While there might be some things that never change, we as people still constantly evolve just like the world around us. Our thoughts, our tastes, our opinions – with every new grain of information something in us could change completely. We might idolise someone one minute and cringe our noses at their stupidity the next, we might find a movie absolutely brilliant, only to fall out of love with it two years later. And it’s fascinating to see and compare our present to the past, which is why I had this crazy idea to compile My Movie Alphabet Vol 2, almost five years after I posted the first one. To see how I’ve changed… and how much I’ve stayed the same.

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After I had written down all my answers, I looked at my first alphabet and turns out I’ve changed quite a bit! Out of 27 letters, only 8 remained the same and the rest, total of 19 have changed over time. I did take a few creative liberties with two of the letters but at the same time, though it pained me a little, I only have singular choices for each letter. Damn you letters D, J, M, S and T, why do you hurt me so much!

But without further ado, here is My Movie Alphabet Vol 2, enjoy!



  1. Jesus Christ that Logan picture. That would be my mobile desktop but then I’d be dropping the phone all the damn time. That’s just striking.

    This is a beautiful design! I’m struggling with mine so badly and I’m only 50% done so it’s gonna be a while until it’s finished :/ I think I have Mad Max and Kingsman in mine too

    1. I had that Comic Book movie aka Sebastian Stan as my phone background and it’s still probably my favourite choice of images for my phone I’ve ever picked. I’m thinking about putting it back.

      Thank you! I put a lot of effort into it and I rarely have the time to do that anymore so I’m glad you like it! And no worries, if you’re a bit late posting it, I don’t think I will have any time to compile Our Movie Alphabet Vol 2 before the end of June. And that’s great! I couldn’t imagine not putting Fury Road and Kingsman in this list, both are such stunning movies in my eyes.

  2. Whoa…this is totally…dreamy? (I was going to go with ‘sexy’…).

    Fantastic list! I think the idea to revisit your alphabet is super tasty, you know? I can’t agree with you more on F, D, G and Q. I need to see Zodiac in the worst way. Honestly, not having seen that film? Edit poor Tom Hardy and put me down under Terrible Person.

    1. I would have taken sexy as well! I’d take it all!

      Thank you, and I think some of those letters were pretty difficult too but I knew I was going to go with those the moment I knew I was revisiting this Alphabet. AND WATCH ZODIAC!!!

  3. So many great movies and picks! Good idea by choosing comic book movies ’cause there’s too many to have just one…though I’m not sure anyone would be surprised by the superhero I picked. Love seeing Tom Hardy, Mad Max: Fury Road, and a few others on here too. The layout is gorgeous too. I should have my post up sometime soon. 😀

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