Oh, how I’ve missed good, positive and uplifting teen movies! There was a hole in the market, and nobody seemed to be able to fill it. And now we have Love, Simon bringing all the feels! It’s just another teen comedy, but it’s the first of its kind. It is a gay love story that will make you mushy and emotional for all the right reasons!

When I sat down to write this review, I knew I had to have seen this film at least twice. Now that I have, I have so many thoughts and snippets I want to share. So this review will definitely not be the last you hear from Love, Simon here on my blog.

Anyway, the most important thing to know about Love, Simon is that it is unique. I don’t  just mean that it’s a teen rom-com, which is a very rare sighting nowadays. I’m mostly talking about big studio films that portray a gay main character in pursuit of a love story of his own. Without any malice, Love, Simon tells a story without a huge conflict. A fact, that in my opinion, is actually a positive aspect to this teen movie and makes Love, Simon unique.

 I like your… your boots!
– Simon

The movie starts with our main character Simon (Nick Robinson) discovering another closeted kid in his school, who goes by the name Blue. They start talking over emails, but when another student finds out, Simon discovers himself in a difficult situation. Either come out to his friends, which he is not ready for, or give in to the blackmail. All while emailing and fantasising about the guy he really likes, who is also not ready to come out.

First of all, I won’t try to analyse the movie from the book perspective. I think it’s unfair and it takes away the focus from the movie. I will say that the movie did a wonderful job at interpreting the book! Most of the changes made, I approved and liked, even if there was that one thing that I could have done without. The important thing is, that the movie stayed true to the source material, and elevated it in the best way possible.

Probably my favourite aspect of Love, Simon was Nick Robinson! I first fangirled over his performance in The Kings of Summer, and now I’m fangirling all over again. Robinson was the best choice to play Simon, because he just fits. He is sweet, but can be sarcastic, he is not too feminine nor masculine. He simply embodies Simon. And Love, Simon is easily his best and most memorable performance to date!

Because you deserve a great love story too.
– Simon

The rest of the cast is just as good as Robinson. We have Katherine Langford as Leah, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Nick and the newest friend to the group, Alexandra Shirpp as Abby. Everyone is warm, friendly, and the chemistry between the gang just makes you want to join them for iced coffee. Even Logan Miller’s Martin, who is kind of a villain in the story, is actually likeable! All grown up characters were nice additions as well, but I will only mention Tony Hale as the principle, because he was amazing!

There are also three guys in the centre of the story, who Simon imagines to be Blue. The guys are Keiynan Lonsdale, Miles Heizer and Joey Pollari. They all are very different, and it’s all very well done in terms of keeping the identity of Blue under wraps. For me, since I’ve read the book multiple times, there was no surprise element to the movie. But sitting in the theater, hearing a few girls gasp, proved to me that the surprise was there.

Finally, I do want to say that there is much more to discuss and compliment about Love, Simon. The script, the soundtrack, the supportive family dynamic – it was all great! This movie is simply a heartwarming coming out story, with a love story twist. And I loved it! Sure, it’s not the most perfect movie, and there was this one change from the book I wasn’t keen on, but it’s still a good movie! Besides, it’s very important that we have these types of movies, and I hope Love, Simon paves the way to many more.



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