My TV Alphabet

Years and years ago I compiled an alphabet of my favourite movies, actors and directors. Every letter corresponded with something or someone I liked, loved, admired. Today I’m sitting down to do the same thing… but with television shows. This is an undertaking of the year for me and I’m quite excited.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this is because TV shows have risen to great heights. They are complex, well made, demand a lot of our attention and simply put, television has has surpassed movies in certain extent. Heck, even Oscar winning actors are marching into TV shows and blurring the line between television and the. With no further ado, let’s get into this.

Before I begin, let me clarify a few things. Since I already mentioned my favourite actors and actresses in My Movie Alphabet, I’m setting that aside. This alphabet is focusing on TV shows and TV show characters! It was super hard to narrow down characters, because there are so many but life is hard, so I’m gonna suck it up. I also realised that I still need to watch a lot of good shows. Another realisation is the fact that I have a very bad memory for character names, so I’m sure I forgot some.

By the way, this is an official blogathon announcement so feel free to join in! I’d love to see your picks from television and I would gladly have all of you suffer like I’m about to suffer. Because narrowing some of these letters was actually torture. Here is a TV guide with the rules in a neat little box in case you want to join in! Deadline for submissions is September 30th.

PS: I went a bit nuts on the design, but just to clarify I don’t expect this level of craziness from anyone else. After being so lazy this summer with blogging I personally just wanted to make up for it with something a bit over the top. 

That’s all folks! I had a lot of fun making this list but also lost a fair amount of nerves as well. Definitely missed a few and couldn’t mention everything but hey, that’s part of the fun.



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