Not a big fan of horror movies to be honest, with a few exceptions, but I always found it a bit funny how they designed the posters. I mean, you don’t have to be a fan of horror movies to start seeing a pattern evolve – the scary hand, ladies and gentlemen, is everywhere!

You get a hand that comes out of the ground, bathroom hand, cut off hand, fingers of a hand, sometimes you get a hand that holds a door or something else, or even an alien hand, hand that looks to be dead hand, hand that is coming out of you and is most definitely not your own hand! In some cases you get two hands and be super frightened when you get more than two hands. I mean, think about how scary a hand is and then multiply it with the amount of actual hands on that poster – did it just get chillier in here?

In my search for these hands I looked for other common elements and to be honest, there were a lot of them, but I thought there is nothing scarier than a hand. And all of that hand googeling gave me an idea, what do you guys think, should I start a career of modeling for horror movie posters as a scary hand?

This final set of hands is from my newly started portfolio cause I assume they need some images of my hand before they hire me to pose for their posters. Let me know in the comments if my hand is scary enough to be a horror poster hand. I personally think that my hand makes the flower look absolutely horrifying but maybe I should have gone with the right hand instead.


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