As the arrival of my friend keeps getting closer I’m in trouble in terms of deciding what movie we should watch as we are planning a sleepover. It has only two people, me and my friend, but I guess it still counts as a sleepover since she is literally sleeping over. No pillow fights or facial masks, maybe just the manicures, but as there is definitely time for a movie, I started to wonder: what kind of movies are the best for sleepovers?

Cry-fest-sleepover: Titanic, Remember Me and the Romeo + Juliet, which is a less complicated choice in my eyes.

Off the top of my head, I would say romantic comedies are the best choice for something fun but not too serious – since I tend to laugh at romantic comedies way too much. But when a sleepover means chit chatting and all that personal stuff we girls talk about (yes, we talk about boys, what a shocker!) romantic comedies could turn into train wrecks really fast. So if rom-com’s with their madness might be too emotional, sad dramas such as The Notebook are crossed of the list twice. Of course it is not always the case, when all the sleepover participants are in a happy and healthy relationship or just not mentally unstable (like I tend to get) it is all good. All the people in the sleepover just need to be up for Dear John or The Vow, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days or 10 Things I Hate About You. Though romance and crying really do go hand in hand in most cases the main idea is to avoid the tears during a sleep over but in addition to The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, PS. I Love You and Meet Joe Black will get that water running.

Other way is to go straight for the comedy section which could also mean those chick flick classics such as Clueless and Mean Girls. I’m not saying there’s no romance in those but I consider them more as comedies and probably my first two choices for a sleepover. Taking into account the fact that the participants of the sleepover are young enough for those but I’m assuming only younger/youngish girls do the sleepover thing anyway. Easy A and Crazy, Stupid, Love come to mind when I think of Emma Stone and the newer editions to the list of movies girls can enjoy, not to mention The Devil Wears Prada and the first Sex and the City movie if the series is out of the question. If somebody is more into singing, musicals are another way to go but with them romance is yet again the key element. Across the Universe and Moulin Rouge! but again, those are in the pretty teary area of selections. A more up beat and definitely a legend of musicals would be Grease – if one is not tired of that one, though I guess it is impossible to get tired of it.

More romance choices that come to mind: Prime, A Lot Like Love, Definitely Maybe, He’s Just Not That Into You, Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle, In Her Shoes, The Proposal, About a Boy, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Holiday, The Family Stone.

There are actually many other ways to go as well, hero stories such as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter series. With the last you could even make it into a habit, since there are seven movies, it could be almost be a two month thing. If you are fans of Twilight, which is a definite no for me, it is another action-type-teen-flick to gaze or laugh at. And if action is your thing and you prefer something from the past, Back to the Future is your go to movie choice.

For me, all those are solid options but because I made things a bit harder on myself by wanting to see a movie I haven’t seen before, I still don’t know what to watch. Seeing a movie you haven’t seen before might be a pretty difficult thing for a sleepover since even with only two people, you have seen a lot of movies and we almost even opted to a genre we both don’t like – horror. But, as the time of her arrival is still yet hours away, we haven’t made our complete decision. All the mentioned choices, and some of the examples I’ll be giving in the left side of this post (in case you haven’t already seen those), are good for any sleepover event but finding a movie everybody has missed out on, might be something of a plan. Maybe a new DVD release thing, nobody watches that particular movie before the sleepover or something.

I’m assuming guys have sleepovers? Or movie nights of some sorts? I bet they watch Die Hard and Mission Impossible which in some ways also suits the ladies. But I guess for a future plan, a movie filled with hot men sweating, Magic Mike and all those dance movies will do as well. For a guy/girl movie night? That’s something I will discuss next week if you guys are interested. In the meanwhile, choosing the right movie is the impossible mission of wild Wednesday!


  • First and foremost, guys don’t have sleepovers. On the rare occassion I had friends staying over night at our house, it usually was because someone was drinking and didn’t want to get caught. Since I never drank and couldn’t find trouble, there was usually never a reason to check in on anyone at my house.

    As for a girls night sleepover, I think it all depends on the girls involved. If you aren’t going with the usual Romantic Comedy,then I think you go cheesy horror, so you can laugh along with being a little scared. Do Killer Klowns From Outer Space (a favorite of mine) or any number of the other B-movies that have been made.

    • Well as there was two of us, horror wouldn’t have worked. I get very scared even if it is cheesy or not. And what a sad thing to know that guys don’t have movie night sleepovers.. boo. Boring. Hah.

      But thanks for the comment, I have noticed a slower traffic and commenting this week – is there a blogger vacation thing going on?

      • What age are we talking about here? Guys in their late teens, early 20s only want to have sleepovers with girls! LOL

        I was saying the same thing myself. It’s not that I get a lot of comments or traffic, but it seems noticeably slower.

        As for my lack of commenting, it’s been a bit of a hectic week for me…and trying to make up for it now. 🙂

      • Traffic’s been really slow for me this week too. I thought it was just because I hadn’t reviewed much as thanks to TDKR nothing else is being released at the moment. But I’m guessing a lot of people are away on holiday at the moment or watching the Olympics.

  • I know.. I was watching Breaking Bad and there was a phone call and I mistyped it. But I fixed it! But I was slow.. you saw my mistake. *goes into the corner ashamed*

    • ah, it was funny…nothing to be ashamed about. To be honest, I’ve been having a pretty crappy week at work so it made me smile and chuckle a little bit…welcome break from the stress.

      • Always happy to make people laugh with my idiotic mistakes. I could fall down on a banana peel or something and record it but I’m late for work. Maybe for next week? 😀

  • It’s an innocent mistake, not an idiotic one…you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I prefer the spontaneous humor as opposed to the staged kind. For the record, I’m a bit of a class clown…even still at 37.

    • Idiotic in a good way.. hard to explain, I don’t really take it as a bad thing, being a little weird idiot or something. Plus, don’t you think people who act young are young at heart and stay younger longer?

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