“The character I’ve played, that I’ve responded to, there has been a lost-soul quality to them.”

John Christopher Depp II

9. June 1963

3 Oscar nominations, won a Golden Globe

There is something about him that I love – he is complicated and secretive, a man who wouldn’t say much in words but expresses himself with his eyes. I have a lot of respect for him as an actor and as a person. I went through a phase where I adored him to the extremes and probably still would if I was as impressed as I was years ago. Lately, his movies haven’t made it into my list of favorites and I haven’t even seen some of them, most of the latest ones actually but I hope it will soon change because I really miss him! I thought it was nice of him to step on in Parnassus to finish Ledger’s work as he does remind me of him. Yet, I don’t think he is having his moments at this point.. I get that he does Burton a lot but I really want him to show another side now because the Burton past is my favorite as the Burton present is getting on my nerves. Still, I do love me some Johnny’s movies!

Favorite performances:

Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Blow, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Finding Neverland

Notable mentions:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of Caribbean I-II, Corpse Bride

Haven’t seen yet (shame on me):

Public Enemies, Donnie Brasco, Ed Wood and Cry-baby

If interested, like I usually am, watch Depp’s Inside the Actor Studio interview to know more about him. Which reminds me, I actually have a book about him, my only biography type of book – I’m pretty impressed about this post right about now (a true fan) though I haven’t finished the book…


  • He’s my favouritest actor of all time. His career at present literally causes me distress, seeing how insanely talented he is. My favourite performances of his are Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack.

    • Edward is by far.. one of mine as well but I do think that latest Captain Jack which I haven’t even seen isn’t worth mentioning…. First two were perfect!

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