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Kirsten Dunst

13. April 1982

2011 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress and Golden Globe nomination

When it comes to women in Hollywood I find it very difficult to pick somebody I love. I’ve always been a bigger fan of the other side of the pond if you know what I mean, so although I appreciate the women and their roles, Love Me Some feature will probably not see a lot of them when it comes to my favorites. I simply can’t help the fact that I find most women annoying at some point in their careers. Maybe it’s due to the fact that women regularly have roles that require unpleasant personality traits and I feel like they are such in real life (a bit prejudice of me, sorry). Still, I’m happy to announce that there are some exceptions and Kirsten Dunst is one of them. She has had many great roles since her childhood and I see her as my favorite because I love so many of her roles.

Favorite movies:

Interview With a Vampire, Elizabethtown, Melancholia, The Virgin Suicides, Crazy/Beautiful

Notable performances:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Spider-Man, Bring It On

Haven’t seen yet (shame on me):

All Good Things, Marie Antoinette, Mona Lisa Smile

Though I have seen many Kirsten roles, I’m still missing some of the good ones and I do have the DVD for Marie Antoinette in my shelf so that is just a matter of time. Bring It On is listed because I think it’s a classic teenage movie from my past. In addition, Kirsten Dunst is a solid actress and she is getting better and better. As I wait to watch her newest role in the Bachelorette there are still many movies I haven’t seen yet but since most of the ones I’ve seen, I’ve liked, I thought there is no doubt that I love her a bit. Especially Crazy/Beautiful which is my little favorite for various reasons and I will probably re-watch that soon including a review if anyone is interested.


  • Bring It On is so entertaining, and when I saw it for the first time as a young’n I had a HUGE crush on Jesse Bradford, so I will always love that movie. I still have it on VHS somewhere around here.

    • Ha, same! VHS are cute though, I have a lot of them at home and Bring It On is one I recorded back in the day.
      I think nobody could resist Jesse in that one.. a really nostalgic teen movie indeed.

  • Awesome that you like Elizabethtown too! Most people hate it, for some weird reason. You should check out All Good Things – I think it’s her best work.

    • I think Elizabethtown is awesome.. I haven’t focused on its reviews or anything but I would say it is cute in a sophisticated way. I love the travel map Dunst’s character made!!

  • I agree with Sati…All Good Things was great, and she delivered an amazing performance (as did Gosling). It’s a shame it really didn’t get a theatrical release, because the story is fascinating. BUT, I don’t think it was her best work. I completely loved her performance in Melancholia…I still consider that her best, and I cannot believe the Academy didn’t recognize her. Like you, I’m a huge Dunst fan.

    Mona Lisa Smile is entertaining…she’s definitely the scene-stealer of that film outside of Julia Roberts.

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