Although, I’m breaking like so many of my own rules at the moment (not a movie related post AT all), I wanted to apologize for my absence this week. I’ve been literally walking tons of miles and socializing for two days now and I had no posts prepared (at least not 100% ready for posting) so I haven’t kept up with my plan to review shows all week. It will continue on until the end of the week. I felt like I should inform you and hopefully Sunday will able me to finish the first BOT as well! If that, next week and the whole September is going to be quite busy and filled with long long posts.

PS: Helsingborg is absolutely amazing and a very pretty city!

I’m gonna end the post with the lovely James Franco having a decent breakfast – which I miss, because I literally wake up and I’m already out the door like crazy! So, having breakfast and enjoying it is something I miss very much. I also miss my coffee – writing an caffeine go hand in hand!


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