linked10First Linked Sunday of 2013 is here and I’ve been trying really hard to read and comment reviews from other bloggers this week, which surprisingly is going rather well. Though I still have to skip some reviews, due to my inability to read about movies I want but haven’t seen – it’s just that I don’t want anything to influence my own point of view. That’s not the point, the fact of the matter is that I’m trying to make Linked into a permanent series this year (every Sunday? well, I will try!).

My week:
  • Planned to see a lot of movies which resulted in me watching two movies and, two seasons of Miranda and 2 episodes from season 3, plus two seasons of Flashpoint – Canadian series that I absolutely love! Next to Rookie Blue, it’s another police show I will stay true to until its end which already happened this December.
  • Had three consecutive days of 500 views on my blog – can we all say, what?
  • My friend, who I got addicted to Teen Wolf and Hart of Dixie, came back to Sweden and I can finally have some actual people time here in rainy Helsingborg.
  • Google Reader is helpful as long as you actually use it and put all the blogs you follow into the subscription list –  my current number is 37 but I’m sure I’m missing somebody!
  • I have a list of movies to see that is literally scaring me because it’s massive! No, when I say massive, you have no idea! There is about 12 000 minutes worth of movies (if each movie is just 120 minutes which most of them are) and that is very very frightening!
  • Yes, this little feature of my week is nothing to compared to Margaret’s Friday links series, but I’m trying, okay! I feel like I’m running after a cool wagon and blogs on it are waving at me as if I’m almost cool but not yet, sweetie, not yet!

Fuck Yeah Behind the Scenes had a picture from Looper’s set and it got me wanting to see it again.

Dan from Dan’s the Man Movie Reviews reviewed a lot this week, like he always does, including about The Impossible.

Don’t know what to look forward to in 2013? Well, Stevee from Cinematic Paradox has a huge list of her most anticipated in 2013!

Django Unchained characters get a closer look from And So it Begins… in her In Character feature.

Movie that I’m looking forward to see, Silver Linings Playbook is virus free according to Viral Infection.

First time I actually considered watching the Flight was after Margaret from Cinematic Corner reviewed it – such an influence on me.

Story of my life.

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