I just finished work and needless to say, I’m super tired but for some strange reason I got the strongest urge to post something. This (what ever this is) hasn’t happened in a while so it’s better for me to enjoy this moment as much as I can by typing up a long overdue linked post – IT seems to be a really good idea. Besides, I need to bring back this feature (this post is its 30th!) and share some blog-love!



  • For those who like to hear me ramble about my personal life, keep on reading because I’m gonna start revealing mostly non-movie-related facts due to my need to share stuff.
  • So, first up, the big life changes include a brand new city and a brand new job.
  • Tallinn is the place I call home now and the main thing you need to know about it is the fact that the closest cinema is about 10 minutes away from me. So far I haven’t made it there but I’m planning to change that fact before this week ends!
  • The job is not at all related to my studies (nor my interests to be honest) but it’s a job and I need one in order to go to the cinema every week IF there’s something amazing on.
  • So far, none of the movies in the cinema have peeked my interest – BUT Don Jon started showing this weekend so I’m finally able to spend my hard earned money on my boy Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Though I have a job, I still have to finish my Masters which means I have to start writing my thesis and let’s just say that I’m already panicking about all of this. I mean, you guys saw what happened this summer when I was working – the blog was completely empty! Imagine my situation now: I have to work, write my thesis, start and finish my internship paper AND run a blog – help! (Nick Miller is me right now!)
  • All of this is giving me a headache right now.. but it also could be the fact that I’m technically ill and on pills that make me a bit dizzy.
  • Good dizzy though!
  • I’m pretty sure that this thing that I have isn’t being treated as well as it could be. And this sentence sounds like I have a mental thing going on (which I don’t, I think) but no, it’s just my tonsils that look like something you wouldn’t want to Google while eating.
  • Funny thing about it, is that I feel nothing and I don’t have a fever – my body just doesn’t accept the fact that my tonsils are on the verge of dying. They look THAT bad!
  • So whilst I drink my tea to aid the antibiotics, I’m actually quite content about my personal situation right now. Yes, I’m not thrilled about having 150h working hours in October (hopefully less in November) but I at least have an excuse why I’m not focusing on nor writing my thesis.
  • As far as excuses go, I have no excuses for wasting my entire September on TV-shows. I mean, I caught up with so many shows that I missed out on this summer and if I had sat on that couch any longer, it would have an imprint of my ass.
  • Most of those shows delivered as expected, one was less thrilling than I was hoping for and no, I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones’ last episode of season 3.
  • I’m pretty sure I can stay away from it until the next season starts – I’m hoping it will reduce my pain of waiting for the fourth season. Though, “finishing” the season with The Red Wedding isn’t really helpful either.
  • And whilst I have some other things to say, the time is pressing on and I have to work tomorrow = *finishes post prematurely and abruptly like a boss*.


Films and Coke watched Breaking Bad’s first season and joined the fandom.

Get ready for American Horror Story: Coven because it’s the best season yet and Cinematic Corner agrees (and if you’re not excited, she’ll get you excited).

KaramelKinema went on a short hiatus but before that, she reviewed Adore.

And So it Begins… didn’t give Don Jon the A rating (it’s already an A in my book though) but he still liked it a lot which is something I like to hear/read.

Big Screen Small Words reviewed Now You See Me and reminds me that I actually liked that movie and I should review it soon.

SONG of the WEEK


  • thank you for the link! Listen don’t stress about the thesis – if you have a good professor who will help you – it’s good. If you happen to have one – as I did – who doesn’t give a shit – it’s even better. I know people who wrote this thing in a week – just choose the subject ha interests you and the words will flow.

    • Hah, I did that no worry thing and had a professor who didn’t care and I ended up getting an average grade. I want to aim higher this time.. so.. maybe I should write it for two weeks instead of 3 days like I did before? 😀

  • Thanks for the link! Good luck on your thesis! Thesis is a bitch, but when you get an amazing grade (and manage to show your professor that your topic is above the credit she gives it), it feels great. 🙂

  • Good luck with the uni-stuff! Thank god that adult stuff is so far away hahah. I can’t wait to see Don Jon and I loveeed your Linked post, so yes please, bring it back. 😉 Also, thanks for the mention!

    PS. Mis kino lähedal sa nüüd siis elad? 😀 *kade* mu lähim normaalne kino on… 30 km või nii. Jess.

  • That Lorde song is really growing on me, and I hate to admit that because I swore it wouldn’t. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is worth spending money on too. 🙂

  • Thanks for the link Ray! Incidentally i was MIA at the end of last month because i was finishing my master thesis as well, i hope you’ll be able to finish yours too soon without so much trouble with your professors. One of mine was sort of slaying me during my defense but i have survived! *doing dance moves* Good luck!!

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