It’s definitely difficult to follow such a popular LMS post (them girls like those beards a lot) but it has to be done and who better to take the torch than the talented Emma Stone. Though I haven’t seen her in anything new for a while (haven’t even watched Gangster Squad), I still love Emma and hope she appears on the big screen soon. Hopefully in a comedy because she has a knack for that! And while I’m already wishing things, I hope she goes back to her red hair… she is a natural blonde but I think I’m not the only one who loves her as a ginger!


By far, without any doubt, her best performance to date is the teen romance comedy Easy A! Though most of the credit should go to the writers, I think Emma Stone was the best and maybe even the only choice to bring that character to life with such ease and comfort. That’s one of few teen movies I’m still able to watch now and I’m glad it brought Emma to the spotlight. Zombieland is another one of her gems, though she isn’t the lead, she’s still memorable. Great chemistry with Jesse Eisenberg and zombies, girl kicking ass and being awesome – what more could you want.

That reminds me, I want to be Emma Stone because she knows Ryan Gosling and oh how well! Their chemistry in Crazy, Stupid, Love makes some great screen magic and though Gangster Squad brings them together again, I don’t want to spoil the famous dance scene re-enactment with guns and gangsters. I kind of wish they’d make a sequel to that, though I know it would be a terrible idea, but I’d really want to see them together playing those characters.. and yes, I’d like to see those Photoshopped abs again.


Well, I think we all should thank the men behind Superbad for bringing us Emma Stone – because that was where she hit stardom in the comedy field and everything went upwards from there. It’s not my all time favorite movie but it’s still a role of hers I remember so that counts for something. Same goes for the rest of her standout roles actually, I’m not a fan of the movies but I still like her. Therefore, as The Amazing Spider-Man kind of ruins the earlier franchise, Emma as Gwen still works in that younger teenager version of Kirsten Dunst. The Help was not at all a movie I enjoyed, there just wasn’t anything magical about it and at times, I was even a bit thrown off by the southern accent Emma was sporting. Still, she got a lot of praise and I totally get it, she is amazing.

Some roles I haven’t mentioned that also standout a bit are in The House Bunny and Paper Man, but also Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. A small cameo in Friends With Benefits was surprising but her appearance in Movie 43 would be the only time she won’t convince me to watch a movie she plays in – not ever never ever. Sorry, Emma!


Last but not least, here’s my favorite interview of hers where she talks about how she convinced her parents to take her to Hollywood and how exhausting the simulated sex scene in Easy A was to film. PS: she is gorgeous even in black and white.


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