I must admit, I’m quite unstable when it comes to visual outlooks and yet again I have changed my blog. This is actually something I wanted to do a while ago because I had no use for pages on my blog and now I finally do – everything is made into a page! Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to create some content into those pages so most of them are “coming soon!” but it is all for a greater cause. More to read, more content, more organized!

But let me know if you are missing something you had before, it is late and my tired mind is probably loosing some bits and bobs of its previous history. And while that sounded a bit too over the top and not like a regular sentence, I assume it is also because I’m sleep deprived. No worries, I’m less sad about not getting enough sleep tonight because I’m mad excited to have a new series of review posts called B.O.T. Want to know more? Check out its page and yes, it feels good to write the word page because I like how it gives me an opportunity to sort out my things better.

In addition to all that change on the sidebar and concerning the pages, I also added the “continue reading” aspect to my front page posts. Almost all of July’s posts are now with that neat feature I discovered and what only wanted some signs and a single word “more” to be applied in my posts. I’m not going to go back with all the posts but from now on this will also help me to make my front page visually better.

Let me know what you think of the new design and be sure to leave s ome tips and hints, they are all well received because I will probably try to implement some new elements in pretty soon – I never stand still but I guess I have to stop retouching mr. Movie Blog at some point, right?


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