# 21 – Grey’s Anatomy

Season 6 finale was, was.. I have no words! It began with Meredith’s good news (that ended up being bad) and then a shooter, Mr. Clark who lost his wife some episodes back and made another appearance in the previous episode. He was cruel, he shot Reed just because she was rude to him, and she died in seconds. Karev got shot the same time, but managed to crawl to the elevator were he was found by Sloan and little Grey – Karev survived, thank god!

Then there were some other, un-significant deaths and then, Percy gets shot (the guy from Mercy who loved Reed who was also from Mercy) and he has a longer suffering where Bailey tried to save him with the help of a patient Mary (played by Mandy Moore) – but eventually he died not even knowing that Reed was long gone.

And then there was this whole Derek got shot Yang had to operate on him while Clark held a gun to her face and then Owen came to rescue, and how the hell did Clark get into the OR and how did he know where Derek was or even where the OR was? Anyway, Derek lived thanks to my fav new guy, Avery (played by the very hot Jesse Williams) saved the day! By the way, didn’t he and Yang kiss? I mean, that might still happen because Owen hasn’t decided who he loves. Well he did ran after Yang but if the other one would have been in the hospital, he would’ve ran after her. So who wants Yang and Avery to hook up? I do, I do!! And I want little Grey to get back together with Sloan, I mean she broke his thing (its fixed now) and he still wants to be her husband, how sweet is that!?

Anyway, the whole 2 hour episode was exiting, two bigger casualties, with Torres and Arizona getting back together (making babies next season?) and at the end.. Meredith ends up not pregnant which for me was sad but I still can’t get over the fact that I shed a tear for Percy, didn’t even like the guy until he got shot and died in Baileys arms.

Hopefully the wait for the next season premier isn’t too hard on me, cause I’m kind of waiting to see what is going to happen next.. A new romance, a new doctor maybe (since Izzie left!) or … somebodies half-borther turns up or smth? Percy has a twin brother and he comes there? Well, one thing is sure, it’s gonna be wild!

# 20 – You Again

Since I haven’t posted for a while I decided to do a short post on the newest trailer i saw just minutes ago: You Again. It opens in 24th September and while I’m not really excited about the plot (high-school isn’t over when Marni and her mom meet the two women that made their school years horrible) I am thrilled about the list of amazing actresses that are i it.

Starting with the sweet girl from Veronica Mars and Heroes, Kristen Bell as Marni and Jamie Lee Curtis as her mom. I just have to say, I love Jamie Lee! I like how she isn’t trying to hide her gray hair, because she still looks great (she’s like the female version of Stevie Martin who has worne his gray hair for a long time). There is also Sigourney Weaver and teh beloved Betty White! There is also Odette Yustman, (who I can’t place anywhere in my mind but who apparently was in October Road and is dating Dave Annabel), playing the “enemy” of Marni. While this list looks awesome and they probably will do an awesome job playing their roles (all of them), I’m still not sure if this movie will stay on the classic comedy slot or will it turn out to be an over the top cheezie comedy – that happens more than you think. Even if there are such icons as White, Curtis and Weaver – they will rock it, no doubt – the story itself stands seperately and how that will turn out?, well just have to wait and see..

# 19 – House MD

Last night I watched the last episode of the season, well.. what the hell happened? I am happy for House for sure, finally he gets some(!), but the ending for me was so cut off from the rest of the episode that it seemed entirely a new show. The situation with them two hasn’t been on the edge like for instance with Booth and Bones so I guess the writers just wanted to write them together but the way they did it..

Cuddy: “I love you. I don’t want to, but I do.” – Now she tells him!? She got engaged just last night and then she decides to tell House that, hey, I love you! Well, okay, I can live with that – maybe.

House has always been this depressed mad man who says what ever comes to his mind, what now? He becomes a happy familyman (Cuddy has a kid!) and starts to smile and be nice to people? God, I hope love doesn’t brake  House !

# 18 – Everwood

By a miracle I remembered that I had forgotten to add Everwood to my list of TV-shows that I have seen, so I did that and in addition to that I decided to watch it all over again. God I love it when I remember something that I forgot and I get something really good out of it – study-breaks have now got a new meaning to them (although there are many other shows I would like to watch also).

The reason why I enjoy Everwood is that I don’t really remember much about it, I watched it with my mother, I remember some specific things about it but I think I just missed the first part of the first season and that is the reason I don’t remember the things that are happening in it. I have only watched the first 4 episodes but I already remember why I liked the show – Ephram Brown! Yeah, this might seem as a teenage crush thing I have going on but let me just specify – I HAD a teenage crush thing going on! Plus, I like to reminisce on shows that were part of my Saturday nights with my mom, oh, the simpler times… Plus there are so many familiar faces, there is Emily VanCamp (Brothers and Sisters), Sara Drew (Gray’s Anatomy), Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) and Sarah Lancaster (Chuck) from all the shows that are running at this time.

While I am trying to study (write my semi-final-paper) I find Everwood very relaxing and I hope I get to watch the whole series during the summer when all the shows are at their brakes. Put also I’d like to not spend so much time indoors – a dilemma I face every day!

# 17 – Brothers and Sisters

The last episode of season 4 just ran before my eyes and I was in tears at the end – Robert is dead! Those who don’t know would not care but I have been watching the show ever since it aired and I care, I care a lot. My surprise was due to me not knowing that Rob Lowe (he plays, I mean played, Robert McCallister) was leaving the show, something that was known for a while I presume. That aside, I bet nobody knew that Saul had HIV! Seriously, he is an old gay man who doesn’t have anybody except his family and now the writers give him HIV – what a treat. That reminds me that Kitty, who has survived cancer now has to survive the loss of her husband – they keep tormenting the characters that deserve better! At least Sarah got her French man to stay with her and Kevin is expecting a child with Scotty – if they mess up their lives I’ll be mad.

Other than that I think that the show is doing well, the drama is still there (obviously with a season finale like that) and there are some other new interesting things coming on the show (addition to death, HIV and a new baby). Ojai Foods that was a big part of the family has now been eliminated and a new water business is getting its start – I hope they don’t start drinking water instead of wine. There is the Justin going to Haiti and leaving Rebecca behind with her new job, Scotty and Saul are opening a restorant and a question that first comes to mind, will Kittys’ campaign go on after Roberts’ death? And also, what about Tommy – he has now been absent for so many episodes and just makes random appearances – does he get new story-lines or is he left behind while the Walker family drama continues as usual? Well all that has to be put to rest until the fifth season starts in September – I can’t wait!

# 16 – Trailers, trailers, trailers

I try to keep myself updated with the newest trailers a lot so I thought I should talk about the latest that appeared in Apple Trailers – Charlie St. Cloud, Johan Hex, Grown Ups, Secretariat and Super 8.

First is a movie where Zac Efron makes his first serious role as Charlie St. Cloud in surprise-surprise Charlie St. Cloud, a boy who loses his brother and has to cope with his loss. I want to see this movie, not only because I want to see Zac play something totally different from his previous roles as Troy in High School Musical or Mike O’Donnell in 17 Again, but because it seems intrigueing. A ghost brother and coming of age story – pretty interesting I think.

Jonah Hex in the other hand is something I’m not very sure about. I know that the guys would be running to the theater to see Megan Fox wearing a dress that shows her breasts (like in every movie she plays) but another tormented man looking for revenge, I’m not so interested even though I’m gonna probably watch it anyway.

Grown Ups on the other hand seems a fun comedy with Adam Sandler reuinted with Kevin James and Rob Schneider where men act like kids and Rob is married with an elderly woman. Although Adam Sandler has dissapointed me in some movies I think I will like this movie and Chris Rock might be also one of the reasons I’m looking forward of it.

Disney is bringing us Secretariat – a true story of a racing horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973. While the main character is the horse, Diane Lane plays Penny the owner of the horse and John Malkovich its trainer. I have to admit, I am a sucker for films based on true stories in every form they come and I’m especially a fan of sports movies, even if they are about horse racing.

While these trailers gave a lot away there was one that left me puzzled – Super 8, a movie written and directed by J.J Abrams. There is an alien for sure but what is it going to do – destroy the world or save it? Probably going to destroy it but aren’t there any good aliens that escape from area 51 and have remarkable strenght? I’m left guessing until 2011.

# 15 – Avatar vs The Hurt Locker

First of all I’d like to apologize for my absence these past few days, since it is the end of my second year in university I have a lot of studying to do, writing to be exact. And keeping up with the writing in a blog just doesn’t seem as fun when you have loads of other stuff to write for credit. But that doesn’t mean I don’t watch movies – Avatar was this weeks pick.

I had already seen it, before I saw The Hurt Locker and now after I saw Avatar for the second time I just don’t get it. I just simply find it so hard to believe that Avatar didn’t get the almighty Oscar. Okay, I get that the waris important and Bigelow can make a wicked action scene but Avatar – it was art! Even IMDb agrees with me by giving The Hurt Locker 7,9 (with 72,592 votes in) while Avatar is surfing on a 8,4 (with 233,017 votes!). So I’m thinking it’s politics, like everything nowadays seems to be – in 82 years first woman to win an Oscar for best movie! while her ex-husband was also nominated in the same category. Or maybe I’m just one of those people who likes blue things running around in a imaginary world with moss which glows when you step on it and the Academy Awards didn’t find it worthy of being called the best.

I thought it was because I found The Hurt Locker to be bit boring for my taste. Off course I liked the whole vibe (desert, heat) of it and the ending was realistic (soldiers will always be soldiers)  but there was something off. Was it the constant ignorance towards commands and not obeying the rules that made it look stupid, I’ll never know because I will not watch it again nor will I ever go to war. But honestly, will 3 soldiers go into the dark to look for terrorist just because one crazy guy thinks it is okay and not tell anyone they’re going? Well, sure.. that makes total sence.  I found this quote that proves my point:

“The movie-goer in me thought it was an entertaining movie, the Soldier in me was disappointed by inaccuracies and the inaccurate portrayal,”

said Lt. Col. Gregory Bishop, Army Public Affairs-West film liaison officer.

So I guess I was watching it from a soldiers point of view (even though I am not) and was not even entertained because I was so disappointed at its non-realistic situations. Which is funny because while watching Avatar the non-realistic part was exactly what I was concentrating.

While The Hurt Locker was directed at realism, Avatar was a master piece of fiction – a world known as Pandora! I read that Avatar as an idea became to Cameron in 1994 but he had to wait for the technology to catch up with his fantasy. A good idea from a man who already has brought us Alien, Terminator, Titanic and now Avatar. Sure there was some mocking at the script (where somebody pointed out that it was just like Pocahontas) but I still think that the story wasn’t even the most important thing – Pandora was the main character and it played its part well. Thanks to the computer arts team that according to Wikipedia had about 900 people working on it at one point we got to see a world that Cameron had imagined 16 years ago in his mind – while people try to destroy it off course because that’s what we do.

But then comes Jake, a former marine who has to replace his dead twin brothers’ place as an avatar. There is love, there is betrayal, there is victory – a long story short, Jake is a hero and Avatar is about becoming a hero. Yes, it is simple, it is predictable but it is still thrilling and I should know, I’ve seen it twice and I have a sudden urge (while I write this post) to watch it again and isn’t that a good thing? If I think about it, all the movies I want to see again and again have simple plots, not something very serious just entertainingly interesting. So I guess that is the reason behind its massive popularity and the fact that Cameron is planning to make two sequels. (I don’t know what to think about it but when dead people start to return, I might think it is a little lame.) So, will Cameron get an Oscar for Avatar Two or Avatar Three, who knows, but as a movie blogger I know that sequels can go horribly wrong or happily right in the money hole.

# 14 – Just Wright

Here comes the next romantic comedy of 2010 – Queen Latifah and Common get it on; while basketball and a skinny girl are also involved. Hope it doesn’t back-up Lopez in showing how lame and unreal love can be.

The story is about a physical therapist Leslie (Latifah) who starts to work with NBA basketball player Scott (Common). Then in short – Leslie falls for basketball player who himself falls for Leslie’s friend – but do we really think that Leslie and Scott don’t get togehter? Yeah, thats what I thought – hope they at least try to make it like it isnt obvious that those two are gonna hook up.

The trailer looks pretty decent and Queen looks good (and she has come a long way) for a woman who got arrested in 96 for carrying a loaded gun and marijuana – yeah, she’s a queen indeed.

# 13 – Bones

Since I haven’t posted anything in a while I thought that it is about time I talked about Bones. It’s running on its 5th season and has a 8,4 rating in IMDb so I guess people like the show – why should I think differently, huh?

I recently watched (out of curiosity) the pilot again, just to see what I had forgot – do you remember how much Bones is actually changed? She has become more closed and afraid of the feelings that us, mere humans have, and that started to bug me. Everybody who is a fan of the show knows that the 100th episode was a shocker – in many ways. They showed the first case Bones and Booth had and then they made them both cry because Booth wanted to try but Bones wasn’t ready to change. Well, what the hell is she thinking? I get the fact that the show would have a whole new vibe when they get together and the writers don’t want to dance the “audience wants it, we’re gonna give it to them” dance that lots of shows do.

I mean, the Bones and Booth thing has been hovering over our heads for so long that I don’t even remember when it started, but now I’m just mad. Okay, not mad, but deffinitely annoyed – I get that Bones is a little closed-up and has issues with expressing human emotion, but it is Booth for God sakes?! And the last episode, Angela and Hodgins, married!? Well, I guess the writers are trying to get our minds of the B&B situation and postpone their big get together (its gonna happen, it’s gonna happen even when it is the last episode of the series).

So this was the whole who loves who, who has to be with who – as you know the series is about death and bones and maggots – and they try to keep things fresh with new deaths and stuff but I still think that they can never top the Zack moment (he helped a serial killer!) – I still think that that was the most shocking thing that has ever happened. (Okay, Booth getting the brain tumor was also bit scandalous but it aired about the same time House had his meltdown so I was thinking “not with the hallucinations again!”.) I mean, Zack was the cutest thing ever, and then he turns out to be a “killer” – it will forever remain in my mind and it is the second thing I remember when I think about Bones (Bones and Booth is obviously the first).

Other than that, I think that Bones is at the top of my favorite criminal shows, Criminal Minds is close behind and then it was The Mentalist at third place, but the second season kind of got boring so there is no third place. And CSI (all three of them) was also once at the top but now I don’t even watch those anymore. So basically I watch 2 criminal shows out of so many that are running and catching criminals left and right – keep it simple when it comes to criminals.

# 12 – Star Trek

So I watched Star Trek again the other day and I must say, I enjoy it. I haven’t been a big fan of the tv-show, honestly, I only have seen a climpse of it and didn’t really watch it. But I enjoy the humor there and the story – the main character doesn’t get the girl! Plus, I liked the russian guy there, god he was sweet with his accent – who wouldn’t like that huh?

I bought 2 new DVD’s too – Hard Candy and The Pirate Radio (Which is actually The Boat That Rocked, but since I’m a movie fan I seem to make a mistake very easily when I translate a movie title from Estonian to English – Estonian translation is just silly!) – first one I have seen but it was cheap as hell so I just had to buy it – plus Ellen Page looks adorable even as a bad-ass torture girl. The second one is going on my weekend “must watch” list – then I’ll post the review too. It can’t be bad, Nothing Hill and Love Actually are wonderful, so this might be kind a like that as well.

Talk to ya soon!