linked12This Sunday’s Linked is special: I’m back home! Needless to say, I’m quite happy to be back in my little corner of screens (big computer screen, laptop screen, TV screen) – I feel as if they are all out to get me and I love it! Since I had a lot of packing and other activities this week, posting and reading was quite minimal but something is always better than nothing. Besides, I have a feeling next week is going to be packed with A LOT of movie reviews but let’s talk about this week now!

My week:

  • Sunday was actually awesome with two movies, Bachelorette and Life of Pi, where the first one still needs my negative review on its idiotic plot.
  • I also watched Here Comes the Boom and actually enjoyed it, though it was totally predictable and lame. Plus, I still need to review Beasts of the Southern Wildย  that, well, let’s just say, it isn’t a contender for the Best Picture in my mind.
  • As if my packing and social activities didn’t keep me busy enough, I also watched Bunheads which I love and I’m 100% certain that it’s because the creator was behind Gilmore Girls and the whole show has the same vibe! Even the guest actors are from Gilmore Girls!
  • Purchased a new notebook to write down the movies I’ve seen, it’s no Moleskine but it will do the job. So far, it’s been doing it quite well, I might add.
  • Wrote two part essay type rambling about the Downfall of comedieshumiliation and mistreating women were the key notions and some even agreed.
  • This week didn’t even come close to the madness that was last week, though, I wish it did because then I could get 20.000 views a month and well, what more could a girl want?
  • Started reading Beautiful Creatures for the purpose of doing a really intense book to film review later on this year but I was surprised to find that a boy was the storyteller – the trailer seemed to be all about the girl, but the book is all about the boy! I’m confused now.
  • I promised to watch Girls but I didn’t, so now I have two series to watch this week, Girls and American Horror Story. But before I can do all of that, I have some unpacking to do which I’ve conveniently left to Sunday because… why not, right?!


Last Sunday Margaret from Cinematic Corner made me want to see The Paperboy but though I’m still getting to it, I’m guessing I will enjoy it.

Love & Squalor also watched Amour and loved it as well, and yes, I think this movie is accompanied with tears one way or the other.

Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop liked Les Misรฉrables a lot more than I expected, but as we discussed, it might have something to do with his connection with it. I still need to see it though.

Stevee from Cinematic Paradoxย  is back from Japan (finally!) and she finally(!) saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower and she loved it, just as I expected.

New LAMB Cinema Train wrote a great post of 5 must-read books about film – which reminded me that I should read more and not just teen fiction.

Modern Family had one of the best scenes of this season when Phil was the Godfather. It was hilarious and brilliant and I have a feeling I will be very mad after watching Girls that Modern Family didn’t get the Globe.


  • ahah I laughed so hard at that scene from Modern Family, it was a great episode! Oh I’m sorry you didn’t like Bachelorette, I liked it quite a lot actually…!
    I’m sure you’ll get back on track with the page views, just keep posting! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • You know, I was just.. as I expressed this week, I’ve had it up to my to *here* with all those humiliating comedies and there were so many logical holes in that plot that I couldn’t enjoy it.

      But Modern Family was amazing! The end-scene as well, Godfather parts were brilliant!

  • Thanks for the link! I’ll check out your posts on comedy sometime next week, it’s all a bit chaotic now ๐Ÿ™‚ I never came around to watching Bachelorette, from what I read it’s love/hate kind of movie. Modern Family’s ending was epic, I love that show. Girls sucks, I hope you’ll see AHS first – the finale was fantastic!

    • Hah. I will rather start with Girls and have something great to end the week with but will see, I have a lot of writing to do and I’m trying to be more outdoorsy from now on. Even though it’s like freezing outside, and not the American type freezing, the Northern Europe type cold.

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