winter and spring 2015
Had nothing special planned for the final post of the year and therefore this post comes to you in a sort of a regular post kind of way. Just a post, no new year resolutions, no end of the year conclusions, just a simple, 2500 word post! Yes, that’s right, this post is possibly the longest thing ever and you might need to prepare yourself a coffee because you’ll need the extra energy.

Anyway, since I dedicated a post to all the new TV-shows premiering in the fall, I figured it would be a great idea to do the same for the upcoming winter & spring season. Little did I know that there are so many new shows coming that my brain hurts just by thinking about it. Nevertheless, here’s the full list of upcoming goodness, badness and the uncertainties.

This upcoming season will be interesting because most of the series premiering have quite a decent premise and I’m more than willing to watch at least one episode of more than half of them. The common theme is either crime or comedy and a noticeable trend is either having well known TV actors or movie actors in the lead. Sure, there’s no McConaughey but when Stanley Tucci hits the television screen it’s like Christmas all over again!

Since I didn’t expect so many newcomers, I haven’t divided the list into networks or anything, the list is just based on my own personal ranking system. There are links to the IMDb page as well as to the trailers in case I found one. Hope you enjoy!


the afterThe After / early 2015 / Sci-Fi / Trailer

This is cheating a bit because the pilot for this Amazon series premiered in February 2014 but it technically airs in 2015, so it counts. Based on the trailer, the fact that the show is created by Chris Carter (The X-Files) and the fact that the first episode was the bomb!, I’m certain this will be a great show. Especially since the cliff hanger has been haunting me for months now.

Battle Creek / Mar. 1st / Crime /

Vince Gilligan is already back in action and this time with a pair of two very different detectives portrayed by Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters. With the added pressure of Breaking Bad’s success breathing down his neck, Gilligan is definitely going to have to deliver and in a way I’m sure he will. Add David Shore (House M.D.) to the mix and we might even have something very enjoyable to look forward to in March.

Backstrom / Jan. 22nd / Crime / Trailer

Rainn Wilson is there and is there a need to say more? Considering the fact that he plays a grumpy detective is just perfect, the fact that Backstrom is a crime show with dark humor is my favorite thing ever and even if I was worried about it, I’m not. That’s how confident I am in Wilson and his ability to draw me in and hopefully the crime element is just as good.

secrets and liesSecrets & Lies / Mar. 1st / Crime / Trailer

There are multiple reasons to be excited about this remake series – Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis are definitely on top of that list. Another reason is the fact that it has a Gone Girl like premise with the media and law enforcement accusing a man of murdering a child BUT the question is, did he or did he not!? I’m super excited and though I’m certain the Australian series was great, I’m going to watch this one for Lewis instead.

Fortitude / Jan. 29th / Drama / Trailer

It says drama but it reads so much more based on the trailer which features no other than Stanley Tucci. But Tucci is not the only reason I know Fortitude is going to be great, it’s going to be good because it’s a British series and well, I’ve yet to be disappointed in one of those! The fact that the premise is about a very close-knit community where something bad happens for the first time reads familiar but it doesn’t matter.

Bloodline / March / Thriller / Teaser

Netflix has been breaking the standard lately and with Bloodline, released all at once in March, I’m hoping to get the familiar quality of great television. It looks very intriguing and if Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn or Sissy Spacek don’t tickle your interest, the teaser certainly does!


youngerYounger / Jan. 2015 / Comedy / Trailer

The reason I’m so confident in this comedy is because Sutton Foster is taking the lead as a 40 year-old posing as a 20-something. Foster has great screen presence, Bunheads was fabulous until it lasted and since Younger is created by no other than Darren Star, the man behind Sex and the City, I’m looking forward for some entertainment. It bothers me tiny bit that Hilary Duff is also there because she doesn’t read well on screen but we’ll see.

Hindsight / Jan. 7th / Comedy / Trailer

Being Erica meets 13 Going On 30 – that’s pretty much the summary of Hindsight but still, I’m excited. Sure, the concept itself is a complete ripoff but maybe it takes a different turn as it suggests in the trailer. But I can’t say no to a time-travel series, it sounds fun even if I’ve seen it before and the only name I recognize is Laura Ramsey.

izombieiZombie / beginning of Jan. / Crime /

After a very successful experience with In The Flesh I’m more than happy to start watching another zombie series based on a comic book by the same name. It helps that Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) is behind the project and that the show is crime oriented: can you tell I love crime? Based on the synopsis iZombie will most likely deliver and though Thomas is lousy at writing movies, his TV show history tells otherwise.

The Last Man on Earth / Mar. 1st / Sci-Fi + Comedy / Teaser

I’m not sure what this show is or how it will work with “the last man on Earth” concept but it sure looks interesting. Sure, Will Forte, the man behind the show and in front of it, isn’t familiar to me but he has done a lot of comedy here and there which means he has experience… I think. Since the teaser teases well enough, I’m giving it a try because I’m very curious how it all works out.

Togetherness / Jan. 11th / Comedy / Trailer

With a great cast and the Duplass brothers, HBO brings on another comedy and it looks a lot better than Girls! Though everything looks better than Girls. I’m not excited but I’m willing to give it a try as there are more dramatic relationships involved and well, I love the cast a lot.


Weird Loners / Mar. 31st / Comedy /

Happy Ending’s Zachary Knighton would be the reason to tune in for this one but since there’s absolutely nothing else to grab onto, I’m not sure if it will work. Yet again it visits the common theme of unlikely friends, a group of four in their every day life situations – we’ve seen it all before. Though they are loners which is new but then again, there’s four of them so not that lonely anymore.

wayward pinesWayward Pines / May. 14th / Mystery / Trailer

What. The. Hell. Is. Happening? Now, the list of actors and actresses is impressive with Melissa Leo, Juliette Lewis (again), Matt Dillion and Terrence Howard but it looks so weird! There’s apparently a town that nobody leaves, ever.. and in other words, I’m skeptical about Wayward Pines despite its very strong cast. Plus, the creator’s previous work was Playboy Bunny related..

Empire / Jan. 7th / Drama + Music / Trailer

This one was a hard one to place because the trailer looks quite promising and it definitely is trying to tick all kinds of boxes with the variation of characters. It reads hip hop soap opera to me but then again, sometimes all that drama is actually quite entertaining until it turns into mush (Revenge). Terrence Howard (again) is taking the lead, there’s something from Timbeland and then there’s the rivalry of brothers and one of them is gay – like I said, hip hop soap.

Man Seeking Woman / Jan. 14th / Comedy /

Pretty certain that if this one had a trailer, it would be a good one to watch but since I have no idea how this one looks like, I’m putting it in this list. Jay Baruchel is the lead though which is a really good sign and the creator/writer, Simon Rich was the youngest SNL writer ever hired so that sounds good too. There’s just that visual confirmation that is missing now because I need to know what kind of leading character Baruchel is portraying!

The Whispers / ?? / Sci-Fi / Trailer

Not entirely sure when it premiers but assuming soon since the trailer has been around for a while. The premise sounds promising with Lily Rabe investigating children manipulated by voices to killing their parents. There are aliens I assume and the takeover plan is to use the kids to do so and that just sounds creepy. My problem is that it feels better as a movie rather than a series but who knows, maybe it won’t feel dragged out.

American Crime / Mar. 5th / Crime / Trailer

Again, I’m not convinced by the trailer nor motivated by the fact that Felicity Hoffman is in it because it seems like I’ve seen this show already. A single murder case, driven by racial issues and it just sounds a bit boring. Since there are so many crime shows around these days, it has to be a very fresh take on the genre to make me tune in – American Crime might not be.


Odd Couple / Feb. 19th / Comedy

Sure, Matthew Perry is still the guy who I trust and adore and yet, I have no hope for his new show because history has shown, things don’t work out for him. This time around he’s remaking The Odd Couple and well, remakes always have a shadow after them.

better call saulBetter Call Saul / Feb. 8th / Breaking Bad Spin-Off / Trailer

Sure, this might work and sure, I’d be interested but I haven’t finished watching Breaking Bad yet so it would be a little awkward for me to start watching Better Call Saul. Besides, spin-offs scare me just as much as remakes do.

The Comedians / Spring / Comedy /

The list of comedy shows I watch is very short and it’s very unlikely Billy Crystal’s newest addition to the comedy world will make it to my watchlist. The premise is about a rivalry between an old comedian vs a young one, portrayed by Josh Gad. I’m not interested at all.

Daredevil / May / Superhero /

Well, superhero series are appearing left and right and I’m just not into it that much! I keep up with Arrow but only for Felicity and I watched The Flash just for the crossover… Daredevil, currently, has no pull on me what so ever.

agent carterAgent Carter / Jan. 6th / Adventure / Trailer

Like I said, superhero related stuff is on high demand at the moment and I’m getting a bit tired of it. Sure, movies are great, but series haven’t spiked my interest that much. So since I don’t watch Agents of Shield, I can’t really see myself tuning in for Agent Carter either.

Schitt’s Creek / Jan. 13th / Comedy

American Pie’s dad Eugene Levy and his son have created a show with a bang on name but even with Home Alone mom in the mix I’m not really into it.


Galavant / Jan. 4th / Musical / Trailer

Now sure, Galavant seems like it’s making fun at itself and there’s humor in those songs but I’m just not their target audience. I remember when I started with Glee and was super excited, midway through the first season I realized I’m not a musical kind of gal and now, Galavant is out of my comfort zone for sure. I’ll try it out though cause who can pass at Vinnie Jones in period clothing – nobody!

Fresh Off The Boat / Feb. 4th / Comedy / Trailer

When a character becomes annoying in the trailer, how annoying would she become during the actual 20 minute episode? That’s a question I don’t want an answer to because while the whole Asian-hip-hop-kid concept is very cool (based on real life apparently), the mother character is just too much for my taste. But when I thought Black-ish was going to fail and it hasn’t, maybe this Asian oriented series will succeed as well.

Allegiance / Jan. / Drama / Trailer

Russian spies hiding in plain sight as an American family, where have I heard that one before? Oh yes, The Americans which is still running and going strong as it seems. Since I got bored of The Americans I’m not sure I even want to see what Allegiance has in store for me because it sounds pretty much the same to me.

Eye Candy / Jan. 12th / Crime / Trailer

MTV hits us with a crime series that is focusing on missing person cases in regards to an online dating site. The problem is that they cast a 22 year old Veronica Justice in the lead and she’s supposedly a technological genius. It bothers me, I’m not sure why but in my opinion, she just doesn’t look fitting for the show’s premise.

12 Monkeys / Jan. 16th / Adventure + Sci-Fi / Trailer

Why? And why!? There’s no reason for a remake of this movie, there’s not a need for it from my part and besides, it looks completely ridiculous considering how iconic 12 Monkeys is. You can’t replace Brad Pitt, hell, you can’t be Bruce Willis!, so why would anyone reboot this movie into a series is beyond me.

CSI: Cyber / Mar. 4th / Crime / Behind the Scenes

Does anyone even watch CSI anymore because apparently enough people do to boost up another one of its off springs –  Cyber! It sounds as ridiculous as it is and I don’t even care enough to discuss this any further.

The Messegners / ?? / Sci-Fi / Interview with the cast

This CW show is said to premier during 2014-15 midseason so I’m assuming it qualifies for this post. It is a supernatural, alien-type show with pretty actors and paranormal gifts that serve as burdens. Whatever the thing is, it seems like another one of CW’s single season tryouts because let’s be honest, it doesn’t really sound interesting.


There you have it, a complete list of all the upcoming shows next year all in one! I did leave out the miniseries such as Dig and Heroes Reborn in addition to shows like Aquarius and Mr. Robinson which might premier soon or might not, I’m not sure. In other words, this might not even be a complete list and it sort of scares me because there are so many new shows for 2015 winter/spring!

Anyway, with this list I end the year 2014 because clearly, there’s lots of amazing things waiting for us next year and I can’t wait to get there. To year 2015!


    • I don’t really stay tuned for the TV news but I love making these lists so I researched a lot.

      I think it’s going to be good.. I’m definitely going to give the other Gilligan show a try as well.

  • Nice list! The new ones I’m looking forward to in 2015 are Better Call Saul, Togetherness, Agent Carter, and Daredevil. Normally I wouldn’t care about Daredevil at all, but I love me some Charlie Cox. I just wish he’d use his sexy Boardwalk Empire accent in this.

  • You should get paid for this, honestly. This is awesome! From this list, Bloodline really catches my interest — released all at once, huh? Sounds great to me! And Tucci in a TV show? Shit, it seems like I have to start watching new TV this winter… 😀

  • I’m actually most intrigued by Agent Carter and 12 Monkeys, though I hadn’t heard about a lot of these yet so my list is pretty small so far. I didn’t watch the pilot but am interested to see what Chris Carter will do with his Amazon series. I really don’t know what to think about Better Call Saul. It seems like it could be a disaster, but you never know…

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