I wanted to post so much more this week but as I’m getting closer to the big 500 (this is the 498th post), I couldn’t go off plan and ruin the awesome Top 50 part 2 post I have planned. So as I try to rally all my thoughts about this week, I’m already thinking of next week’s awesomeness.

  • Though the end of the week was all about horror, I watched The Departed on Tuesday and decided that I still love it a lot.
  • After that I saw High Tension, a French horror movie, Friday the 13th (1980), Cabin Fever and The Evil Dead (1981). I already decided that Cabin Fever is my favorite out of them all because apparently 80’s horror isn’t doing it for me.That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the classics, it’s always good to know the classics.
  • I even made different looking ratings for the horror genre because I like to be THAT organized.


  • Wanted to catch up with The Americans but though I liked the pilot, I still haven’t had the time nor the interest to watch the second episode.
  • Also started with Being Human UK but gave up on that as well – it’s not good enough.
  • Hannibal’s pilot aired this week but I’ll try to get the review up next Saturday. I’ll say this though, I’m not a fan. There’s something off about it but I’m gonna watch the second episode just so I’d have a better idea of what is wrong with it.
  • Because one of the actors (read: my current younger guy crush) from My Mad Fat Diary is in a new series called The Village, I of course started watching it. I liked the pilot, it reminds me of Downton Abbey a bit but it’s probably because all period dramas look similar in a way.
  • Which reminds me, I still haven’t watched Downton Abbey’s third season because all of the casualties – I’m just not up for the task of shedding tears.
  • Not that the previous stopped me from reading The Fault in Our Stars in one sitting and causing some serious swelling in the general eye area – yes, I still look horrible but I don’t regret reading my first ever John Green book.
  • The Fault in Our Stars is also going to be a movie, so I’ve done my research and I quite like that Shailene Woodley is going to be the lead. Though I didn’t picture her while reading, I can’t really picture any other young Hollywood starlet as Hazel Grace. Nor can I picture anybody for Augustus – maybe somebody completely unknown would be amazing.
  • Amazing won’t be the fact that I’d be crying my eyes out in the cinema!
  • Speaking of sad things, Roger Ebert passed away this week. Although I hadn’t been following his reviews for quite some time now, I was still sad. I’m still sad. Reading TFIOS made me even more sad.
  • On a happier note, Robert Downey Jr turned 48 this week and holy cow, I love this man! Why can’t all men be like that – egoistically pleasant and handsome.

  • The Graham Norton Show is back and I’m thrilled! Though the first couch of season 13 featured Tom Cruise who I’m not a fan of, I was pleasantly delighted to see Gerard Butler.
  • I liked Butler a while back, then I didn’t like him anymore but I can see myself liking him again.
  • Loved, loved, loved the Only God Forgives trailer which is literally the first trailer I voluntarily watched in between the walls of my house this year! I’m so certain that this movie is going to be a visual masterpiece that I’m not even worried of watching the trailer again and again.
  • Plus, the trailer for Drive was so different from the movie that I’m pretty sure everything we learn from the Only God Forgives trailer is going to be turned upside down.
  • On a more personal note, I did a lot of shopping this week which means I’m pretty much broke – but I’m gonna look bitchin’ good-broke in my new faux leather jacket.
  • Also, getting new glasses means investing into my not so foggy future, so I’m not that sad about spending all that money on a pair of glasses. PS: I’m gonna look manly good because I got my specks from the male-section – and I’m not even sorry.
  • We shaved our cat. It sounds horrible but she looks happy now that all that fur is off, and I’m happy too because I can’t stop laughing at the fact that she looks ridiculous.
  • Last but not least, I’m gonna visit my best-best-best friend next week! We were roommates at university and we share the love for TV-shows and movies, so yes, next week is going to be awesomeness on top of awesome!

PS: I hit 100 followers today! Thank you all so much for being here, you make this experience mean so much more than I thought it would!


Since this week was about horror,  the post by French Toast Sunday’s Jess was right on the money: her list of 8 horror movies that scared her to death looks scary but good.

Monochromatic Films aka Film Sloth (which is much easier to spell) saw Oz the Great and Powerful.

Norma Rea, a piece of classic from the Sally Field’s repertoire was reviewed by The Drama Llama.

Sati from Cinematic Corner waited and waited for Game of Thrones so it made sense that she reviewed the first episode Valar Dohaeris with a vast set of knowledge.

Another horror link because I’m all up on horror now, The Ipc saw Evil Dead (2013) and loved it.

I miss James McAvoy and after Dan the Man reviewed Trance, I miss the man even more – must see Trance, must see Trance!

What one must not see while sober nor pay money for, is The Host and The Rorschach Reviews (another one that I can’t spell) tells you why from experience.

Does any director/actor collaboration that never disappoints pop into your head? Well, I Love That Film most likely found the best one – David Fincher and Brad Pitt.

Movie of the week that I had no idea existed was reviewed by The Movie WafflerA Late Quartet has music, instruments, Walken and Hoffman.

Another Linked post will end with The Waking Dead image but it’s gonna end now because last week was the finale and let me be honest, it was a disappointment to say at least. So therefore the best thing that happened this season was actually the stuff-and-things-meme – at least we got something great out of season 3!


  • I’m very glad to be one of your followers, heheh.

    I like the actress choice for Hazel too and I generally adore John Green’s novels – I read TFiOS in one day while in schol and started crying in biology. Yep. I think they have to tweak the sound for the screenings so people could hear the film over weeping.

    Kudos for watching horror. I’m scared to death merely by reading the reviews but at least I’ll get my fix of grotesqueness by that. Cool horror ratings, too, haha.

    • I wouldn’t read TFIOS in public, I don’t even think I’d see it in the cinema because it would be horrible.
      And was scared of horror as well.. but not anymore. I think somewhere in my brain a switch was flipped after I started watching American Horror Story and The Walking Dead. Now, I don’t mind horror But I don’t wanna be hasty with this, I still have to watch a bunch of horror movies before I get to the especially scary ones.

  • Thanks for the link! The Fault in our Stars is a great book; it’s devastating reading it the second time around because you already know what’s going to happen. Also caught the Hannibal pilot; I found it ok (and would probably continue watching it) but I think it needs to find its groove.

    • I’ll try to avoid talking about Hannibal because I have a post planned. So, if you could return on Saturday, I in some what will answer this comment in my post about Hannibal. 😀

  • Thank you for the link! I haven’t seen Hannibal yet, Dancy in the lead role doesn’t look too good and honestly the whole idea just doesn’t suit the station, it should be on Showtime or HBO – it’s not the kind of thing where you should be able to say ‘we can’t possibly show that!’

    Why did you shave your cat?:D I was brushing Gustav’s hair today and I found dead ladybug in there so I can see the appeal of doing so 😛

    • Hannibal on HBO sounds so appealing! But I’ll write more about Hannibal next Saturday as I want to look at the second episode before I have my final decision. Not looking too good at the moment. But we’ll see.
      My cat hates brushing. She is like super horrible at being groomed so this winter whilst I was abroad my mom was a bit lazy with the brushing/washing and she got horrible fur conditions happening. Best solution – shave it all off! She looks pleased and she should be.. though she looks like a rat. 😀

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