According to my data, it’s the 20th Linked post – is it officially a feature now?

This post comes to you from a very tired person who basically skipped a night of sleep the other day and has not yet made up for it. Hence, I’m a bit thin in the head and my memory isn’t the sharpest – but that’s not gonna stop me and the weekly summary + links!

  • On Monday I watched Being John Malkovich and enjoyed it quite a lot. Tuesday was the day I finally saw Psycho – review up tomorrow if everything goes like planned. And this week’s third and last movie I saw was Spring Breakers on Wednesday.

  • Spring Breakers has had a lot of feedback this week and most of it has been really negative. I happened to love it and the fact that it was so different has inspired my next week’s Wild Wednesday post as well.
  • I’m thinking a long and insightful essay type of post but who knows, sleep insufficiency can last for days so my brain could be running low on writing-fuel next week.
  • Caught up with many teen-shows this week, including Pretty Little Liars with four episodes and The Carrie Diaries with three.
  • Pretty Little Liars is really annoying at times. It gives you info and then twists it more ways than necessary to an extent that you literally don’t care anymore. I do appreciate their Toby and Spencer situation solution but Ezra and Aria – give me a break.
  • The Carrie Diaries is also borderline silly, especially with Mouse and that jock story line but Walt’s plot is delivered with absolute style. Though it’s definitely not my go-to show (as I don’t watch it each week), I still enjoy the entertainment it provides at times of need.
  • Didn’t have any new(full on marathon television show experiences this week – which is shocking coming from me but actually nice. Makes me feel less crazy.

ireland flag

  • I did receive some news regarding my internship and though I haven’t signed the contract or anything, I’m 99% certain that I’ll be spending my Summer in Ireland!
  • This will most likely give me a chance to catch up with my watch-list this Summer because I’m not very sure how well I’ll be able to be aware of the new releases.
  • Therefore I’m even more thrilled that the new Star Trek is coming out in May because it means I can definitely see it before I go abroad.
  • Other this week’s news – Tarantino turned 50 and I paid some tribute to his work in a post called  10 things I love about him. It turned out almost as well as I planned it weeks ago!
  • Thanks for the great feedback under Tarantino’s post. Oh, what the hell, thanks for all the feedback this week! Somehow it means a lot more today and I wanted to point it out.

  • I also want to thank the entire world for making the Game of Thrones season 3 anticipation super hard on me but I did it, I know almost NOTHING about the upcoming season starting TODAY! Have seen no video clips, though tumblr has given me some image-insights but as an Internet person, I’m pretty sure I’m the only fan who is so clueless of everything that’s going to happen this upcoming season starting TODAY!
  • And no, I happened to read 0 pages of Game of Thrones this week – I really should get back to reading fast because I fell behind on my schedule a lot this month. I could take a break from GOT and try not to cry while reading Fault in Our Stars but I doubt that will happen. The not crying part of it, I mean.
  • I’ve gotten some LAMMY love this week and it makes me super excited. I’m still hoping 2 out of 4 possible nominations but we’ll see – at this point, I’ll be happy with just one!
  • PS: I’m having a little personality crisis at the moment. Don’t know why but I guess it’s a Spring thing. Though it actually snowed yesterday! Yes, still snowing in Estonia – how wonderful! And just when I thought I can stop my gym membership and actually run outside.


Light Camera Reaction gave an A+ rating to the beloved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Dan the Man reviewed Mystic River and I think that I need to see it for the third time soon because seeing Sean Penn in that scene breaks my heart in a good-movie-way

Mr. Rumsey also celebrated Tarantino this week with many guest-posts (including my grammar-mistake-filled-The-Unbreakable) and his own take on Lost in Translation.

The Filmviews saw the G.I. Joe: Retaliation and though I have had absolutely no interest in this movie, I’m thinking it’s still worth my time.

Cinematic Corner ends her top 20 favorite Game of Thrones scenes with a heart breaking and thrilling second part. PS: Sati’s long wait for GOT is finally at its end tonight – yay for her and yay for me because she made my spoiler avoiding thing super difficult.

This link really isn’t for a review or anything but TAKE A LOOK at ALEX’s FYC poster! It’s fucking brilliant! I love it a lot for its inspiration as well.

The Walking Dead is wrapping up its third season and though I really don’t care for this season’s bad guy, I do care a lot about Daryl. His character has shown a lot of growth while Rick with his things can’t pull his stuff together. Therefore, it was super sad to see Daryl sad this week as this scene was a brilliantly made.


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