It’s that time of the month again. No, not that time but the time where I list 10 things that really annoy me, just like I did in February. This time, since many of my readers are more tuned into the movie world, I’ll be sharing my annoyance towards, surprise surprise, movie related things. 

This is sort of becoming a series but I’m not sure how many more things I can dislike. Or.. never mind, this is a series.


“I’m a woman, let’s talk about my body

The topic of weight and body mass is the number one thing that seems to be asked from movie stars. Photoshop, plastic surgery, Botox, cleanses, diets and workout routine, I feel like I’ve heard this from every single woman in show business and it doesn’t seem to stop. Now that the trend is changing and the real sized women are becoming more and more acceptable, the media is yet again pushing us the body-image discussion. It’s not like these women have anything else to talk about than their damn dress size or what they had for breakfast.

10. “Everything is a sequel now”

Shcmidt on New Girl said it seasons ago but it’s still relevant to this day – sequels are everywhere these days! Dumb and Dumber came back for round two, animations are following by making sequels with minor characters (Penguins) and don’t even get me started on the fact that trilogies are following the logic of four movies instead of three. Does that count as a sequel annoyance? I don’t care, stop making so many sequels!

9. This movie came out in 2000, should we remake it?!

The other factor that makes me a bit furious is the trend of taking old classics and revamping them into something completely different or a weaker version of the original. Why can’t people create original stories and new characters without recreating the ones already out there? Same goes for the superhero franchises making everything like a dozen times over before they finally move on.. Spiderman’s origin story is lodged into my brain forever but I don’t know anything about what happens to Spidey like 2 years after that.

8. Racism & feminism

These topics are big in the media and people love to drag movies into the mix by trashing creative ideas for being too white, too male-oriented, too offensive or too abusive towards women AND men. Everything seems to be either racist or against feminism – we get it, these are important issues but do we have to make everything about the skin color or the thing between the legs? I feel like me not liking Eddie Murphy is somehow racist, I feel like the fact that I naturally gravitate towards white men is racist, I feel like me liking Rosamund Pike slicing Neil’s throat is me siding with the fact that it’s okay to hurt men. Stop making every opinion into an argument about racism or feminism, please.

7. 3D

The trend has settled a bit but I can still sense the usage of 3D in movies for no good reason, I mean, does the movie about dancing have to be three dimensional? Does it? NO! Especially when the movie sucks and the 3D effects are completely useless. I’m sure they try to make the movie better with it but it annoys me since they ask more money for something that, in 9 out of 10 cases, doesn’t improve with the usage of 3D. Also, some movies don’t even sound like something that need to have 3D and yet they have it anyway. For example, animated movies are fun to begin with, they are colorful and they have limitless availabilities of adventure – I just don’t see the need to have to wear 3D glasses on my regular glasses while watching animated movies.

6. Popularity of offensive comedies

Sometimes dick-jokes and physical pain can be funny, most of the time, it is childish and awful. It is no secret that I don’t like comedies nowadays, most of them I avoid and some I watch because I tend to love the actors in it (Rogen, Franco, Bateman, Banks etc). Those movies I usually like as well because of the people behind it but all the other offensive comedies I dislike with passion. For instance, why is Melissa McCarthy being degraded like this movie after movie? She is an adorable woman, she is better than the foul mouthed slob these comedies make her into. And people go to see these awful movies for laughs while there is no reason to even laugh at it for being awful.

5. Illogical choice of footwear

This sort of applies to movies as well as TV shows because there are questionable choices made in both worlds. Most of those choices are obviously female related because of course a woman has to wear heels and run around endlessly chasing a bad guy or something. The fact that high heels are somehow more appealing on a running woman just seems ridiculous and yet, the costume department regularily decides to put a female detective in heels. And don’t even get me started on the short shorts and mini minis, I’m sure the men enjoy it but when it comes to logic, it just ain’t cutting it most of the time.

4. “That poster looks like the poster for that movie”

Who decided on the fact that all superhero movie posters should look alike? Who thought of the fact that a hand on a horror movie poster represents evil and can manifest fear in people? Who figured out the rigth way to photoshop multiple stars on a poster by cropping heads together meant giving them all the right amount of spotlight? Is there a guidebook to poster creating one has to follow.. genre to genre, different aspects that HAVE to be on a poster? I just don’t understand…

3. Over-exposure

I’ve discussed this before, sometimes over-exposure can really ruin a person to me. May it be an actor (though it’s less likely) or may it be an actress (usually the case because the media loves to discuss women), the media can really make someone annoying really quickly by giving us too much of them in a short period of time. It happened to Hathaway, Lawrence, Woodley and so many others. It also might happen to actors, though very rarely, because somehow Benedict Cumberbatch has never become tiresome even though he seems to be everywhere.

2. “Let’s reveal all the best jokes in the trailer”

For a long period of time I didn’t watch trailers at all. I didn’t watch trailers for comedies, for thrillers, for dramas – I was completely unaware of what the movie was like visually before sitting down in the cinema. The reason I did this was because the trailers tend to be badly made, especially in regards to comedies. As time has passed, I have started to watch trailers again BUT still skip the ones for comedies I’m excited about. Reason: they always put the best jokes into the trailer to sell more tickets and some jokes just carry enough power to make me laugh just once.

1. Stupid movies get shit-loads of money

The thing is, I’m all for expressing oneself but there’s always that thin line between expression and stupidity that I don’t want to see being crossed. Some movies manage to do it with ease, they are so idiotic that you just want to bang your head against a wall. Fifty Shades of Grey and Transformers are just two of many movies that make the cut for being stupid but they also happened to make a lot of money! That’s what bothers me about the movie world, the fact that awful things earn a lot of our money.. even though they are not worth it. I’d ask my money back, if it was possible, for stupid movies I see in cinemas, which would be fair to the movies that actually deserve my money.



  • The last one, HOLY JESUS. Jupiter Ascending, fuck you in particular!!! Think how many great films are not being made because we put all money under absolute garbage. UGH.

    Many of these made me nod (angrily), I love this post! By the way, illogical* choice of footwear 😉 It drives me crazy, too, like I can barely run to the bus with heels on for 20m and they make chicks chase people in heels. What. Seriously.

    Great job!!!

    • Oh and Transformers.. blah!
      Thanks for the grammar check (and to think I proof read this like 10 times).. as annoying as running in high heels. 😀

  • great post!

    yea i also stopped watching trailers for the same reason, why give us the best jokes (or the entire plot) when u only have 2 minutes to tell us what it’s about?

    i also strongly agree that feminism and racism really goes too far and I can understand how they can make u feel racist even when ur not.

    • Thanks for agreeing! The point about feminism and racism was actually the hardest to make because I know I’d get some weird looks because of it. I can understand them completely but I can’t agree with people making everything about those two issues.

      • Yep. I actuslly gad an argument with someone about how birdman is sexist and they couldnt let it go and just accept that its a movie and not everything is black and white sexist or racist

        • Argh, I hate when people find something and start arguing at it being something something awful. Next time, ask what their fav book/movie is, and take it down as sexist or racist because it’s possible to do with almost everything anyways..

  • Great great list. I was expecting some ranting pet peeves but you support them well, while Still ranting, which is best of all.

    And I agree with you on most all of it as well 🙂

  • Excellent post! I agree with so many of these.

    The racism thing right now is really strong within the Walking Dead fandom. Why? Because Michonne isn’t Rick’s love interest at this point, and that’s somehow racist. It drives me nuts because that’s a very important issue and is still very prevalent, but not EVERYTHING is about race.

    Remaking new movies also drives me nuts. Spiderman did not need a remake.

    The only one I kind of disagree with is the raunchy comedies because I like those and Melissa McCarthy taking those roles is 100% her fault. She needs a different schtick, but she probably realizes she gets a lot of money for being a female Zack Galifinaikis.

    • I don’t enjoy those offensive comedies because I do think comedy can be laid back fun and not degrading a person, an actor or just trying to get laughs by taking dick jokes further and further.. it’s just awful to me. And McCarthy is probably taking those roles because they aren’t offering her anything else… because having a fat woman running around breathless and making a fool of herself is what seems to sell.. it makes me sad. 🙁

      • Yeah, I’m not sure what people find McCarthy’s roles funny. I don’t. Oh I forgot to complain about the footwear one too. That’s all I could focus on when I watched ‘In Time.’ Amanda Seyfried’s character has 5 inch heels on for the first part of the movie, and when she gets the chance to change, she picks another pair of 5 inch heels despite spending the entire movie running away from someone. Why!?

        • This is a ridiculous mishap and it really, truly gives another meaning to “torturing women” and the whole idea of them in high heels with characters like female detectives is just unforgivable. I’ve noticed that Rizzoli & Isles sort of manages to balance it, one wears boots, the other is more often than none in heels and then British shows usually give them comfortable shoes. But even in Masterchef US, the damn bimbo was wearing high heels in the kitchen!?!?! My god. 😀

  • For me one would be – all trailers – fade in and out of black with the inception soundtrack, all trailers are cut to the inception soundtrack!

  • Yep, I hate all of this stuff too. I give you props for being able to rank these, because I hate most all of them equally haha. The whole movie culture now is about making/remaking already bad movies that came out less than 15 years ago. It’s absolutely dreadful.

  • One of my biggest annoyances are the token girls/guys in movies. When a character is a complete piece of douche toast and s/he still ends up getting that coveted attractive person in the end bc the script says so.

    This post is spot-on.

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