Time to reveal my favorite books of 2015 which are pretty much all young adult reads, most belong to a series, and a few (read: two) are not fantasy driven. Based on this, I have already made a promise to myself for next year to read outside my comfort zone a little but for now, you’ll get this extremely fantastic list!


E. Lockheart / 2014

Cadence had a horrible accident, she knows that but she can’t remember what exactly. So when she returns to the island where the traumatic incident took place, she starts to piece together the events of that horrific night. And then things get interesting. For me, the ending was something I saw coming a mile away, but it still had an affect on me – and it was all worth it for that impact.


Rachel Hawkins / 2014

A southern belle goes to apply lipgloss and suddenly gets herself in a supernatural situation by accident. On paper, Harper was the perfect protogonist, girly, yet badass – just like Buffy and I loved it! She was so different and funny, and when I finished Rebel Belle I was high on excitement. The sequel I hated by the way, which is weird because I can’t remember the plot to be so annoyingly stupid in Rebel Belle as it was in Miss Mayhem.


Patrick Ness / 2015

By 2016 I have most likely finished all Patrick Ness’ books because the man can write like no other. The Rest of Us Just Live Here was a fun read about the anti-heroes who’d rather finish school than save the world, and I loved it. Partially because the writing style was so smooth and effortless, but also for its unique premise. Even with its faults, and shortcomings, it was worth every hour I spent with this book alone at night!


Sarah J. Maas / 2015

When a simple girl kills a wolf on her hunting trip, she has no idea that it will cost her her freedom and give her a one way ticket to the world of Fae. In other words, it’s a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast, and it is a fantastic read for those warm summer evenings, or winter evenings – doesn’t really matter. For this, I liked the romance story more than the rest of the plot, but it’s probably because Tamlin, a very powerful Fae, has a tendency to growl and I like when they growl.


Ransom Riggs / 2011 & 2015

Jacob had stopped believing his grandfather’s stories, but after his passing, he wants to know the truth – which is why he is thrown into the world of pecuilar children. Filled with vintage photographs, Miss Peregrine’s series is an interesting series for children and adults. And the story and the characters are just as thrilling, with adventure and friendship being the main focus in the books.


Rainbow Rowell / 2015

It’s actually extremely ironic, since Carry On is the book version of the fanfiction Fangirl’s main character was writing – I skipped over the fanfiction parts in Fangirl and look at me now, loving its book form! As Harry Potter’s fanfiction, Carry On tells a magical story of Simon and Baz fighting the evil, and fighting with each other just as much. This book got me in the feels, and in a good way!


Jenny Han / 2014

Lara Jean writes her feelings into letters but she never sends them, until by accident, all her letters are sent to all the boys she has ever loved. This is my favorite contemporary young adult read of 2015, a fact I never realized while reading it but understood when I was making my Top 10 list. The premise of Jenny Han’s book is still in my mind, the adorable plot of the first book still warms my heart, and the characters are still fresh in my mind. For that, I raised its rating, as it had stood the test of time: it is memorable!


Victoria Aveyard / 2015

I think I’ve never reread anything except Harry Potter books but I felt the urge to reread Red Queen (and To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved as well) so long that I finally picked it up for the second time. With the world devided into red and silver bloods, Mare is expecting to be sent to the warzone right until her life is thrown upside down. Filled with all kinds of powers and romance, Red Queen had the right amount of everything to keep me interested… twice.


Andy Weir / 2014

As one of the first books I read this year, The Martian was the best way to start off 2015. Most of you probably know the premise, made into a movie this year, where Mark Watney gets left behind on Mars and has to survive relying on his knowledge and skills. With humor running through from every page, The Martian is a scientifically brilliant read with a very lovable main character and an epic space adventure that I’m glad to have been a part of in book form!


Sarah J. Maas / 2012 – 2015

With my favorite book of the year I’m going to cheat a little because otherwise this list would have been extremely boring – all five books in the Throne of Glass series were amazing! Two maybe not as great, but still, as a series, this was a brilliant read throughout. For those who are not yet aware, Throne of Glass follows Celaena, an assassin, pulled out of the mines to fight for the title for the king’s champion. But that is just the beginning, because the story evolves so much more, the characters develop from book to book, and it gets so good it hurts!


  • Fantastic choices! There are a few here that I still need to read that have been on my TBR for a while 😐

    • Ha! Thanks! I thought the list was very one dimensional to be honest, but I can’t help it. I now picked up To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before AGAIN! So if you haven’t read it, you should! 😀

      • I haven’t! But it is definitely one of the books that has been on my list for a while! I will definitely check it out soon! 😀

  • So envy of people who manage to read that much! I’ve only read The Martian from your list and it’s this year’s favorite, considering that I only managed to finish 4 books 😀 Currently reading 3 though.

    Just noticed on the sidebar your obsession with Rami Malek and Mr. Robot. Good ones! We are the same team here :))

    • I totally getting the “no time” thing when it comes to books. From 2011 to 2014 I read 31 books in total, this year, over 50 because I set my mind to it. I just got this idea for a post, oh wow, thanks! I’ll link it to you, maybe you’ll get inspired. 😀

      And Rami Malek might be my #1 person this year.. just because he’s so freakin’ awesome in MR. Robot!

  • Great list! The Throne of Glass series has been on the blogs/vlogs I follow, I might give that one a try. I just read The Rest of Us Just Live Here and it is a fantastic book – I’m finally going to start on his Chaos Walking trilogy. I enjoyed To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – I hope you like the sequel!

    • I started reading Throne of Glass because it was everywhere and I regret nothing! I also read the first book to the Chaos Walking trilogy but then I didn’t continue right away and now I feel like I should pick it up again.. though I remember the plot rather well considering the amount of books I read last year. 😀
      Let me know what you think of the sequel when you read it!

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