The title says it all, these are my favorite winter movies and before you start listing movies that are left out and far better than these; this is just a list of 10 movies that came to my mind first. Most likely they have some weird memory attached to them, some family thing or something cheesy like that. I do think that every person has a different list, a different kind of memory with snow but these are mine. They are all a bit childish and funny, because I like to cuddle up with tea and laugh with these movies and I really couldn’t recall movies that had snow and were made these past few years…

Special mention: I’ll Be Home for Christmas, The Family Stone



WHAT? – A LA dentist gets himself award winning sledge dogs while knowing nothing of how to take care of them.

WHY? – Because one can’t go wrong with Huskies!


WHAT? – Two old friends, clearly grumpy, get into a “war” over a new female neighbor.

WHY? – Because me and my mom always watch it together, her favorite.


WHAT? – Small town gets an opportunity to show off their hockey skills.

WHY? – My love for underdogs and sport movies is endless when there’s snow involved.


WHAT? – 4 Jamaicans try out the not so easy bob sledge sport and tackle the cold snow!

WHY? – Again underdogs and sports, I seem to have a theme over here.


WHAT? – Based on a novel, the movie tells a story about a boy going to a chocolate factory!

WHY? – Chocolate, candy and everything sweet, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. End of argument.


WHAT? – A woman accidentally ends up being the fiancé of a man in a coma, he has a brother.

WHY? – Because it’s a 90’s romantic comedy where there is also a family who loves Christmas.


WHAT? – Two women swap their houses and meet unlikely people on their Holiday adventure.

WHY? – I can’t get enough of this movie for so many reasons I can’t state them shortly.


WHAT? – Seriously? Everybody should know what this movie is all about! It’s a classic!

WHY? – I’ll repeat myself, it’s a classic!


WHAT? – It doesn’t have that much snow but it starts during Christmas and it ends when it’s snowing, aww.

WHY? – Why there are no reasons why not!


WHAT? – Perfect Holiday movie with various stories to be told with amazing British actors and actresses giving some brilliant performances.

WHY? – Lovely stories, lovely soundtrack and just heart-warming!


What are your favorite movies where there’s snow and what kind of movies you always watch around Christmas with your family? I’d be glad to add some of them to my list because most of them are classics and I can’t seem to find new ones to fill my December.


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