Happy 7th birthday, Mettel Ray!

To celebrate, I decided to host a grand event, and since sequels are in fashion, what better way to stay relevant than to bring out a sequel of my own: which is why My Movie Alphabet is back!!! Those of you who were here in November 2012 probably remember what this is all about but don’t worry if you have no idea, I’ll fill you in. You see, back in 2012 I wrote a post to celebrate my 400th post, and someone mentioned the word blogathon, and the rest is history (check out this amazing list of participants and Our Movie Alphabet). Well, I’m digging up history for #MettelRaySe7en because times change, people change, our opinions change, and plus, they keep making good movies! So obviously I have to stay with the times and host My Movie Alphabet Vol 2 blogathon for all you old (not age wise because we are all young at heart) and new readers!


1. List your favourite actors, actresses, movies or directors from # to z

2. I allow a little wiggle room: you may list two under one letter* because it is vol 2 after all!

*in that case, the choices have to be from different categories – actor/director, actress/movie, etc.*

3. If you participated last time, don’t look at your first movie alphabet before vol 2 is ready

4. Comparisons in between your new alphabet and the previous one are highly encouraged

5. Post your Movie Alphabet Vol 2 by the 31st of May, link back to this post and let me know here in the comments or over at twitter @MettelRay (and use the hashtag mettelrayse7en)

6. Use one of the banners below in your post or create your own!

7. Most importantly, have a ton of fun!


Easy as that! And, don’t worry, there is a very high chance that I’ll be making  an Our Movie Alphabet Vol 2, which I’ll post some time in June (I’m really giving you guys a long time frame for this one but I know how busy we blogger people get sometimes!). Plus, I want you all to know that I’ll be looking forward for all your alphabets but most importantly, I’m so damn curious to see how much you guys have changed or stayed the same – so everyone who participated the first time, please do it again! I already know that I’ve got completely different choices for the majority of my alphabet, so I’ve changed a lot! Plus, I’m eager to see which movies from the past 5 years have made a big enough impact to make it to your alphabet this time around. Oooh, I’m so excited!



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