# 4 – One Tree Hill

So this is actually a request from a friend who I inflicted with the OTH bug many years ago. I have to admit, and I’m very sorry Mark, I haven’t watched One Tree Hill in a long time. It all started with the 5th season, I felt disconnected from the characters due to the big leap in time – and it made me miss the first season.

1-4 seasons were (and actually still are) my favorite – then came the 5th which I didn’t love any more, the 6th was painful and I haven’t even watched the 7th. All those who still are fans of the show, please tell me, what do you like about it, because I don’t see a reason to watch it. Payton and Lucas went away, Dan is STILL alive (and out of prison!), Nathan is cured (miracles happen to that man more than once) – it seems that the show is about dreams becoming true but at the same time the whole show seems now to be like a bad dream (nanny Carrie !!). And for a cruelty in the world of TV-shows, One Tree Hill in my opinion has survived far to long.

NB: There is a plan to do a short and a lot more positive post about this show, since I was a big fan during the beginning of the show and I got so much good out of it – so stay tuned.

# 3 – Leap Year

I remember when I watched Matthew Goode back when I had a Mandy Moore addiction (due to the tear-fest movie A Walk to Remember) in Chasing Liberty – “oh what a fine man” I thought. Well, years have past and Matthew’s still a fine man but Leap Year doesn’t even come close to Chasing Liberty. Sure, it had the same type road-trip, fake marriage act   and a happy ending, but during the entire movie I was more focused on Amy Adams’ hair-catastrophe  (the wind sure didn’t like her!) than the story-line. In Chasing Liberty at least there was some extra story-lines and the whole trip was just way more fun than in Leap Year. The reason I compare these two movies is because they seem so a like – as I said, they even have Matthew Goode in common.

But what else I have to say about the romantic comedy that lacked logic and made Matthew look like a money-hungry man (he chased Amy’s character around because he wanted to charge money for taking her to Dublin – nice huh?) and don’t get me started with the main purpose of the road-trip (the girl wanted to propose to her boyfriend – pretty.. romantic isn’t it?) So I’ll just go ahead and fallow  Matthew Goode who said that he didn’t like the movie (somewhere) and say the same. I’d give it 1,5 out 5  just because Amy Adams fell off the hill at one point and I enjoyed that.

NB: I must clear out that I don’t hate Amy, I actually liked her in Julie & Julia but I try to focus on a movie on hand (this doesn’t really apply when it comes to my all time favorite actors/actresses but that’s another story) and in this she lacked the appeal that I look for in romantic comedies.

# 2-Glee

First of all, I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Glee (there are other TV-shows that I’m more excited about), but I must say that my time was well spent when I watched the Madonna episode (season 1 episode 15). I don’t know if it was because of Madonna or Glee’s amazing cast and writers but I’d give that episode 4 stars out of 5!

The Glee madness begun almost a year ago, when the pilot was aired on May 19th on FOX – it was September 9th when they returned and delivered again to their fans. And it seems Glee is all about the long waiting, because after the 13th episode aired it took another 4 months until the next episode aired. I must admit, I was one of those who waited all those times just so I can hear them sing a pop or an old-school rap song – nor am I forgetting the story-lines of the characters.

I read yesterday that the show is created by the same guys who brought us Nip/Tuck (which I thought was amazingly weird because the two shows seem to be utterly different) and  the other shocker for me was that Kurt wasn’t originally a character at all and it was created especially for Chris Colfer after he tried out for Artie’s role. Isn’t that nice, one of the most likable characters in the show is actually based on the actor himself which shows that the creators were looking for REAL people to play REAL people.

And this is actually the vibe I get from the show, the fact that Finn can’t really dance seems awkward but it works, that Rachel seems too “something” and that Will makes mistakes – gives me a feeling that those are people (not perfect characters).

NB: I’m really looking forward to see Neil Patrick Harris on Glee – I heard his character will be some what bad but I know I’ll love him no matter what!

# 1

Hi, my name is Mettel Ray and I’m an addict.
This all started in a very early age and frankly, I do not even remember how old I was. At first it was just cartoons and Disney movies, but then came comedies and dramas and before I knew I was watching high speed car chases with my mouth open hoping that the main character would make it! I dodn’t watch horror movies and I still have a hard time with them (I have seen some), but not all addicts watch everything that there is to watch – I would become a moviewatchingzombie who stares at the screen for days not knowing nothing about the outside world.
Even though my range of taste of movies and tv-shows vary from comedy to thriller, I have established a quite critical thinking towards them. Maybe it’s because of my age or the fact that I’m studying to be a critic (and now see things from a new perspective) – but one thing is 100% true – I love the movie world for its versatility!
There are bad movies, there are good ones, there are the ones who make you cry and the ones that put a smile to your face, there are horrible movies that shouldn’t be movies and horror movies that make you want to pee your pants, there are ridiculous movies and movies that are made to be ridiculous for a reason, there are stupid love movies and there are just stupid movies, there are movies that are inspired by real life and there are movies that inspire life, there are Oscar winning movies and Golden Globe winning movies, then there are movies that don’t win anything – and you probably get my point by now.
So, there are a LOT of movies and I tend to watch as many movies (& tv-shows) that there are (some I watch more than once or even 5 times), and I’m gonna write about them. My opinion is not going to be same as yours or your mothers or Roger Eberts’ or the Academy Awards, but I’m gonna to my best to give an honest criticism.
Feel free to comment my posts  and suggest me your favorite movies. My list of movies (& tv-shows) that I have already seen is coming up soon (there are a lot and I probably don’t even remember most of them) and I try to write as many reviews as I can about the ones I have already seen.
My name is Mettel Ray and I’m prud to say, I’m a movie addict !