The always awesome and funny m.Brown over at Two Dollar Cinema is hosting Mt. Rushmore of Movies Blogathon again! And this year, just like last year, I’m sticking to things I know and appreciate the most in this precious world – beards. So here are four Sam Rockwell performances, where he sports a great, and most importantly, a sexy beard!

BONUS, Guy Fleegman in Galaxy Quest

Not a beard, but man, Sam Rockwell really can rock anything, including this moustache!  Also, Galaxy Quest is such a great movie, funny and entertaining. In other words, watch it!

4. SAM BELL, in Moon

Moon gives Sam Rockwell the chance to shine, so much that there are literally two of him on screen and I can’t believe I’m still alive. While this movie is the best on this list, the beard appearance is short and it’s really a shame, because look at it! Don’t you just want to get lost in that beard? That being said, I’m sure it was shaved off for the viewer’s wellbeing, because I wouldn’t have survived that beard-performance for long.

3. KENNY WATERS, in Conviction

While Rockwell’s presence in the movie is not enough for a Rockwell fan, his scenes still manage to steal the movie. And while there is an extremely sexy dance sequence I would gladly promote, it’s more important to have a close up of that ginger beard magic (that gif also happened to be the best to accompany said magic). Conviction does give us more beard throughout the movie, and a quite horrible one, that Rockwell yet again pulls off at the end, but overall, it’s a pretty beard-tastic movie!

2. OWEN, in The Way Way Back

For me, The Way Way Back was a great movie and I enjoyed it very much. Granted, the enjoyment for me was probably Sam Rockwell’s presence in the movie. Which was accompanied by a great five o’clock shadow, so great, that I’m surprised I’m still alive. I mean, that whole scruffy, a little unkept, messy look Rockwell had as Owen was doing special things to me. And the almost-beard aka the promise of a great beard was just perfect!

1. JOHN MOON, in A Single Shot

Those who saw the title of the post, and have seen A Single Shot, probably saw this one coming. I’m not trying to surprise anyone here, I’m simply stating a fact, that Sam Rockwell’s beard as John Moon is the best beard moment that has ever happened! It’s everything you would want from a beard, it has shape, it has messiness, it has character, it goes well with the messy hair, it’s just everything. It’s also a pretty brooding beard and those beards are, hands down, the best!

Thank you again, m.Brown for hosting this wonderful event, and letting me showcase beards – more beards next year!



  • I wish we had enough material for ROOSTER MOUNTAIN

    I think we have enough bulge material, though. So next year probably.

    Owen….do everything to me.

  • Wow. Wowwwwwwwwww. Annual beard appreciation? This, I support.

    That said, what the Hell is happening with that Sam Bell beard. You dig this? Really? That f–ker is just shy of ‘crazed homeless guy’, but apparently Mr. Rockwell makes everything sexy. Alright alright….

    As for the rest of this list, as perhaps you may have caught wind from a Sati-fueled tongue lashing, I haven’t seen any of these films (except Moon). So, yes. I’m living a terrible life. But…in my defense…as I may have pointed out last year…

    …at least I have a beard.

    Thank you so much for participating again. Brilliant work as usual.

    • It’s going to be my thing, beards, every year, a mountain of beards!
      I will forgive you again, but by next year, I expect you would have seen all my beard movies!

      See you next year, I hope! 🙂 😉

  • So I’ve only seen Moon??? I need to watch A Single Shot, I remember wanting too when it came out, but then I forgot completely about it until now 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Well, I think you would enjoy A Single Shot. It’s not a perfect movie, but it has its moments and SAM!! 😀

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