The following post is about something that makes me giggle every time I think about it, soon it will be on the big screens and despite my strong humor against it, I’m probably going to watch it anyways. I mean, it is a movie that is deliberately made for women and the gay community, so how can I, as a member of the female population, deny them of my attention. Therefore it is quite the obvious situation, I am going to watch Magic Mike in the cinemas, I am going to enjoy it, I am going to talk about it afterwards and I am surely going to laugh about it before, during and after.

Concept of Magic Mike, if you still haven’t heard, is quite simple actually, an experienced male stripper shows the ropes to an inexperienced¬† stripper about everything from taking off the clothes, getting ladies etc. The casting is very six-pack-centered, which is expected when the characters are supposed to dance and entertain the ladies. Channing Tatum takes the lead, Alex Pettyfer takes the part of the novice, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer also join in and some female lead as well. While the movie itself is supposed to be slighlty based on Tatum’s own stripper career (I am not kidding), the casting of McConaughey seems brilliant. The guy is rarely seen wearing a shirt in his spare time, running on the beach, walking the dog and so on, but now he gets payed to do so. Matt Bomer throws away his clothes and I can assume that his casting was strategical from the point of view of the gay community, having straight guys strip is definitely great, but Bomer is a fantasy that serves a much more realistic base. Pettyfer is more of a hit and miss for me, depends on his character, if he is a bad guy then yes because he has that bad boy vibe but I am not sure he can act as much as he can show off his ripped body.

Before I continue, check out the trailer which pretty much tells the whole story anyway:


I just hope that the dancing will be good, Tatum can dance, but the other guys are pretty much a mystery because the trailer doesn’t give away much of the stripping and only shows the other stuff that is going to happen. As you can see, the new guy’s sister is a love interest! I bet you didn’t see that one coming.. or did you? I mean, you should have, cause what’s a stripper movie without some down to earth love story? Anyway, I forgot to mention that Joe Mangeniello is in it as well, I mean, since he rarely wears any shirts on True Blood, I guess he was another obvious choice for this movie.¬† I mean, seriously, what’s the whole idea of seeing this stripper movie, if all the guys in it are half naked on the regular basis anyway? I mean, all I can say is “Seen that, seen that, oh, and seen that as well and I guess I’ll see more of that on June 29th!”


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