This post is the follow-up to the most difficult post that I’ve ever put together and to be honest, the second half was even more horrible! I love all of these movies, some a bit more, but it’s still love!

Here it is guys,  My Top 50 Favorite Movies part 2 (25-1)the cremé de la cremé of movies that are special to me AND this is my 500th post on this blog! That pretty much says everything I have to say, but I want to add that: thank you all for reading because that keeps me writing!

Before you continue, here’s an interesting fact – most of my favorite directors are represented in this Top 25 more than once! I didn’t even realize this before I started to make the graphics, so it kind of took me by surprise that especially one director is mentioned a lot here. That being said, there’s definitely some diversity here and many movies from 2012 made it to this list as well.





















  • Snatch, eh? I think that’s wonderful as your favorite movie! Great list again – an it looks excellent : )

  • Great choices! Even Hanna gets mentioned! That is a very awesome choice along with Pride and Prejudice, The Holiday, Star Trek and lots of them. Some of them I haven’t seen yet like Zodiac but if they’re on your list, I’ll be checking it out. 🙂

    Happy 500th and best of luck to the 1000th 🙂

  • Great to see Fight Club, Shawshank and Memento ranked so high, I love them too. I need to rewatch Zodiac, I haven’t seen that one since it was released in cinemas.

  • Love seeing so many of my own favourites in this list. Pulp Fiction, Basterds, TDK and off course, Inception.
    Congrats on your 500th Post as well !!

  • Very cool choices AND CONGRATULATIONS!!! 500 is pretty damn amazing.

    And I pledge to watch all these ASAP. It’s pathetic how many I haven’t seen.

  • I’m definitely not a fan of Fish Tank and Inception but F-Club and P-Fiction are in my top 10 and Snatch is my number 3. If I could take one movie to desert island it would be it -Tyrone getting out of the car? Oh nothing Tommy it’s Tip-Top? Seats and the steering wheel? Always makes me laugh so hard.

    • Snatch. is definitely the kind of entertainment movie that you will watch over and over again. Star Trek for me is the same but I know it’s not Top 3 awesome.
      So much love for so many things in Snatch., I wish Ritchie would go back to this and make something as brilliant!

  • Snatch is a great movie. I love Brad Pitt’s character and it’s one of the few great Jason Statham movies. I too would put a Tarantino as my 2nd, but it would have to be Reservoir Dogs.

    I love 10 Things I Hate About You, it’s at the perfect spot at #10. 😀

    • I mean, it’s Tarantino.. in order not to put him everywhere I kind of evened his movies to the whole Top 50 as I was feeling then. I’m not saying this is permanent as my favorite list.. but at least I finally got my favorites into a list. 😀

      10 Things I Hate About You – such an awesome romantic comedy.. such a sad one for Ledger fans. 🙁

  • Happy 500!! Great list by the way. So many of those are my favorites too. But I’ve actually never see all of Snatch. Apparently I need to get on that.

  • that was just awesome mentions & great way to represent . . . as you know once i asked about these all mind blowing presenting 🙂 . . . one day i would also make this kind of my favorites , but it would be of top 100 . & that day i ‘ll definitely invite you to have a look 🙂 . . . again superb effort & test . Nirav / India .

  • Nice work!

    LOVE seeing Fish Tank ranked so high. That’s a marvelous little film. Se7en is one of my all time favorites as well – the finest police procedural ever made.

    Pulp is my second favorite film of all time too! Whatta gem.

  • Fish Tank, Zodiac, and 500 Days of Summer. 3 films that are extremely underrated. I am so glad you included them in your list. Great site by the way, I am now following :). I recently started my own film blog and would love for you to check it out.

      • Indeed they are! Hopefully you’ll like what you see over at my blog. I’m not as advanced as yours seems to be but I just started out, still getting the hang of it. Any advice or tips you got would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to expand my followers and traffic, quite difficult. Thanks!

        • It takes time.. A consistent content is the key, don’t disappear for long period’s of time. Or at least be Twitter active (other social medias help to promote your blog well). Check out The LAMB community as well. Currently we’re not accepting members due to LAMMYs but you can submit your blog anyway and after the awards we’ll start uploading them again.

  • Great list! We definitely share many movie favourites. 🙂

    I still haven’t seen Zodiac which is terrible as it stars two of my favourite men – RDJ and Jake Gyllenhaal! Really need to see that.

    • I’ve seen Zodiac about four or five times now! I don’t know what is it.. I think it’s the entire back story of the serial killer that gets my blood flowing which is brought on screen by fabulous men and an amazing director!

  • I think I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t love Fight Club. (I’m an equal opportunity disliker — the book is also my least favorite that Chuck P has written.) This is a great list, though. I’m glad to see Zodiac score so high!

    • Interesting.. But then again, I hate Kick-Ass and many people love it. What is it about Fight Club that doesn’t appeal to you?
      Zodiac is my lucky number 7… should re-watch it again, people mentioning it in the comments makes me itch for a re-watch. 😀

      • It’s mostly a problem of unmet expectations. Between the film’s reputation of greatness and my existing affinity for most of Chuck’s writing, I was just incredibly underwhelmed by both the novel and the film. I do appreciate the element of social satire, though, and I like Ed Norton’s performance. It’s not my least favorite film in the world, I just don’t love it as much as everyone else does. Been years since I’ve seen or read it, though, so maybe it’s time for a second look!

        • I still haven’t read the book nor have I read anything else by Chuck so.. maybe having nothing to reference to also makes it easier to love it.

    • I was thinking between them.. and .. I don’t know, Snatch. is more whimsical or something. I don’t know.. I was feeling Snatch. more than Fight Club during the list-making. 😀

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  • Amazing list, love that it’s so full of modern entries. People tent to disregard movies from this century more often than not so it’s cool to see them getting some recognition

    • Well, not gonna lie, I’m more modern and less classic but as I try to go more through the classics, I’ll try to put together a list consisting of only classics. 🙂

  • Amazing list, would have so many of the same ones in my top 25, have you seen The Prestige by Christopher Nolan? That would definitely be in my top 10

  • One day I’ll try to make a top 50 list as well, although I will have a very hard time doing so. Maybe I’ll just skip numbering them, because coming up with 50 titles only is though enough….

    Very interesting list and there are a lot on there which would probably also show up on mine

    • It was difficult too but it’s good to limit yourself.. I for instance kept away from classics and stuck with movies I had seen more than once.

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