweden and travel and enjoy myself. Going to the cinema is in my plans, hopefully it isn’t too heavy on my wallet but we’ll see, the rent is very high and if I want to go to the cinema I’ll probably have to skip couple of meals. Other plans include just pushing my writing further and further, couple of other BOT’s are in my mind. Making videos also keeps popping in my head, I don’t have a good camera nor specific ideas what to vlog about but I just like the idea of making a video. So, we’ll see – maybe I will became too lazy to write reviews and film them instead.

Thinking that this is it for my Wednesday ramblings, I told you this is going to be a very random post about basically my life and plans around my blog. I will also try to keep the posts coming for this week, really itching to write TDKR review but like I said, there is the question of point of view – it has been done so many times now that what’s there to say about it that hasn’t been already said? Anyway, as I’m wondering about that I will pack up my stuff and wait patiently (while watching Breaking Bad) for Saturday – the day I will leave for Sweden!

PS: Has anybody got some great recommendations for Swedish films? I have seen couple of good ones, as far as I can remember but I would love to see more. And sadly, not planning to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (original version) because I already tried and it didn’t work for me – maybe if somebody pushes me enough I will try again but not thrilled about it now.


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