Along side with my university deadlines and project works, I still took the time and finally put my idea of the new rating system into action. To be honest, I have had this idea for a long time but I kept pushing it further into the future for no good reason. But since I wanted the system to be up before the new year arrived and the previous system had became so annoying, I thought to launch it today. So behold, my new and improved system:


Like with any system, the beginning is difficult and needs to get used to, especially because it is a system of 5 ratings. That was difficult for me in the beginning and that’s why I had a longer number thing going on for a while but that got too complicated to track and I’m now going with the better version. It was inspired by a blog I can’t seem to find (because I bookmarked it in my laptop and it’s in Sweden while I enjoy the snowy Estonia for two more days), but its basic idea was having different drinks rating the movies. Bad movies needed stronger ones and great ones required just a beer or something. I thought, what a cool idea and then it all came together, why not use popcorn.

Point is, the rating system is showing different levels of popcorn from the raw one to kernels and then those you eat. It is basically a symbolic meaning applied to movies as well, some just are not ready and some are beyond delicious. Keeping in mind that the lowest rating in my blog is going to be a corn cob, meaning that it has a long way to go in order to become popcorn and the highest level of rating means popcorn with caramel coating! So it’s a bit similar to Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions rating system which I absolutely love.

A bit ironic is the fact that I myself don’t eat a lot of popcorn while watching movies, I just hate when people make noise in the cinema and I would get super thirsty from those salty popcorns (therefore my love towards sweet popcorn which isn’t available in cinemas in Estonia as far as I know). Never the less, I like the rating system it allows me to create, I mean, has allowed me to create because it is ready and set to rate movies I will review from now on. Together with this small change will come multiple design alterations during this month as I want my new year to start off fresh. But, here is my rating system (about time I got to the actual point, right) with short explanations I hope you all get accustomed to easily.


First rating is for movies that just don’t work. Mostly, they are those stupid plots and horrible acting together with some bad directing and just a lot of problems. It is represented by this corn cub, meaning, you will in no means enjoy the popcorn with this movie because it needs a lot more work.


Second rating is fresh corn, I like fresh corn but when I could have popcorn, I would rather enjoy that with my movies. This means the movie is okay, it is at least prepared to a point where it has its moments and some elements, me loving the actor for instance, that just work.


Third rating means the movie is so close to becoming popcorn, it has almost everything ready for just putting it into the microwave and popping those kernels into tasty popcorn. So the movie has been taken to a point where it is almost done, almost good but not yet.


Fourth rating is a positive one, popcorn is ready for eating and is worth digging into like crazy. This means the movie works, it has amazing elements. Plot, actors, directing – I mean this movie is done and by the end of it, all the popcorn would be gone because it is so good.


Fifth one is special, this is the final popcorn level which is a wish for every movie person, the extra something that makes it all worth it. For Mettel Ray, it is some caramel on top of the popcorn and it makes the movie just beyond eatable. Meaning, the popcorn was like served in a French restaurant.


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