linkedspecial2It is time to summarize the Oscar season and get it over with while everything is still buzzing. First up, I didn’t watch the ceremony – it would have been either a super early wake-up process or staying up late til the early hours and.. I love sleeping. Secondly, I was one of those people who wasn’t very thrilled about the Academy Awards in the first place, so this post is quite the achievement.

My Oscar week:

  • Preparing for the Oscars for me meant watching all nine Best Picture nominations – which meant basically seeing almost all the important movies anyway.
  • Zero Dark Thirty, Les Misรฉrables and Lincoln ended up being the last three I watched and all that in one week. That’s a lot of movie because all of them were over 2,5 hours long and felt even longer.
  • Reading predictions and trying to predict myself was too much for me, I just knew I wanted some to win and some not to win. Eventually, I was more happy than disappointed after reading the list of winners.
  • Other news include getting past the middle-season brick wall Revenge seemed to have and actually get some plot development. Obvious development but I feel that I can’t expect more.
  • A shocker of discovery regarding Revenge’s Nolan Ross is that actor Gabriel Mann is forty! Seriously, what-the-fuck!? The man looks like in his late twenties or maybe in a bad lighting in his thirties but forty? I’m forever amazed how time seems to be standing still in Hollywood.
  • Getting my Top 9 ready for Sunday was a challenge but I did it! And, let’s bare in mind that it was not a prediction, it was “my top 9”.

Thoughts on the 85th Academy Awards:


While reading the list of winners I had three types of emotions going through my head, hereby I present (some of) the winners and my emotions – cause otherwise this post will be boring.

  • Argo – Best Picture: YAY. You know, I think it deserved the win after Affleck himself had such a great award season. It’s still a shame that he was not even nominated for directing because it’s one thing not to win for directing the Best Picture of the year, the other is not even getting a god damn nod for the work!
  • Daniel Day-Lewis – Leading Actor: MEH, I said it in my review of Lincoln that Day-Lewis will win, iIt was inevitable and the most logical thing to do. Keeping that in mind, I’m still happy for Bradley Cooper who managed to surprise my socks off this year and I’m sure he will get his Oscar worthy moment some day.
  • Jennifer Lawrence – Leading Actress: YAY! I mean, seriously, what did everybody expect? That Chastain was going to win? I was crossing my fingers for Lawrence since I saw Silver Linings Playbook, even before seeing the other movies, I knew she was worth the statue. Plus, she is clumsy and she has no word-filter and I love it about her! PS: Is it just me or would she and Bradley make a lovely couple?
  • Christoph Waltz – Supporting Actor: WTF and YAY! Now, while I fucking loved Waltz, I like probably many thought he’s second nomination for a Tarantino movie was as far as he was going to go but getting his second WIN for a Tarantino movie, you all know what that means, right? It means Tarantino will be sitting in his cave, drinking whiskey and writing his next movie while thinking of Waltz and their bromance that will never seize to exist!
  • Anne Hathaway – Supporting Actress: MEH. I mean, she was really the only one in her category who even had a chance. After all that flashing and blushing she did the entire award season, who can really say that it came as a surprise. Still, I was disappointed, I’m pretty sure she was emotional while singing her “big” song just because they had just cut off her hair.
  • Ang Lee – Directing: MEH. While I have a different feeling, I did only create three reactions so, it’s going to be this one. I think it was again logic, though I seriously thought Spielberg was going to get one for Lincoln, but I still think Affleck should have one. Could you imagine, having all the nominations and then the presenter calls out Affleck’s name instead – that would have been awesome.
  • Quentin Tarantino – Original Writing: YAY! This was a second Oscar win for Tarantino and pretty much means that Django Unchained was as close to great to Pulp Fiction as it gets. Not as amazing but he is still my favorite writer/director out there. Watching Waltz’s acceptance speech, I was glad to see Tarantino’s proud face and Waltz quoting his character gives me an impression that they have a lot of admiration for each other.
  • Chris Terrio – Adapted Screenplay: MEH. I really thought Silver Linings Playbook deserved a second win at some point but I’m guessing they had to make up for Affleck not being nominated! Seriously, so much praise for Argo and Affleck is just left out, I’m still mad.
  • Brave – Best Animation: YAY! I have only seen Wreck-It Ralph in addition to Brave so I don’t know about this category but still happy because I liked it. ParaNorman could’ve won and prove that stop-motion is amazing but as I’ve yet to see it, I can’t really tell if the story was weak or something.
  • Amour – Best Foreign: YAY! I hoped that it will at least take the win in the foreign category and it did! No doubt, considering it was up for Best Picture. Because how can you nominate it for something amazing and then give the Oscar to a different film in its foreign category.
  • *skips bunch of categories that she knows nothing about*
  • Adele – Best Song: WTF! I love that woman but I didn’t care much for the song. Yes, sorry, but I think it’s because I still haven’t seen Skyfall so I can’t really be emotionally invested in the song. Still, happy for that young lady taking all those awards this season.


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And can we just appreciate the moment when Lawrence trips and three men (Dujardin, Jackman and Cooper) run to her rescue – shivery is not dead, people! It just happens to be focusing on Lawrence!


  • The Ang Lee win was a bit of a surprise. I was sort of expecting it to be Spielberg for Lincoln (although I had my money on Argo for best picture). I think a possible reason as to why Anne Hathaway was going to bring home the statue was because of all the publicity her role was getting. Based on her other competitors, most of them have kept mum about their nomination while she was all out there. Yay to Argo and Jennifer Lawrence!

    • I mean, Hathaway was getting annoying! I don’t know why, but I was not interested in her at all, nor her role. I’m not for musicals and I’m kinda disappointed she won an Oscar for that.

  • Haha I didn’t see that angle of Jen’s fall my God Jackman and Cooper are wonderful men. The ceremony was fucking awful, MacFarlane was so terrible and the tributes were so boring – still it was fun to see Crowe because he looked like he was doing his best not to start laughing as he sang ๐Ÿ˜€ Waltz winning was a shock for me, I’m betting Tarantino is writing his new movie for him too ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I’m glad I didn’t watch the ceremony, I’m not a fan of MacFarlane anyway. And the whole tribute to musicals, well, let’s not even go there.

      Waltz and Tarantino should make more and more movies! This time, Waltz can take the leading actor role!

  • Great post, I love that you put Waltz as WTF and Yay, sums it up perfectly, lol. I also agree about Adele, I love her and she’s an amazing live performace but as far as Bond songs go, it just wasn’t that special. Oh well, at least Tarantino finally got that writing love ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for the Link btw!

  • these three men saving Lawrence… ahh!… such gentlemen! I loved this moment. And.. yeah! I Think Lawrence and Cooper would be a nice couple. On screen would be just enough for me ๐Ÿ˜›

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