In 2017, I talked about beards. A year later, in 2018, I talked about Sam Rockwell’s beards. This year, in 2019, I turned 30 years old, and this means, it’s time to grow up. And what is more grown up than a mountain of man-butts?…

… a mountain of naked man-butts! That’s right! This year I take it up a notch. I take it all the way up to a very sacred place in my brain-vault where all the butt stuff is stored. But before we can get to the butt stuff, here are some rules to Mt. Rushmore of Movies. A blogathon created by the one and only m.Brown, who’s reviews are funnier than I’m in my dreams. And trust me, I’m pretty damn funny in my dreams if I say so myself! So even though you probably want to get to the butt stuff already, here are the slightly edited blogathon rules. Right below this important butt-moment.

  1. m.Brown would like to have all posts done by Friday, March 1st 
  2. When you’ve finished, send him a heads up/dick pic (butt pic!?) on twitter @twodollarcinema , reply in the comments on the original post here, e-mail him ( or make circles out of black smoke that Amy Adams will decode
  3. In your post, please use the rad banner his wife designed in eleven minutes. (it’s right there ->)
  4. Share the announcement, if possible.
  5. He just wants to tell you ALL good luck! And I want to tell you the same because this is such a great blogathon and you should all participate!

So, here’s the thing. This could be my favourite man-butt, but this scene is mental. It’s also not completely clear to me how much of it is actually Sebastian Stan’s butt. Like, there’s a bit of it, I’m sure, but there’s probably another butt and there’s also lady butt so.. there’s just a lot of butt. Also, do not open this in front of kids.

4. JAKE “PRETTY BUTT” GYLLENHAAL in Love & Other Drugs

Butt appearance at 00:00

I feel like Jake is everywhere in these lists. He was in my beard list, now his showing off his butt. He is so versatile. Also, on a very very serious note, Love & Other Drugs was actually a great movie! It was a surprising romantic movie, with a comedic aspect but it had a whole lot of butt too… I mean drama, a lot of drama.

3. CHRIS “WHIPPED BUTT” EVANS in Not Another Teen Movie

Butt appearance at 00:31

Was this my first movie butt? Not sure. Was it my first whipped cream movie butt? Yes, and so far, the only one. Chris Evans has surely grown into his acting more and probably doesn’t play around this much. But oh boy, once you see that butt, it’s hard to forget about it… right?!


Butt appearance at 00:49

Did you think I was not going to mention Sam? You thought wrong because who can forget that man’s butt! Well, I can’t because I really don’t want to. Lawn Dogs is a weird movie, hell of a good one as well and you don’t have to wait long for that butt to make an appearance. Plus, check out Choke too, if you’re already going on the Rockwell train (which you should be on always).


Butt appearance 00:12

Sometimes a butt is a good one even if it’s a little dirty. And Chris Pine doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. Which is good because that’s what makes this mountain a little less perfect and little more mediocre. As is a mountain, not perfect but even with flaws, and a bit of dirt, it’s just as good as any other mountain you climb.

Thank you to m.Brown for hosting this wonderful blogathon, and hopefully I haven’t scarred him away from hosting it next year. Because we all know what comes after butt stuff!



  • Omg The Bronze, that was the best part of the movie. Because my curiosity always gets the better for me, I looked this up before – from my understanding, Stan’s ass is in there for the normal non gymnastic shots then it’s two doubles. None of the shots are actually of Melissa.

    Lawn Dogs! I’m so happpy to no longer be the only person that saw this movie.

    Amazing choices!

    • With The Bronze, it was hard to not be the best part with Stan’s butt in there and the rest of the movie just sucking. 😀 And yay for butt-facts!
      I would have never seen Lawn Dogs if it weren’t for this blog/community so I thank you!

  • YEYYYYY!!! My perv apprentice, I, the senpai am so proud! I love Pine in this movie, he is hilarious! And butt appearance shortcut was classy and efficient 🙂 Sam’s butt was actually in like a dozen movies by now, but YES Choke is a must see!

    • I feel like I looked for Sam’s butt but with tumblr being so not helpful in this front now, I didn’t have a lot of choices.
      You are wise, are there any alternative tumblr type sites where the butt gifs have gone? I feel like I need it… for research.

  • I gotta say, I don’t think I can unsee any of these. lol WHAT IS THAT MOVIE WITH SEBASTIAN. That. was. wild.
    Oh Chris. I wish he had a non-banana related butt appearance in What’s Your Number. Awesome list!

    • You are welcome! That is The Bronze, and it’s awful, and you should watch it so you’ll appreciate other movies!
      I think he sort of almost did but that movie was PG I guess..

  • I’m laughing so hard right now and I’ve just had to explain why to my husband. You ladies are all killing it with these blogathon entries!

    • Oh man, I can just imagine the confusion… like… a huge ass question mark over his head dozen “why?’s” hovering around it 😀

  • Oh dear lord, I feel like I need to see The Bronze. I don’t care how much it’s Sebastian’s butt, I just need to see that.

    I wasn’t a fan of Love & Other Drugs but I enjoyed Jake’s butt a lot

    I think I rewatched Chris’s movie only for that scene lol

    I still haven’t seen Lawn Dogs but now I have a good reason to watch it

    • You do not need to see The Bronze, but it’s almost worth suffering through for that scene.
      And go watch Lawn Dogs now!

  • Of all of the clips you used for Sam Rockwell, you didn’t use anything from Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? He’s naked in that film for about a 1/3 of it or something. I remember this guy told me about a screening he went to where there’s a scene where he’s butt-naked and some women were like “Woo, look at that nice butt on that white boy!”

    • Yeah, you see, I went all the way back to a scene that the majority of you aren’t aware of, to spread the word of his earlier movie!
      But yes, Sam’s butt in any movie would have worked here!

  • Stupid sexy Flanders!

    Holy shit, this is, yet another, amazing entry. I really wish I could get some guys in here to balance out all the half-naked dudes, but this is fantastic regardless. Well, I think it is. I haven’t…uh…clicked on any of the videos. Yet?

    I just imagine whenever I do, it’ll be at the worst possible moment. “Dad, can you help me with my homeworrr —what are you watching?????”

    I’ve only seen three of these movies, and if I had to vote, if I remember correctly, I’m taking Pine’s ass for the win. Pretty sure he streaked it along the windshield, right? Or, uh…did I just imagine that?


    • YES! Stupid sexy Flanders.. that is like the most memorable Simpsons quotes me and my flatmate quote a lot! 😀
      I feel like I can’t not trump this next year but I have no idea where I could go with this. And yes, dudes need to start participating and balancing this out. At this point, it’s just Mt. Rushmore of Perving for us girls, which we love, but I mean, gender equality and all!
      And majority of the videos are safe-ish, except The Bronze – that is the one that would raise that question.
      I LOOKED FOR THAT VIDEO!!! I didn’t find it, but yes, that was also in the movie, and it was glorious!

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