This last week has been sort of explosive because Mettel Ray Movie Blog turned 3 years old! *does a happy dance on the table inspired by Chandler Bing*


  • Since I skipped last week’s Linked post (as my motivation was running even lower than usual), I’ve now kind of emerged the two weeks into one. Not that it would make any difference since I haven’t done nothing extraordinary what so ever – except maybe watching The Place Beyond the Pines which I liked a lot!
  • Also suffered through Beautiful Creatures and a Hallmark romantic comedy Remember Sunday with Zachary Levi. You guessed it, I watched the Hallmark one because of Levi and he was the only good thing about the movie.
  • Started watching Hemlock Grove and haven’t made passed it’s third episode.

  • The show’s plot is all over the place but Bill Skarsgard looks creepy good here and there and the werewolf transformation was awesome. Will try to finish it for a review next week but I’m guessing I need a lot of willpower to go through it.
  • Also re-watching Two Guys and a Girl which has Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion (since season 2): such a great underrated comedy series.
  • The Good Wife post, that was basically an essay length praise, was an excellent way to get back to my writing wagon. Now I keep itching to write but not just blog posts, fiction as well. Have I mentioned I love(d) to write, haven’t done it for a really long time but getting the itches again and this makes me wonder – should I pick it up again…
  • PS: Currently reading Child. 44 which is being made into a movie with Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Gary Oldman and Joel Kinnaman. Inspired by an actual serial killer in Russia who was executed for killing over 50 people. Such a nice bedtime story.
  • Upcoming week will be pretty hectic, lots of traveling and pre-Summer shopping, but I’m pretty sure I’m now back on my regular posting schedule.


After seeing The Place Beyond the Pines I’ve been going back and reading the reviews: Rorschach Reviews liked it and Lights Camera Reaction wasn’t very impressed.

Reviews From a Bed gives Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain a high score.

When I read Terry Malloy’s 180 degree rule post I was brought back to my film analysis class – the technical side of film making still spikes my interest.

Despite the lack of appeal The Host had on me, I agree with Cinematic Corner that Saoirse Ronan is a rising star.

A+ rating to an indie film Upstream Color by And So it Begins…

Not a fan of Tom Cruise but he might actually get a chance to prove me wrong as Love & Squalor loves Oblivion.


I’m not the best music person, I personally think that I fail at understanding the deep power of a soundtrack and a score but I’m trying to change my ways. So every now and then I get hooked with music and this week’s song happens to be today’s repeat button victim The Wolves (Act I and II) from The Place Beyond the Pines soundtrack:



This decision has been made without an inkling of doubt and without a single bit of questioning, this week’s highlight will be the best thing that happened on New Girl this season, which will not be the Nick and Jess ship but the guest appearance of my boy (I’m just gonna go ahead and claim him as mine) Dylan O’Brien. There, I said it! And yes, I’m probably sounding like a mentally unstable fangirl but it’s Dylan! Woooo! *does something very inappropriate which should never be verbally described nor explained*


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