my tv schedule

Being a huge fan of television shows and having published a post about all the new ones airing this fall, I figured it was about time I’d write a post about what is happening with my television schedule! There are a lot of different kind of emotions going around, a variety of feelings so I decided to give this post a little unique twist to make it more fun.



There is always a little bug of doubt with shows returning for a new season – will they still be as amazing, will it have a great impact, will it maintain its status in your TV schedule. One of the most painful moments this fall was the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt to Criminal Minds because I  broke up with one of my favorite shows. It’s not that the show itself lost all its magic with the new season, it was slowly becoming tiring and Love Hewitt’s addition was just the last straw. What a sad sad loss but as you’ll find out soon, there’s still crime in my life.

Another sad thing is being dumped which happened with Manhattan Love Story. This show didn’t blow my mind or anything but it surely wasn’t bad enough to be cancelled so early on. I miss it but I’m not overly devastated about it either. It’s sort of emotionless state of mind with this new show that never really made it.

At one point in the past, I stopped watching 2 Broke Girls as well as New Girl but I think I have finally accepted the fact that I’ve given up on these shows for good. The same goes for The Big Bang Theory this season because I’ve tried to watch it but I simply can’t be bothered anymore. I just grew out of it and that’s that.


one night stand

Every now and then, I try a show out. Take it for a ride and test it, so many never pass, others do and sometimes I’m just not feeling it until I come back to it years later. This year I gave my best to give shows a chance with me and Gotham didn’t grab it. Now, I have a feeling I just wasn’t in the mood but also, I’m not really interested by it at the moment. There’s just not enough to grab me and the same goes for three newcomers on air at the moment: The Mysteries of Laura, Bad Judge and to be honest, The Flash.

Now, I’m cheating here a bit because I’ve seen the last three more than once but I’m just not impressed by these shows, and this would be the best category for these particular shows. They are there and I just don’t care. But the saddest indifference towards a show is Red Band Society which had a really promising start! I loved it, and I think I still do, I just haven’t watched it since episode 2 and that makes me wonder if it’s time to let go for good…


reboundAs I said in the beginning, the loss of Criminal Minds has actually been rather calm and my feelings are tamed. Part of it is thanks to two new crime-related shows that were there just when I needed them. And though rebounds usually don’t last, as it implies a middle stage, I have high hopes for them both, or more for one, to make it all the way.

How To Get Away With Murder is definitely in a good place, it has a center story line and yet, it has so many flashbacks and promises to keep. Would it burn after this flashback is over, that is my question because it seems to be progressing rather fast and I’m always worried when it comes to Shonda due to her skill of writing a strong opening season and then slowly, but steadily, draining the life out of the show. The same worry applies to Stalker which has a very intriguing leading man who is bound to get caught or escalate and that worries me. Clearly, I’m more addicted and happy about rebounding with How To Get Away With Murder because there’s some amazing writing going on in that show… until Shonda goes on a rampage and ruins everything.


crush alertIn that sense, with all my worries in regards to the crime shows mentioned earlier, Forever is in a much better place because it is progressing nicely and with ease. It doesn’t force the big picture question into our faces in each episode but it subtly applies it every now and then. I like the show, I like it a lot and it’s one step away from being my favorite this fall season. Though I do miss the realism aspect compared to Criminal Minds but I can’t have it all I guess. And, with Castle loosing a bit of its magic this season, Forever is a nice addition to the male/female friendship bundle on television this fall season.

Now comes the surprise of a life time because while I had written this show off as one of the ones I was definitely not going to watch, Jane the Virgin had me hooked! Seriously unique and refreshing, it is funny and it is using the classical clichés as a tool to make good television. Then there’s the voice over guy who works so well with the genre Jane the Virgin has established itself in. I’m not sure what it is exactly but I’m enjoying every minute of it and I actually wait to watch it each week. Yes, I myself am as surprised as you are!

Last but not least, The Affair which I already gushed about in my Pilot post. What a show, how fine and how gorgeous it all looks. I’ve now skipped some weeks in order to watch multiple episodes in a row because I always feel a bit sad when I finish an episode and can’t watch another one. Sometimes it helps to keep a distance from something you like a lot, it makes you like it a lot more when you finally get back to it. Plus, I haven’t really had the time and The Affair deserves my full attention!


love rekindledThis category emerged when I discovered there are three shows I’ve been enjoying a lot more this season than I remembered. First one being The Walking Dead which I had the pleasure to rekindle my love with by watching the entire fourth season in three days because I saw a gif on tumblr and got curious. Man, that show needs major props for keeping up their production and taking it to new levels each season. Yes, the story lines sometimes lack a certain touch and the Governor was simply a bad season but with the group splitting up like that, awesome!

Then there’s the show I’ve been watching since the beginning, and the last seasons have gone by simply because of habit, until this season for some reason grabbed my attention again. I’m talking about The Vampire Diaries. Now, yes, it’s probably the only show that I could define as my guilty pleasure, but it’s now sort of becoming better than that. With new characters and the lack of Elena with Salvadore brothers, I’m more invested in it because it is somehow more simple now. But I might be wrong because they are pushing Caroline and Stefan which makes me super mad and I might put out that love that has so surprisingly emerged.

But, the best phoenix moment this year has without a doubt been The Good Wife. My god, how good is this show!? I almost gave up when they killed off Will but this show proved me wrong. I saw some gifs on tumblr, watched the episodes I missed last season, started with the newest season and it was the best decision of my life! The show is what Shonda should be doing, keeping its integrity season after season, building the stakes and making us excited. The performances are spot on, I love every character, though I’m slowly loosing my interest in Kalinda who hasn’t really progressed anywhere for multiple seasons now. That being said, I need a love interest for Alicia soon, I sense things but I need more because a campaign with a secret affair done in The Good Wife manner – perfection!



I should have just one true partner but I have two.. one of which has been on air longer and yet still has the spark, the other that is more fresh but just as good. I’m talking about Modern Family and The Mindy Project! These two are shows that I wait for right after I finish a new episode especially during fall as it is dark and ugly outside, these shows make me happy, they bring me light. Yes, there are others, yes there will be others but I wanted to praise just these two.


What are your favorites this fall season and have any of these new shows mentioned here become your favorite as well?