I’ve always felt like such an outsider in this industry. Because I’m so insane..


Robert Downey Jr.

4. April 1965

Has won two Golden Globes and has been nominated for two Oscars

I still remember when I first realized who Robert Downey Jr. was. I was watching Ally McBeal and I recall loving his character so much that it hurt, maybe even too much for a kid. Then he kind of disappeared for me but not for long, Robert’s career is now on a fast track and gaining massive speed with him literally embracing Tony Stark as himself. Iron Man might not be everybody’s cup of movie but he has had some other great roles over the years that I’ve adored. Shameful for me is the fact that I haven’t seenย  many of his earlier roles but those are all somewhere in my watching list.


Favorite performances:

Wonder Boys, Zodiac, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Tropic Thunder

I can’t decide weather I love him more in Zodiac or Wonder Boys but it doesn’t really matter.


Notable performances:

The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man franchise, (Due Date but just a little)

Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr. – and he has managed to make an impression on me with his portrayal of a comic book hero. Somehow his hero is the best among the rest which is why he was a stand out in The Avengers next to Tom Hiddleston aka Loki.

Haven’t seen yet (shame on me):

Chaplin, Charlie Bartlett, Fur

Now, I’ve seen Fur, I think. I guess I’ve seen glimpses of it while my mom watched it so I know a little bit but I’m still not gonna count it as “seen” because that won’t be fair to Robert.


Iron Man 3, The Avengers 2, The Judge

The Judge has an interesting cast and it would be great to see Robert in a drama again but the director, David Dobkin, has so far done many comedies… which makes me a bit hesitant.


Last but not least, can we just appreciate everything about this clip. I’ve seen this going around Tumblr in many forms but I thought the entire video is worth the time. It’s only a minute and a half but there’s so much awesome there. Plus, I like the fact that he can be smug, I mean, he is in a way, but it never comes across offensive or annoying but simply cool. Robert Downey Jr. is cool y’all!


  • Nice post! I don’t know if you’ve read A Tale of Two Cities, but I ever since I read it I’ve felt that they should do a remake of it (there’s one from 1935!) and cast Downey Jr. as Sydney Carton. He’s a hopeless drunk that ends up being the unexpected hero in the end and I think Downey Jr. would nail it. I’ve basically only seen him in Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and Good Night and Good Luck. I really gotta see some more of his stuff….

  • I love me some RDJ too and in my opinion, he nailed Sherlock Holmes. And he is Tony Stark, which is kind of amazing. Awesome feature that you’ve got going on here, too!

    • It’s hard to get the British TV show out of my mind when I think of Sherlock so I don’t see RDJ Sherlock the highest of all but it’s still good!

  • Great post!! Love me some RDJ. One scene I have always loved is when he’s playing the piano at the end of Two Girls and a Guy. It’s just so beautiful.

  • Fur is not for everyone but I enjoyed it. Wonder Boys is such a great movie, I love how warm and sweet it is. He is amazing in Chaplin and brilliant in Natural Born Killers, one of my favorite performances of his.

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