I don’t keep up with the Kardashians but I sure do like to stick to my traditions and here’s one that makes me the most happy: sharing what’s new on TV! When a new season on television begins, I’m on it by listing all the new upcoming shows in categories such as the good, the possibly good, the uncertain, the not interested and the bad. And every time I do this, the number of new shows is pretty decent with a total of 20 series premiering this fall.

Before I start listing I have to confess that it was rather difficult for me to categorize shows this time around. There were only a few that stood out as interesting, and since most of them air during the winter season, I didn’t have much to be excited about this fall in particular. In addition, few of my bad choices might be a little shocking but keep in mind that this is all just my opinion and that this opinion is based solely on the trailer.


wicked city ed westwick

Blindspot / 21st of September /ย  Drama, Mystery / Trailer

Definitely, without a doubt, my most anticipated this fall because it has all the elements I love. Crime, drama, mystery and on top of that, Jamie Alexander, who I find extremely attractive. Sure, this show does not seem to have that long term factor due to the fact that she will eventually run out of tattoos to decipher but who cares. I’m pretty sure we will get a thrilling and exciting season or two out of this one.

The Grinder / 19th of September / Comedy / Trailer

This is a rare moment because it is, as far as I know, the first comedy I’m excited about since New Girl. The trailer seems hilarious, Rob Lowe is in it and the general plot looks fresh and unique. Besides, ever since I binge watched Parks and Recreation and witnessed Lowe in action, I know his performance will be spot on.

Wicked City / 27th of October / Crime / Trailer

The trailer for this is more like a presentation from the show’s producer and it’s his explanation of the first season that leaves me wondering. This is a similar crime show to True Detective, different case each season with an added bonus of being drawn from real cases – set in LA, the first season takes place in the 80’s. The cast looks good, the crime aspect looks interesting and though I don’t gravitate towards historical shows, I do hope that this one will grab my attention for the long run.

Quantico / 22nd of September / Drama / Trailer

Last but not least, the fourth, as well as the last show on the good list for me is a series about FBI recruits. It seems this show will be compiled with past and present story lines, where the present is about one specific recruit who gets framed for the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11. It seems exciting, I already have my favorites and I hope we’ll have more than one episode for the boot camp and its drama.


heroes reborn

Limitless / 22nd of September / Drama, Sci-Fi / Trailer

One of many movie inspired TV-shows that will premier in 2015-2016 but the only one that looks promising. I must admit, part of me wants this to work because I’m a sucker for procedural dramas, the other part of me just likes Jake McDorman. That being said, it looks just like any other procedural drama except the main protagonist regularly takes a drug that makes him the smartest man on Earth.

Grandfathered / 29th of September / Comedy / Trailer

Part of me put Grandfathered into this category because I want this to work, and I really do. And not just because John Stamos but because I have very few comedy shows in my regular schedule and I need more laughter in my life! But I have to admit, the trailer was rather promising, especially the job requirement bit and well, then there is also John Stamos and that man has aged better than a bottle of wine!

Heroes Reborn / 24th of September / Fantasy / Trailer

Since I’m probably not the only one who didn’t finish with the Heroes series, I’m listing this as possibly good and will tune in due to curiosity. In addition to that, I’m looking forward to see Zachary Levi again because for me at least, he has disappeared since Chuck ended. Also, since it’s a mini series, there’s a smaller chance of it becoming dull and will most likely end on a high, unlike it’s predecessor.

Life in Pieces / 21st of September / Comedy / Trailer

I must admit, the trailer looked very promising and I wasn’t expecting it to be. The thing is, I really like Dianne Wiest’s character and the reality of the childbirth scene and the added bonus of the Predator joke gives me a lot of hope. It reminds me of Parenthood but obviously a comedy version, and there’s a hint of Modern Family in there as well due to the fact that it has multiple characters – which I think will be a plus.


scream queens

Scream Queens / 12th of October / Horror, Comedy / Trailer

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are at it again and this time they are mixing their two shows Glee and American Horror Story, in other words, a new comedy horror show with Emma Roberts and Lea Michele. The trailer looks partially alright but it left me rather emotionless. But since it doesn’t necessarily look bad and it kind of interests me, I’m giving it a go, despite the fact that I can’t stand Roberts.

The Bastard Executioner / 15th of September / Drama / Teasers

Kurt Sutter is a well-known name behind Sons of Anarchy and therefore I’m kind of interested in this particular drama about an executioner. It seems well cast, including Sutter himself and Katey Sagal, his talented wife. Though I’m a bit hesitant, especially since the only historical fiction I seem to tolerate is Game of Thrones, this one makes me wonder whether I should watch this genre more. But, as the general theme of this category implies, I will give it a try.


minority report

Code Black / 30th of October / Medical, Drama / Trailer

Here is one of many medical dramas that will try to push its way into our TV schedule. Based on a documentary by the same name, Code Black is about the emergency room employees and situations where there are too many injured, and not enough resources. It looks so-so, the trailer did have promising characters but honestly, I’m so done with medical dramas ever since Grey’s Anatomy ruined it for me. That being said, I might give it an episode or two, depending on my mood.

Chicago Med / 17th of November / Spin-off, Drama /

I don’t watch Chicago Fire nor Chicago PD so it’s rather understandable that I wouldn’t be interested in one of its new spin-offs. And why are they making so many spin-offs in the first place? Though I guess for the Chicago fans, this might be a nice addition to their TV schedule with possible cross overs all over the place.

The Muppets / 22nd of September / Comedy / Trailer

I have no interest in this series though I have a feeling it will have many fans because well, The Muppets are loved. But I’ve never been interested in these puppets and there’s no chance I would watch this, even for a minute.

Minority Report / 21nd of September / Drama, Sci-Fi / Trailer

Well, what do we have here, another movie inspired show and it looks questionable. I really liked the movie but I’m not certain it will work as a series because surprise-surprise, it’s a procedural drama where the main protagonist is one of the PreCogs who will start helping the police to solve crimes. And it’s a sci-fi series, which means it has CGI elements and it doesn’t look good.

Rosewood / 23rd of September / Drama / Trailer

Bones vol 2 except the other way around.. or Dexter but funnier.. or Castle but in Miami… or pick any other crime solving duo and you have Rosewood. The sad thing is, it doesn’t seem that this series will bring anything new to the table and though I love crime solving, I’m not that interested in seeing the same show over and over again.


Angel from Hell / 5th of November / Comedy / Trailer

Just no, and that’s it. I could make other arguments but it just looks like the novelty of this show will wear of pretty soon. The whole guardian angel thing has already been done (Drop Dead Diva) and though Jane Lynch does have great comedic chops, I sense this won’t have a long run. Then again, what do I know, I disliked Black-ish from the beginning and its second season will premier this fall.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend / 12th of October / Musical, Comedy / Trailer

In the midst of the female-power trend, this series will miss the bulls-eye and the mark entirely. Nobody wants to see a crazed out femaleย  leave her job and life to follow a guy who she went out for a brief moment in time. And the added bonus of bursting out in song during all of it just seems ridiculous.

Dr. Ken / 2nd of October / Comedy / Trailer

And another comedy that doesn’t look at all tempting with its medical and family oriented angle through comedy. I’m sure it will have some appeal because of Ken Jeong but I’m thinking it isn’t the best comedy out there.

Blood & Oil / 27th of September / Drama / Trailer

Maybe it’s the bad looking trailer, or the even more horrible looking CGI fire effect in the end of the trailer, but this is the kind of series I’ll be staying far away from. It looks like Nashville where singing is replaced with drilling oil and I was never really interested in Nashville, so… no.

Supergirl / 26th of October / Adventure / Trailer

The pilot for this show already premiered this summer but the series will gain its full speed this fall. I’m not interested, I’m not convinced it’s any good because it looks amateur. I’m sorry, it maybe the movie-CGI spoiled me speaking, but I don’t tend to like these lower budget series that rely on CGI a lot. Besides, it hurts to see Lexie not as Lexie…


Now there are multiple new shows that have 2015 set behind their IMDb page, yet there’s no specific premier date and therefore are not listed in this list. Plus, there are many shows I’m eager to watch that will premier in the beginning of 2016 but I didn’t want to make this list too long, so expect a similar post in December.

PS: I’m curious to know what shows sparked an interest for my readers, so leave a comment down below and let me know your new picks for this fall’s TV schedule!


  • I agree on some, but not all of them. Then again, wouldn’t it be boring if we just agreed on everything?
    I’m really, really, really looking forward to Lucifer, which was first intended to premiere this fall but will air in 2016. As will Shadowhunters and The Magicians and those are the ones I am excited about as well.
    For the actual fall shows: I am a huge Chicago franchise nerd, so I am excited for Chicago Med. Also, I want to watch Blindspot, Heroes Reborn, Blood and Oil, Supergirl and Quantico for sure.
    However, I did not enjoy the pilot for Minority Report. As for the others, I’ll have to see some episodes before deciding I think.

    • If people liked the same things, there would be a smaller variety of things.. so.. I think that every time we disagree, a TV show is born somewhere in a world. ๐Ÿ˜€

      OH yeah, Lucifer.. why did I miss that? I actually sort of liked the first episode but I don’t know.. Ellis is hot. I actually had Lucifer in my original list but somehow I skipped it while typing this up.. god darn it.

      Minority Report was so so.. it wasn’t anything that mind blowing. I think because the element of unknown is not there.. I mean, Minority Report as a movie was much more “what, why, who, and what the hell”.. yet the show is pretty much telling us in the first episode that the guy who is missing is alive.. I mean, they could have at least saved some mysteriousness for the second episode.

      • I love that notion about TV shows! There can never be enough of those!
        Ellis is super hot, I can only agree on that! I liked Lucifer, it was funny and I like the idea of the devil having a heart. Also, I’m a fan of Lauren German.
        Minority Report bored me, probably for the reasons you mentioned.
        Blindspot was pretty cool though. Not exactly mindblowing either, but it intrigued me enough to make me want to see more.

  • I love your fall preview. I too thought the ‘Supergirl’ pilot looked really cheesy. I’m hoping it gets better. I really really am. I’ve been waiting so long for a female superhero. I’m a little doubtful about Scream Queens because it’s on Fox and not a cable station. At least in cable they had some leeway for the crazy stuff the did. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the new show called ‘Frankenstein,’ but that one looks terrible too. I will be curious to see what they do with ‘Minority Report,’ but it’s on Fox so even if it’s good it’s guaranteed to be cancelled.

    • I don’t expect less cheese from Supergirl.. I think it’s going to be like that. :/ Frankenstein starts next year I think, or this year, I had so many shows where I didn’t find any dates and times while making this list.. anyway, I’m actually excited for Frankenstein for some reason. ๐Ÿ˜€

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