linked16You guys don’t have any luck because you’re getting another Extra post this weekend – but I can’t say I’m sad about it. These short summaries are a great way to warm up for reviews which, for me at least, are piling up like crazy! All of that aside, first week after the Oscar madness was quite calm considering the crazy before the big night.

My week:

  • After last week’s exhausting movie experiences, they were just so long, I went for a regular length movie – The First Time was not great but I can’t say I expected something more from it.
  • To balance this week’s movie experiences, I also watched Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and absolutely loved it! Review should be up tomorrow but I can say this, I’m pretty sure I’m afraid and in love with Tarantino at the same time.
  • Almost forgot, I watched Bill Cunningham New York with my mom, it was the third time for me and the second for her, that documentary just makes me sad and happy at the same time.
  • Since I wasn’t feeling movies this week, I was quite reluctant to watch TV-shows as well. I tried to keep up with my regular ones, didn’t succeed, also watches some episodes of Revenge which has managed to go total clichΓ© but at least there’s a British guy with his smooth accent.
  • Skipping an episode of one of your favorite shows is tragic.. Hart of Dixie managed to create that situation by totally ruining a character for me. Tumblr was outraged and so was I, literally can’t believe that the writers decided to ruin a relationship by using the cheating situation – that is a big no-no! You never do that, Friends did it but they were on a break.. nobody else has the right to do that!
  • Watched Modern Family this morning, it’s the best thing to start off a Sunday – I still love Phil the most and Elizabeth Banks was delightful as usual. Outrageous characters suit her and now I’m thinking about watching The Hunger Games again.
  • Graham Norton Show went on a hiatus until April and I can’t even handle it at the moment. He is by far my favorite talk show host because where else would you have Fassbender handling a drunk Whalberg? Nowhere, so yes, I’m sad.
  • This week’s show was supposed to have James Franco, I was actually curious to hear his “wisdom”, but Mila Kunis came instead. Then there was that awesome Twitter/crush moment that I watched over and over again – shipping Kunis and Murs for sure. I mean, I ship anything promising for her since the Kutcher and Kunis situation is not rocking my boat.











  • I mean, the guy is literally embarrassed and that’s why I will miss Graham Norton, he doesn’t use those planned out interviews and instead, he does this to his guests.
  • Game of Thrones is coming closer and closer, I haven’t watched the trailer though, partly because I want to read the books before but I doubt I’ll get to the same place with the series within just three weeks. I’m a fast reader but I’m not that fast!
  • It is way to early to start waiting for summer schedule shows but I’m missing Teen Wolf and Rookie Blue a lot lately.
  • Though I have 100 movies in my waiting list, I don’t feel like watching any of those this evening – yes, I think I’m broken… or I just caught the reading bug. A bug that made me read 6 books in February and already finish one book in March. And after the one I’m currently reading, Game of Thrones book awaits me!


Since I did an Oscar special Linked last week, I have some links that aren’t from this week and yet, they still need to be shared!

The Matinee wrote a very inspiring post about consuming television – All at Once was a delightful read .

That previous article eventually lead me to write this article.

Cinematic Corner is the master of reviews so it was nice of her to review The Master.

Three Rows Back saw Amour and thought it was painful… but in a good way.

Beautiful Creatures is a movie I’m yet to watch but Love & Squalor already reviewed it. (I on the other hand reviewed the book).

Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop gave four pigeons to the video game filled Wreck-It Ralph.

Smashed is another one of my waiting list movies that Lights Camera Reaction already reviewed.


After the award season I’m pretty sure I’m waiting for Serena very very much. I am thrilled to be able to see Lawrence and Cooper on the screen again and I’m not even sorry for shipping it – they look good together, they know it, we know it, casting people definitely know it by putting them together again. I mean, why fight it!? Age difference is nothing in Hollywood!



  • My reviews are piling up as well, gosh! I was so disappointed with the whole Wade thing… first, why ruin a perfectly good relationship, when there was still Wade’s issues with the bar to solve. Second, why the hell ruin it in such a stupid, out of the blue way. The one thing I liked was how they handled the way Zoe found out, but that said, when they talked on that bench scene I wasn’t feeling it at all. Not sure if it was the acting (more likely due to the predictable lines), but I really couldn’t connect with them in that moment.

    Ooooh love Reservoir Dogs as well, epic epic epic!

    • I didn’t even watch the stupid episode! I knew it was coming and I checked spoilers from Tumblr and didn’t bother watching that episode.
      What pisses me off, is that cheating is such a bad mark on the character. All the shippers are pissed because the mark is there, it can’t be removed, he will now and forever be a cheater and the whole thing doesn’t go with Wade at all! He was the one who wanted to date Zoe and then they write him as a cheater – I am beyond pissed actually, I’m very very angry!

      • EXACTLY. he is now marked for life, damn it! But watch the episode Mettel, it’s worth it for other stuff, and Wade is actually pretty hot in it, so you can’t miss that.

        • I don’t know. I’ll see… It’s like Grey’s Anatomy all over again. I didn’t watch it after they killed of Lexie and Mark. I was like, that’s it, that’s the end of me watching Grey’s Anatomy. So far, haven’t watched a single episode.

  • Thanks for the link, can’t wait for your Reservoir Dogs review!

    If you don’t catch up with the show in terms of books don’t worry – it’s so wonderfully adapted I actually envy those who will see season 3 unspoiled. Season 3 is actually half of book 3 and in season 4 I think they will mix two books. You should see the trailer it doesn’t spoil things and it’s truly badass.

    Have you read Serena? Great book, I’m not sure about the movie, though. Lawrence is a pretty good choice but Cooper doesn’t really fit his character but he is a good actor so who knows, maybe he will make it work.

    • Serena is yet to be read, I can’t believe how long my list of books to be read is.. can’t handle it!
      But in terms of fitting the role, Cooper surprised me.. so I have high hopes for him to continue with the surprises.
      And I probably won’t see the trailer.. it’s just my own weird little thing. πŸ˜€

  • Any week that includes a viewing of Reservoir Dogs is a good week. Now will you ever be able to listen to stuck in the middle with you, again without picturing Mr. Blonde dancing?

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