Upon putting together my Top 50, I realized, I have a lot of David Fincher in my list and though it may seem normal, I consider this as a surprise. For years I have been listing Tarantino, Ritchie, Nolan and early-Burton as my favorite directors but never have I mentioned Fincher – all that is about to change from now on! I’m currently 110% certain that Fincher is one of my favorite directors and therefore it seemed appropriate to make him the first director to appear in this feature.


I don’t think my choices need any explanation but as these three are all in my list of Top 50 favorite movies and very high (among the first 15), I feel like some words of respect are required. Then again, why waste words if one can just watch these movies and experience the awesomeness that they bring. So just go ahead, watch these and trust me, you won’t regret it!

Besides, all of these movies feature brilliant actors from Edward Norton to Brad Pitt to Robert Downey Jr. to Kevin Spacey – do I need to say more? Alright, with two, the crime element makes them especially amazing and both work beyond well with re-watching. I personally love crime and I especially love mysteries as the Zodiac killer who was never caught. Fight Club… is Fight Club (my review of it is here) and I trust that everybody has already seen it.


All three are great movies but none of them made it to my Top 50, interestingly though, I don’t know exactly why. I guess there are many elements at play with these, The Social Network is not ideal for re-watch because it tends to go on too long for my taste, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has a weird plot and when I first watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I wasn’t feeling it. Still, they are great, I know it, everybody else knows it.

Before putting this together I thought about adding Panic Room as well because I like the concept of a movie taking place in one location. Besides, it is quite alright for a thriller, even Kristen Stewart doesn’t annoy me, but as I haven’t watched it for years and nothing really pulls me towards it, I’ll just leave it at that. House of Cards deserves a mention as well, there it was, I mentioned it.


Lastly, Fincher is not just making great movies, the man likes to direct music videos as well. Though his MTV Award winning videos are from the 90’s, his latest Timberlake’s Suit & Tie video is my favorite. Maybe it has something to do with JT but I wouldn’t put too much thought into that.

PS: as you can see, I tweaked the visuals of the feature which means I’m one step closer to my ultimate design goal – everything’s more complicated than it should be.


  • Fincher is such a fabulous director. The only movie of his I don’t are for is Benjamin Button. But I could watch Se7en, Zodiac, and The Social Network over and over.

    • The Social Network doesn’t pull me as much and Button’s story is the thing that bothers me a bit. Pitt looks fabulous in it though.. especially his younger years version – just, wow!

  • In total agreement that Fincher is the man. My top 3 of his films would probably be The Social Network (a masterpiece in my opinion), Fight Club, & Seven with TGWTDT in a very close 4th. His only films I wasn’t hot for are The Game & Benjamin Button but I still liked the direction of both. I was more unhappy with the stories/writing. Still have to see Alien 3 (which hardly counts but still) & Zodiac (which I can’t believe I still haven’t seen) and then I’ll be up to date with his filmography.

    • Zodiac is by far my favorite after Fight Club. I just think it’s a much better crime story than Dragon Tattoo.. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I read the book for Dragon Tattoo and the story wasn’t as appealing afterwards. I don’t think I’ve seen The Game though, or at least I can’t remember it.

  • I love Fincher. Se7en, Zodiac and Fight Club are some of the best movies I’ve seen. I’ve only seen about half of Benjamin Button, but I enjoyed what I saw. Also, that Suit & Tie music video, and the song as a whole, are just epic.

  • He’s my favourite director, no doubt, though The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are my favourites of his, interestingly enough.

    And I ADORE the quote. Very Fincher.

  • Too bad he completely detached himself from Alien3…even though it was his directorial debut! Not a great movie, but it was a start! He’s fantastic. Awesome post.

  • Zodiac is such an amazing film. My group of friends and I have been meaning to watch it again recently. One of the best parts of the film for me is the fact that it doesn’t have a traditional Hollywood ending. Benjamin Button gets me pretty emotional. “Some people are born to sit by a river…”

    Fincher is awesome in general. Great post.

  • I really like him. I’m not a huge fan of The Social Network and it baffles me as to why it’s his most acclaimed movie, Se7en and Fight Club are much better. I like Zodiac but I felt he didn’t give the actors enough freedom in this one, RDJ and Ruffalo didn’t get a chance to fully develop their performances there.

    • The Social Network.. like I said, I get bored while watching it after I’ve already seen it. The three others you mentioned are much better for a re-watch over and over again.
      Thanks for the comment!

  • Nice post! I’m a huge Fincher fan as well. One thing I like about him is how rewatchable his films are, no matter how dark or grim. For example, I can watch Se7en, Fight Club, and Zodiac on repeat (and, to slightly lesser degrees, The Social Network and Panic Room). I love his style, the mood he creates – everything.

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